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  1. That's a bummer, but I'm still glad there are other people in the area. I'll message you.
  2. Just moved into the Rapid City area and found this thread after struggling to find a game store that wasn't closed. Im not sure if you tried to put another tournament together in another thread, but I'd definitely be interested in something like that. I'd also love to know if there is a good place around here that people are meeting for games.
  3. This is a really good point that I didnt really notice about myself until now. Though, I'm curious if there are more causes to it. I have more male friends for instance, and I usually only try to bring people in After they've showed some sort of potential for interest in the hobby (and they tend to be male). That being said, of the women I've gotten to teach to play I didn't notice any difference between how quickly they picked it up compared to any of the guys. I did ask my wife @Admiral Theia about her interest in a women only tournament, and she agreed she'd be a little more willing to do that kind of tournament, but she isn't too enticed by playing competitively instead if casually. I also picked her head a little more about this topic and she expressed that she felt extra pressured to do well as a women because when she is the only one in the store she tends to get a lot of attention. She also expressed a fear of mansplaining, which has happened even when she is just there to hang out. And then when she did show that she actually knew how to play the game she got swarmed for the rest of the time we were there. It was positive attention, but still overwhelming when she just wanted to relax at the store and somewhat dissuaded her from returning. Personally I don't think there is a quick fix for this, but we can all help by making little changes in how we approach this issue. Invite more of your female friends to play, don't treat them any differently if they show interest, don't "test" their knowledge or skill, and try not to make a big deal out of it. And most importantly, don't be a ****. It'll take time, but this problem does seem to be (slowly) improving.
  4. My wife plays a few of FFGs miniatures games with me including Armada, though I haven't convinced her to be in a tournament yet.
  5. With three attacks and that arc setup, I can see this thing having no reason not to flak with gunnery teams. Oh you stacked everything in one arc? I'll just shoot all of it. A lot of the time flaking isn't effective unless you do it continuously and this thing will be able to.
  6. Can somebody tell me how to do the whole spoiler thing?
  7. Scenario 2R: Send a Message FOR IMPERIAL EYES ONLY Imperial Brief: (Tweak as needed) The loss of the convoy and some of its cargo is a setback, but not an unrecoverable one. Experience tells you that the rebels will strike again, and soon. They’ve gained the initiative, but it only takes one victory to take it back. Keeping your forces on high alert, you prepare for this next attack. Fortunately, you’ve received word that the orbital station set to transfer cargo from the mining facility and protect it from attack is nearing completion. Additionally, more supply convoys will be arriving in the system shortly. Either would be a prime target for rebel attack, but both must be protected. Finally, you realize you can’t allow the rebels to keep you on the defensive, you must also continue to seek out their base. You must split your forces into three groups. Build three fleets, one to protect the space station, one to protect the convoys, and one to search for the rebel base. You must put at least one ship into each fleet, and no fleet can be larger than 150 pts. Hint: Balance your forces, you never no where the enemy will strike. DON’T BRIEF UNTIL AFTER FLEETS ARE BUILT It was a diversion! Rebel forces struck at your convoys, but moments after the convoy defense forces jumped away, a much larger rebel force jumped out of hyperspace above Abafar and started moving on the station! We’ve called back our forces, but it will take time for them to arrive. Your station defense forces must hold out until then. Fortunately the stations weapons should be online soon. Defend the station at all costs! Primary Objective: Protect the Station Secondary Objective: None FOR REBEL EYES ONLY Rebel Brief: We’ve dealt the Empire a serious blow, but we can’t let up on them now. We need to hit them again before they can solidify their position. Sympathizers on Abafar inform you that the Empire is nearing completion of space station over Abafar that is meant to help transfer fuel from the mining facility as well as protect it. Destroying the station would send a clear message to the Empire and the people of Abafar that the Rebellion means business. However, your forces aren’t ready to take on the entirety of the Empire’s fleet yet. A small part of your fleet will attempt to lure away some of their forces, before the rest of your fleet strikes at the station. Some of your forces will need to lure away the Empire’s fleet. Build a fleet no larger than 200 points and send them to destroy the station. Primary Objective: Destroy the station Hint: Be prepared to strike fast and hard. It might not take long for Imperial Reinforcements to arrive. Scenario Rules: Rebels are the first player in this scenario. Setup: The Imperial Player places all obstacles, ending with the station. The station is an Armed Station. However, at the beginning of the game, it cannot fire any dice from its anti-ship attack pool. The Imperial player then places two Objective tokens in the play area beyond distance five of each other and the player’s deployment zones. Deploy fleets As Normal: END OF ROUND 2: The stations long range Turbolaser have come online, and the station can now fire it’s the red anti-ship dice. END OF ROUND 3: The stations defenses are fully online. It may fire all weapons in its attack pool. END OF ROUND 4: The Imperial fleet sent to search for the rebel base arrives. The Imperial player chooses an objective token, and deploys that fleet at distance one of that objective token. END OF ROUND 5: The Imperial fleet sent to protect the convoy arrives. The Imperial player deploys that fleet at distance one of the remaining objective token. The game ends at the end of Round 6 or when one side retreats. If the Imperial player retreats, the station is destroyed. End of Game: If the station was destroyed, the next mission will be Weapons Delivery. If the station is not destroyed, the next mission will be Steal the Gas. If the station survives, it will be present during Scenario 4. If the station is destroyed, it will not be present during Scenario 4. Regardless of how the scenario ends, treat the campaign as if the Rebels won Scenario 2E.
