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  1. IA vassal guru

  2. IA vassal guru

    Hello i have download the 10.1 skirmish version from vassal site, but when i play it, it is still the old 10.0 with the obi one map any issue? thanks Fabio
  3. Hi Today, me and my son tried the tutorial of the new app. Just to try i choose as one Hero Murne. Now the question: false orders have to choose an hostile figure with a figure cost equal or less than the threat, but what's the treat level? i have not find where threat level is write in the app. thanks Fabio
  4. into a corner HoE mission

  5. into a corner HoE mission

    Hi in this mission the neutral tokens are neutral figure, do they block line of sight? thanks Fabio
  6. Female Power

    you can consider the Allied Ranger, they are female too :-)
  7. allies in trophy hunting

  8. allies in trophy hunting

    hello in this mission the rebels can carry as allies a scum. Is the scum cost gained as threat by the imperial? can the rebels take a previous gained rebel allies? thanks Fabio
  9. Junk droid

  10. Rainong freight

  11. Junk droid

    Hello a questions about junk droid activation. Ughnach A place on map the junk droid and move itself, than the droid moves and attack. Ughnach B actives, the junk droid in map move and attack, the ughnach place a new junk droid adiacent, and this new one can move and attack?
  12. Rainong freight

    Hi i spend 2 mov. Point to claim a crate, but i use an interaction too? thanks
  13. jabba's realm story mission

  14. hi in the campaing alert the end of the first story mission 2 others became active ( usually only 1 in the other campaigns). After the 1st side mission, which have to be played but two? which player have to choose one, is one have to be chosen? thanks Fabio