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  1. why not? last night i compare an IA death trooper with Legion Krennic, from feet to head they have the same tall, what you need to do is simply replace the hight legion base with a lower IA one.
  2. this means Chewie is always focused ???? :-)))) pS wonderfull...
  3. Your work is fantstic! Thanks I suppose it takes a lots of time in editing. If i can i would suggest a couple of improvement. I have no idea if they are possible ore if they require a lots of works more then you spend now. 1) would be nice if the text's overlay changes color when the unit is activated to remind the exhaust units; even a red dot close to the name would be enough. This because with the overlay is not easy to understand it. 2) would be nice to have damage counter close to the overlay to understand how many damage every units have. thanks Fabio
  4. There will be a streaming of the games? At least for the top?
  5. yes i have , and i have a countdown on my phone or pad, but in the game would be better. it was just a suggestion
  6. Hi Recently i play some games using vassal, my graitfull to the AI's module creator. I realize the games with vassal go more longer then usual 65 minutes. So could be possible add a countdown window in the game? So both players can see the remains time. have a nice sunday Fabio
  7. Hello i have download the 10.1 skirmish version from vassal site, but when i play it, it is still the old 10.0 with the obi one map any issue? thanks Fabio
  8. Hi Today, me and my son tried the tutorial of the new app. Just to try i choose as one Hero Murne. Now the question: false orders have to choose an hostile figure with a figure cost equal or less than the threat, but what's the treat level? i have not find where threat level is write in the app. thanks Fabio
  9. Hi in this mission the neutral tokens are neutral figure, do they block line of sight? thanks Fabio
  10. you can consider the Allied Ranger, they are female too :-)
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