  8. There, it should all be visible now. I'll post the second scenario my players will be playing after I finish writing it up. If anybody plays the first mission and has a different result, let me know and I'll write up that scenario for you.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Give me a moment. **** blast doors jammed again.
  10. Took a little longer than I would have like, but here is the write-up from the first scenario. Let me know if any of you try it out for yourselves! https://imgur.com/a/NqcTb19
  11. Here are the fleet pools and the rules for the first scenario. My next post will be the results and write up of my friend's game. Scenario 1/Fleet Pools FOR IMPERIAL EYES ONLY Imperial Fleet Pool (343) • Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73) o Veteran Captain (3) • Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser (54) o Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) • Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser (54) o Dual Turbolaser Turrets (5) • Gozanti-Class Cruisers (23) o Comms Net (2) • Gozanti-Class Cruisers (23) o Comms Net (2) • TIE Fighter Squadron x8 (8) • TIE Bomber Squadron x4 (9) • Lambda-Class Shuttle (15) FOR REBEL EYES ONLY Rebel Fleet Pool (339) • Modified Pelta-Class Command Ship (60) o Veteran Captain (3) o Shields to Maximum! (6) • CR90 Corvette B (39) o Medical Team (1) • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) o Task Force Antilles (3) • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) o Task Force Antilles (3) • GR-75 Medium Transports (18) o Repair Crews (4) • GR-75 Medium Transports (18) o Comms Net (2) • Z-95 Headhunter Squadron x8 (7) • Y-Wing Squadron x4 (10) • VCX-100 Freighter (15)   Introductory Scenario Convoy in Distress IMPERIAL EYES ONLY Imperial Brief: Your forces on high alert, you watch for any opportunity to uncover the identity of murders who have been disrupting your supply convoys. When an ensign informs you that another convoy is under attack and desperately calling for aid, your forces are ready to rapidly respond and jump to lightspeed. Some of your forces must remain behind to protect the refinery and maintain control in the rest of the Sprizen sector. Build a fleet no larger than 175 points and send them to protect the convoy. Primary Objective: Save the transports. Secondary Objective: Secure the cargo. REBEL EYES ONLY Rebel Brief: Your raids have begun to affect the Empire’s plans for Abafar. Destroying another convoy and stealing its cargo will further aid your efforts. With the coordinates provided by a rebel spy, you jump out of lightspeed and descend upon the lightly defended convoy. You quickly destroy a transport, but you communications officer informs you that they managed to get out a distress call before you could jam their communications. Finish up quickly before reinforcements arrive. You wisely chose not to risk all of your forces on a single raid. Build a fleet no larger than 150 points and send them to destroy the convoy and steal its cargo. Primary Objective: Steal the cargo Secondary Objective: Destroy the transports. BRIEF BOTH PLAYERS Hints: Strategic may prove useful in controlling lost cargo. Rebels are the first player in this scenario. Setup: Place obstacles as normal minus the station. After obstacles are set, the Imperial player deploys three Gozanti-Class Cruisers at distance 3 of the Rebel players deployment zone and at distance 2 of each other at speed 1. The Imperial player places one objective token within distance 2 of a Gozanti and one objective token on each Gozanti. Lastly, the rebel player chooses a Gozanti. That flotilla loses its scatter and suffers two damage. Deployment: After setup deploy fleets as usual. Special Rule: When a non-disabled ship reveals its command dial, it may claim 1 objective token at distance 1. If a ship carrying an objective token is destroyed or disabled, the player who did not control that ship places the objective token anywhere touching the base of the destroyed ship before it is removed. If a ship jumps to lightspeed while carrying an objective token, that token is claimed by that ships owner. Flotillas cannot jump to lightspeed while carrying an objective token until the beginning of round 5. Additionally, Flotillas have their top speed reduced by 1 for each objective token they are carrying. If this effect causes a flotilla to be at a speed higher than their top speed, immediately reduce their speed until this is no longer true. Minimum speed 0. Additionally, the Gozanti's that are part of the convoy are simply destroyed rather than disabled. After revealing a command dial, ships carrying an objective token can choose to place that token back on the table touching the base of their ship. Scoring: The rebel player gets a point for each objective token they have at the end of Round 6 or when the game ends. The Imperial player gets a point for each surviving Gozanti that was part of the original convoy at the end of Round 6. If the Rebels are victorious the next scenario will be Send a Message. If the Empire is victorious the next scenario will be Set a Trap. If there is a tie the next mission will be Convoy Escort. Rewards • Each player receives 5 points to spend on upgrades for each objective token they scored. • If at least two of the convoy ships survived, some ships and supplies can be diverted to defend the mining colony. The imperial player receives 1 x Gozanti-Class Assault Carriers and 2 extra resource points. • If more than two of the convoy ships were destroyed, Rebel Command gains faith in your ability to win and directs more ships to your cause. The Rebel player receives 1 x GR-75 Combat Retrofits and 6 extra resource points.
