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  1. Actual game, so I dont have any log files or anything if that's what you were hoping for.
  2. Finally got around to playing the second scenario. Minor Rebel Victory with a gladiator destroyed as well. All squadrons except Lancers destroyed on both sides, minor damage on rebels. Burn through all those scatters was rough, but it was still a lot of fun. Didn't implement your new navigation rules yet
  3. While it would make no sense, my brain's immediate response to the Salvo token allowing ships to return fire "shot for shot", was that they would attack back with the same dice pool the attacker just used. Which would lead to the hilarious situation of a GR75 swinging back at an ISD with 8 dice.
  4. Also excited to see this. I like the idea of it just camping in back and sniping at long range
  5. I'm starting to see the more restricted version of reading her card. Less exciting, but still potentially great.
  6. I can see the argument for why you'd only gain a defense token on one ship, but it seems weird that there are so many Salvo defense tokens coming with this expansion. I'm definitely hoping there is a way to get Salvo tokens spread around because it would have a huge impact on the game. Last/first will be less effective or at least harder to pull off. It also felt a little weird to me to have ships die without firing a shot when they should be theoretically exchanging fire at the same time.
  7. Not what I was expecting to be announced, but exciting none the less. I wonder if the Starhawk is going to be more expensive than our current ISDs. It would be an interesting shift to have the Rebels with the most powerful Large ship. I'm also curious if the Onagers special weapon can attack at extra long range. It would make sense if it's a siege ship. Shouldn't be too broken as that arc should be fairly avoidable. Also exciting to see the potential for new experimental retrofit ships and upgrades. A nice silver lining for those who were hoping for something else like the dreadnought or Brohatok, those ships are still likely to come to the game before too long, seeing as they're some of the few remaining Canon OT ships
  8. Played out the first scenario using your rules. It was surprisingly tough, and I barely won by 4 pts. It sure brought back the feeling of when Armada first came out and VSDs were fairly terrifying against unupgraded CR90s and Nebs. The Conservative Admiral making the enemy repair so much is what made it so hard. I annihilated the enemy Shields and got some damage through, but it just wouldn't stick. Great Scenario. Couple questions though: does the fleet move toward the focal point while trying to keep enemy ships in dominant arcs or just move toward the enemy fleet? Edit: just saw that you answered this in the other thread. Also, you expressely stated that the focal point doesn't move in the first scenario, but I didn't see any guidance to make it move otherwise. Lastly, did you have any guidance on how the AI chooses which Defense Tokens to Target with accuracies? I definitely continue trying out your scenarios, but would love to know the answers to these before I do.
  9. Just finished trying out your system. I'll probably post a full battle report this weekend, but here are some initial thoughts. For context, I ran a dual interdictor Konstantine fleet against a Rebel MSU list. I tried to run it as true to your rules as possible. It may have just been my one game, but I suspect control based lists are extremely effective against the AI. Which makes sense as it's self-control is obviously limited. Basically I was able to perfectly manipulate the AI with K speed control and whatnot. Allowing me to cause the Rebels to ram each other like crazy while trundling one after another into the meat grinder. And honestly it was amazing. I found it extremely satisfying to try out a non-competitive list idea and actually get to see it happen in a way that's rare against a real opponent. On the note of speed control, I used the gravity well to force some of the opponents ships to deploy at speed zero. I just house ruled that if an AI was ever at speed zero it would default to a nav command while still following the other guidance on the drawn card. Otherwise half the ships might have done nothing all game. Despite how well i was able to control it the AI still threw some surprises at me, like Salvation hammering the side of my flagship all game, using up all of my defensive abilities to keep it alive. I didn't have any issues with the AI only using one defense token, but it was an MSU, so often only one token was valuable or they'd die either way. I did tweek the squadron attack priorities. If a squadron had bomber I made it default to attacking enemy ships first instead of squadrons. Otherwise a pair of Y-wing would have been flailing uselessly against a scatter ace. It also made it so that the card bonus that gave enemy squadrons Heavy actually did something. Lastly, kind of the Golden rule I went by in any areas where the AIs decision was unclear is to always pick the decision that was the worst for me as the player. It's something the Imperial Assault App does, and it worked well when breaking ties between which ship the enemy would Target or how it would move. I didn't super analyze the decisions as much as just go with my initial gut reaction, so it didn't feel like I was just playing against myself. Another pro I noticed, is that the game seemed to go fairly quick, since I was the only one taking time to plan. I seriously had a blast playing, but think there could be just a few more tweaks without making things too complicated.
  10. I like the idea of the bonuses the AI can get. FFG did pretty much the same thing with their AI in the Imperial Assault App. Hopefully I can find a time to try it out soon and give you feedback.
  11. That's a bummer, but I'm still glad there are other people in the area. I'll message you.
  12. Just moved into the Rapid City area and found this thread after struggling to find a game store that wasn't closed. Im not sure if you tried to put another tournament together in another thread, but I'd definitely be interested in something like that. I'd also love to know if there is a good place around here that people are meeting for games.
  13. This is a really good point that I didnt really notice about myself until now. Though, I'm curious if there are more causes to it. I have more male friends for instance, and I usually only try to bring people in After they've showed some sort of potential for interest in the hobby (and they tend to be male). That being said, of the women I've gotten to teach to play I didn't notice any difference between how quickly they picked it up compared to any of the guys. I did ask my wife @Admiral Theia about her interest in a women only tournament, and she agreed she'd be a little more willing to do that kind of tournament, but she isn't too enticed by playing competitively instead if casually. I also picked her head a little more about this topic and she expressed that she felt extra pressured to do well as a women because when she is the only one in the store she tends to get a lot of attention. She also expressed a fear of mansplaining, which has happened even when she is just there to hang out. And then when she did show that she actually knew how to play the game she got swarmed for the rest of the time we were there. It was positive attention, but still overwhelming when she just wanted to relax at the store and somewhat dissuaded her from returning. Personally I don't think there is a quick fix for this, but we can all help by making little changes in how we approach this issue. Invite more of your female friends to play, don't treat them any differently if they show interest, don't "test" their knowledge or skill, and try not to make a big deal out of it. And most importantly, don't be a ****. It'll take time, but this problem does seem to be (slowly) improving.
  14. My wife plays a few of FFGs miniatures games with me including Armada, though I haven't convinced her to be in a tournament yet.
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