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  1. thanks
  2. Hi in this mission the neutral tokens are neutral figure, do they block line of sight? thanks Fabio
  3. you can consider the Allied Ranger, they are female too :-)
  4. Thanks
  5. hello in this mission the rebels can carry as allies a scum. Is the scum cost gained as threat by the imperial? can the rebels take a previous gained rebel allies? thanks Fabio
  6. thanks
  7. ThankThanks
  8. Hello a questions about junk droid activation. Ughnach A place on map the junk droid and move itself, than the droid moves and attack. Ughnach B actives, the junk droid in map move and attack, the ughnach place a new junk droid adiacent, and this new one can move and attack?
  9. Hi i spend 2 mov. Point to claim a crate, but i use an interaction too? thanks
  10. Thanks!
  11. hi in the campaing alert the end of the first story mission 2 others became active ( usually only 1 in the other campaigns). After the 1st side mission, which have to be played but two? which player have to choose one, is one have to be chosen? thanks Fabio
  12. Hi can i shot an empty space to active the effect of some surge, as recovery damage, Leila re-draw a card etc? or i can only shot to a valid target ( figure or sometimes objects)? thanks Fabio
  13. huge thanks for clarifications
  14. Hello i have some questions: 1) The card "Son of Skywalker" and "Blaze of Glory" can be used after the activation of Luke/IG88 so if they are the last unit to be activated they can activated twice consecutively, or the card have to be played after another group is activated? 2)The card "targeting network" can be played during the same attack? eX: i attack with droid, roll a surge (not negated by defender), i re-draw the card and i use it immediately to reroll a die. Or i can use the surge to re-draw the card but i cannot use in the same attack? 3) the card "overdrive" can be used by IG88 to do 3 attacks? thanks Fabio
  15. hello -in skirmish mission Spoils of Crime i have to interact with crates to pick up or only spend 2 movement points? -if i'm adjacent and i spend 2 movement points to pick up, can i still use the rest of MP? or they are reduce immediately? -if i can use them, can i declare a double movement action and so get double mp less the 2 i need pick up the crate? -what's happens to a large figure who enter in a sigle square of the trap door, it is pushed in the rancor pit as a small figure? thanks Fabio