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  1. I like to play a Deci with Admiral Sloane and 4 TIEs in casual games. Obviously, if the Deci dies quickly, that list will not be dangerous at all. So I thought about how to work around that and came up with the idea of flying the Deci along the edge of the board and the TIES beside them so my opponents would have a hard time flanking and getting into R1 from the side where reinforce doesn't work and I performed a lot better. Killing the Deci was more difficult that way and killing the TIEs first would result in Sloane triggering, which was often far worse than the TIE surviving. So I would say hard target priority could work depending on the ships and the possibility to force poor decisions by flying accordingly. Just having lots of ships of similar cost and effectiveness certainly doesn't work, because hard target priority often means that there is no priority target, which makes flying easier for your opponent.
  2. Why?? Folks have shown an enthusiasm to collect the repaints. . . I am talking about volumes of models bought/money spent. Especially people who are only painting and sculpting are buying like crazy in my observation.
  3. Do we know whether Warhammer sells well because of players or because of collectors? I suspect it's the second group and if that'S true I think it's hard to replicate this for X-Wing.
  4. Rock paper scissors was the basic balancing concept in 1.0, you know`? And I'd say it worked quite well until they ****** up the math with too many double mod and point fortresses that couldn't be damaged enough in time. So what's the point of your post? Should we just accept that there is only 1 viable pilot on most chassis?
  5. I think the key to buffing the middle initiative pilots is buffing the EPT slot, which they forgot to do for most part. The extra I does not compensate the loss of damage/durability for the extra cost and the EPT doesn't help with that either. Most upgrades don't do anything other than increasing efficiency in some respect, but another ship is always more efficient than what an EPT brings. We need some cheap upgrades that restore the rock-paper-scissors relation of low I Swarms vs. mid I 4-5 ship lists vs. high I Aces. It seems like FFGs plan is to make Swarms kill Aces, and Aces obviously kill Mid I, but those don't kill Swarms.
  6. True, I just thought about the price. So we will probably use proximity mines, since Connor Net only has one charge, and both of them are just 1 point more than proton bombs. Edit: And we get the cluster mines back in the Fully Loaded Devices Pack.
  7. Dengar gunner seems kinda useful on him. Budget Vader crew for Scum.
  8. I think Vagabond will be rather cheap at I2 (and he might not have an EPT az I2) compared to the named ones and with skilled bombadier and a proton bomb, you might end up below 45 points.
  9. If she's cheap enough, she might be good, as you don't really need the title on her. Or you could use her in double Deci lists 😀 It should be possible to have 2 reinforce tokens though, or am I wrong? But I think RAC is better in many cases.
  10. -2: I would bring down trajectory simulator down to 8 (so a Cutlass Squadron Pilot with TS and proton bombs is 51 points). -6: Then I would probably make the generic TIE/x1 pilots 2 points cheaper, as well as Zertik Storm. -4: Make all named strikers 42 points, so Sabacc and Countdown -2 each. -16: Defenders could come down a bit more, and the past point updates reduced them by a lot already, but I think the named pilots could come down another 3 or 4 points, so Rexler Brath and Countess Ryas to 78 and Vessery to 80. Onyx to 72 and Delta to 67. -4: Death Troopers, since 2 crew slots and only Admiral Sloane synergizes, so you need at least a Deci to bring both. ISB slicers aren't really good either since the only non-red jam is on the reaper, which is too fast to jam consistently. We probably should bring down the crews that are not faction specific down 2 or 3 points across the board (maybe leave out perceptive co-pilot). There is such a high competition at the crew slot that many of them could be 0 points and would not be played a lot. This is probably what I would try fixing with points, though Aggressors are obviously pretty bad currently, redundancy is what is making them bad, we need new upgrades to fix it. I think the same is true for the Reaper, which is just a bad Lambda Shuttle alternative. Other ships that aren't used currently should come back with I5 I6 nerfs.
  11. Tobbert

    Deplete Danger

    If it is really bad, FFG will just make mag-pulse warheads unique.
  12. Tobbert

    Deplete Danger

    Since deplete tokens seem to be removed by blue maneuvers rather than shooting, their impact depends a lot on when it can be applied to opponent ships. So weaponized deplete will be very strong if paired with high Initiative. On the other hand spamming mag-pulse warheads on cheap low I ships will hand out something similar to stress tokens.
  13. Nice analysis. Don't you have any information on mod slots? Other than that, I think it is nice that it seems to make sense to think about which upgrades are necessary and which are not when building your list. On the other hand, it is kind of sad that many slots have a single option seemingly being greatly superior to others.
  14. Can you explain? Admittedly, I didn't try using her, but the ability seems situational to the point where you maybe use it once a game if you need to spend a force for defense or so. Even if Inquisitors were 37 points instead of 35, that's still 6 points for a point of Initiative, a force token and the ability. With FCS and Sense or Hate, she costs ~50 points and only has 2 red dice.
  15. Where can I see the new points when they're out?
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