  12. Here are the rules I typed up a while back. It gets into it a little so ignore this post if you just want to read the narratives. Be aware that there was a lot of time between me writing these and the first game, so I didn't enforce all the rules as I they might not have felt right for the scenario. Feel free to offer any ideas or advice. Also be aware, that in the campaign, their is "hidden" information that each side doesn't know about this. I'll try to mark it appropriately. Narrative Armada Campaign Intent Create a fun and casual campaign that focuses on narrative based battles and allows for player to experiment with wide combinations of fleets. Setup This campaign is intended for 2 players assisted by a GM, but could be adjusted to accommodate 4 players. One player commands Imperial forces while the other commands Rebel forces. Both players start out with a set fleet pool of ships, squadrons, and upgrade cards. Players do not get to know what is in their opponent’s fleet pool. For narrative purposes, both players should create a character that represents them in the game and should tell the GM their character’s name, background, and reason for fighting for their cause. Campaign Flow Each campaign round starts with the GM giving each player a briefing on the next battle to be fought. Player then choose ships, squadrons, and upgrades from their fleet pool to be used in the battle. The size of the fleet they can build is limited by the battle scenario. Once fleets are selected, players will play against each other in an effort to win a scenario. Scenarios can take many forms and generally task each side with an objective they want to accomplish. Scenarios end when one side accomplishes its objective or all ships in a fleet are destroyed or disabled. Players then receive rewards based on how they did in the scenario and their fleets return to their fleet pools along with any rewards they may have received. The results of a scenario determine what the next scenario will be, and players are told what the results of their side missions were. Then a new campaign round starts, and players are then given the new scenario. The cycle continues until a final battle that determines the ultimate winner of the campaign. This is intended to be a very long campaign and both factions will have considerable fleet pools by the end of the campaign. Fleet Building Traditional fleet building rules apply, with exception that some scenarios may state that an admiral is not required. Scenario Battles Scenario Battles will typically begin with a unique briefing for each player and the establishment of objectives for each side. Scenarios will also typically have special setup instruction for players to follow. Then scenarios will mostly play like any other armada battle with the exception of those changes listed by the scenario and the following two cases.   Lightspeed Unless otherwise stated, any ship can hyperspace out of a battle at any time by discarding their command dial when activating and stating their intentions to jump to lightspeed. If that ship is not destroyed, it is removed from the board at the beginning of the status phase, and counts as “destroyed” for the other player when determining victory points. Squadrons may board a friendly ship by moving on to the ships base. They are then placed on the ships card and retreat to hyperspace or are destroyed with that ship. Additionally, starting on round 4, ships and squadrons may fly off the edge of the board to jump to lightspeed. If a ship or squadron leaves the board before round 4, it is treated as destroyed and becomes scarred. Disabled Ships and Squadrons Unlike in a standard game, when a ship or squadron suffers damage equal to its hull or hit points it becomes disabled instead of destroyed. Ships discard their command dials and any tokens, reduce their speed to 1, and can no longer perform an attack or jump to lightspeed. In collisions, only the disabled ship receives a damage card. Squadrons lose any special abilities and defense tokens. They can only move speed 1, but may suffer 1 damage to move even if engaged by enemy squadrons. If a disabled ship or squadron suffer damage equal to double its hit points, it is destroyed, and all upgrades and personnel are permanently lost. If a disabled ship or squadron survives to the end of a scenario or flies off of the board on or after round 4 they survive the battle and return to their respective player’s fleet pool, but become scarred. Disabled squadrons may board friendly ships regardless of whether or not that ship is disabled. Scarred Ships and Squadrons Ships that are scarred must discard a defense token when they enter a battle and are permanently destroyed if they would be disabled. Scarred squadrons are similarly destroyed if they would be disabled and enter the battle with one less hit point. Ships and squadrons are also only worth half their fleet cost when sent on side missions. Ships and squadrons can be repaired back to full health if they spend a campaign round without being taken into battle or sent on a side mission. Side missions Players don’t send their entire fleet pools into combat in most scenarios