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  1. I will keep the mechanics of the servo arm open to change as the game progress's but we all just felt it was to powerful for a starting heretek. The damage is open to scaling if it needs to catch up to other players. My problem with the pen 10 is that very few melee weapons have this rating and most power weapons do not. I dont like the idea of a piece of metal out damaging power technology. But its all about the balance and I dont want our heretek to be left behind. Thanks for all the suggestions .
  2. Thanks for the replies all. And Im sorry about the salty OP. Its just I a having actual fun with this game as I love the IP and MOST of the rules. I hate it when game authors use the "reasonable" rule. Players can be anything but reasonable. But I digress. Forgive me if im reading this wrong. But in my book all it says for starting cybernetics is two good quality ones. This does not denote rarity but quality. He can take any cybernetic regardless of rarity. Now perhaps there is a errata I have missed or perhaps I have read this wrong. Going forward I think that these are the house rules I will put in place. Perhaps you can tell me if this is reasonable. Servo arm needs to be attached to power armor ( I find it silly that a machine the size and fucntion of a car assembly robot can be strapped to a humans back.) which keeps it out of stating hereteks grasp. We have lowered the damage to 2d10+7 (Str of the arm) with 10 pen (we are going to see if that needs lowering as well). For cybernatics limit we are using toughness x2 for max additions and the mechanicus upgrade can be taken up to the charecters toughness bonus. I am not trying to destroy the class but I and the rest of the group baring our heretek feels the class is a mess and needs rulings other than "eyeball" it. Once more thanks for reading and the replies.
  3. I cant understand how im finding no topics on this. This item has broken our game. Our starting heretic is instant gibbing everything and doing more damage than our dual wielding khorne zerker. How is this even considered balanced? 2d10+14 with 10 pen? Who thought that was balanced? And you are giving to a support archtype right of the start? My players are close to revolt (except the heretek player, hes fine with it). Does anyone have any suggested house rules for this blunder in balance? As it is everyone is saving xp to get the servo arm themselves, even our sorc. Second how is there no rulling on how many cybernetic parts can be gotten? Our heretek is already planning to stack the mechanicus upgrade 20 times for armor 30 which makes terminators cry. We love the game but we have no idea how this got by play testing. Help if you can.
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