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  1. Ordered a bunch of wave 4 from FLGS, but also got 5 more from B&N; couldn't resist 20% Father's Day +20% Educator discount. 36% off.
  2. You can use the quick-build cards...
  3. Quick build 4 Starkiller base pilots (naked). 48 shield and hull + 16 red dice. Stupid...😜👍
  4. Picked up my third at this price. I think I have a problem 🤕. Used 3 Ups against a 4 U-wing build to great effect, but don't see it doing well against too much else.
  5. After looking again, only the pilots have the limited (dot), not the upgrades; on the pdf or the physical cards.
  6. After looking again, only the pilots have the limited (dot), not the upgrades; on the pdf or the physical cards.
  7. Can 2 ships in a quick build list contain multiple copies of a limited card, say "Lone Wolf" on two different ships?
  8. Our store is looking at playing an 8 threat-level quick-build tournament next month, 01/2/19. However we can not find rules regarding how to score players for each round. Is it by threat levels, if so do you count 1/2 levels for ships that 2-for-3? Is it 25 pts per threat level? Do you round up? A prompt response would be appreciated. Thank you, Gundark Squadron
  9. I disagree, it has a decent, if difficult, dial; with reinforce, can just focus on flying. (Must plan ahead, making few if any mistakes)
  10. It's a potent list, second in local store championship. But it's unforgiving. Very difficult to recover from a mistake (bump, landing on obstacle, etc.). As was posted above, struggles against Dash with EU. Used to have problems with RAC, but have been pretty successful with better flying. My2%
  11. Another option might be: TIE/SF Fighter: "Quickdraw" (29 + 2) + Special Ops Training (0) + Lightweight Frame (2) TIE/SF Fighter: "Backdraft" (27 + 2) + Adaptability (0) + Special Ops Training (0) + Lightweight Frame (2) Upsilon-class Shuttle: Major Stridan (32 + 8) + Fire Control System (2) + Weapons Engineer (3) + Targeting Synchronizer (3) BD is PS8, puts you at 100, and QD and BD may lose a little indepenence, but...an option
  12. Chewie's ability allows him to flip a face up (crit) damage card, face down. Therefore, you would know what the crit is before its flipped face down, allowing you to choose the least damaging one. This is where the random question comes in. How do they want you to randomize it, or is it up to the players to decide?
  13. Questions: Does Artoo regen a shield,even if no facedown damage cards are present? (I don't believe so, but...) What does the card text "at random" mean? Are you able to choose which card, knowing the crit text, due to Chewie's ability? Has anyone received a direct answer from FFG? The FAQ does not clarify this. Thanks
  14. We have a tournament this coming weekend in WPB, FL that has quasi-random squads, 8 generated for each faction. You may only play the ships, pilots and upgrades from those expansion packs. No META.
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