because as leaders in their respective factions they have many responsibilities to attend to. These responsibilities are reflected by side missions. After building a fleet for a battle, they can send the remaining ships in their flight pools on side missions. Side missions provide players with a means to acquire more ships, squadrons, and upgrades outside of winning scenarios. These missions are usually not played out by the Players and instead happen elsewhere in the galaxy while the players attend to the main scenario. Side missions for each faction are listed later on along with recommended rewards. Generally fleets sent on a side mission should return with rewards equal to half of the cost of the fleet sent on the mission. For example, if a player sends a 100 pt fleet to Requisition More Ships, they can receive up to 50 pts of ships as a reward. However, it is up to the GM to determine what rewards are fair or will keep the campaign balanced and interesting. Challenge Missions In addition to the standard scenario missions, several challenge missions are also available for the GM’s use. These challenge missions are intended to present a scenario in which one player is at a considerable disadvantage. They should be used at the GM’s discretion in order to combat snowballing by one side or the other or to keep one player engaged if they have repeatedly suffered loses and are becoming frustrated with the campaign. The Narrative This campaign is intended to be narrative, and blocks of suggested story will be provided with each scenario. However, it is completely up to the GM if they want to use the suggested story or how they want to add to it to customize it to the character the players have created. FOR IMPERIAL PLAYER ONLY Imperial Intro (Tweak as needed) Born on a primitive and war-torn world, you’ve known little but violence for most of your life. When the Galactic Empire finally arrived on your planet, it brought peace through its sheer military might, swiftly crushing any clans who resisted the peace. Inspired by their ability to end the fighting through unity and strength, you applied for the Imperial Academy and passed the standardized test requirements with flying colors. After several successes early on in your career, you’ve now been tasked with the security of the Sprizen sector. This backwater outer rim sector is somewhat isolated, but its believed that a Rhydonium mining installation left over from the Clone Wars on its capital planet of Abafar may still prove valuable to the Empire. The citizens of the lightly populated Sprizen sector had an unenthusiastic response to your arrival and announcement of imperial occupation, but offered no open resistance. You quickly established firm imperial control of Abafar and evaluated the mining facility. Though badly damaged and abandoned, you decide with the proper resources it can be rebuilt and begin requisitioning supplies from imperial command. The first convoys arrive, and you begin reconstruction of the facility. Unfortunately, your progress is stalled as several of your convoys begin to go missing. Suspecting pirates or possible rebels, you warn incoming convoys and try to find a way to uncover the attackers… FOR REBEL PLAYER ONLY Rebel Intro (Tweak as needed) Born in Pons Ora on Abafar, you experienced the hardship of life under separatist occupation. Dreading a hard, tedious life, you stowed away on a cargo ship and left Abafar for what you hoped would be forever. Eventually discovered by the crew of the cargo ship, you worked hard to prove your worth and prevent yourself from being fired out of an airlock. Impressed, the captain of the ship took you on as a permanent member and after years of work you eventually took over as captain yourself. When the Galactic Empire was born out of the ashes of the Republic, you recognized the same tyranny you had known on your home world and looked for a way to resist. Rallying others of a similar mind, your formed a Rebel cell with a handful of ships and began fighting back against the Empire. Now you’ve received word that your own home world has been occupied by Imperial forces. Though you hoped never to return, you still feel certain attachment to the planet and dread whatever the Imperials have planned for it. After making contact with some of the locals, you begin raiding Imperial convoys in hopes of making the occupation of Abafar more trouble than it is worth…
  13. I've wanted to create (really I just want to play one) a competitive and narrative armada campaign where one side plays as the Empire and the other plays as the Rebels. I wrote up these rules a while ago and finally finished the first scenario with a couple of buddies on Vassal. (You may have seen us as the JvP game that seemed to move painfully slow.) Both of them have played very little armada, so they don't know all the strategies or meta, but its interesting to see the tactics and methods they use. I plan to post the basic outline of the rules I wrote up here as well as writeups on each battle. Hopefully some of you enjoy it and try to play it yourselves. If you do, I'd love to hear about it.
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