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  1. Clearly the jacket is to keep him warm in cold environments and look stylish, and the backpack is to keep him cool when he's in environments that are unsuited for wearing a parka, but he doesn't want to ruin his look. Jedha didn't strike me as an especially cold looking planet so I have to assume Cassian's heavy jacket is a matter of preference, not utility.
  2. Empire: Inquisitors: Second Sister, Ninth Sister, Grand Inquisitor Purge Troopers (I think these would need to operate as a new unit type as they're not usually in squads of purge troopers in the game, and attaching them to units when they're mostly melee users doesn't seem terribly productive. Have them be fielded as something like a weak operative, with each unit selection coming with multiple models but they don't need to maintain coherency and have actions independent of each other.) Rebels: Saw Garrera Partisans Cal Kestis Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus A proper tank, either a TX-130 requisitioned by the Rebels or those armored repulsor-lift transports with a large canon on them we see in the Vader Down comics. CIS: Magna Guards Jango Fett The various "tank" droids. Republic: Mace Windu Commandos
  3. I wouldn't say that's part of their identity, that's simply a way of getting a larger variety of dice out of the 3/2 types of attack/defense dice Legion uses.
  4. A bunch of Stormtroopers in ill-fitting Tusken Raider rags.
  5. Paint the T-21 Stormtrooper from the Stormtroopers expansion as a Shadowtrooper, problem solved.
  6. Could really do with a proper tank type unit for the Rebels. If we're doing new force users to match the new force powers CIS and GAR are getting I think it will either be: Kanan Jarrus or Ahsoka Tano paired with Grand Inquisitor(more likely Kanan since it would be dumb for Rebels get get Ahsoka before her GAR incarnation), or Cal Kestis paired with Second Sister.
  7. Pretty sure it's a 6 month lead time because we're in the middle of an unexpected delay 😃
  8. I don't see it being an issue as the way to be defensive with strike teams already has you hard LOSing with the second miniature in your team.
  9. Or it would make a game where melee oriented units have a greater appeal. I don't think the rank and file troops need to be getting bonuses for being in heavy cover while suppressed, but units with low profile should get some sort of benefit for being in heavy cover. It might give Scouts and Commandos new life as full units instead of just sniper teams.
  10. No, it’ll be “I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick” and gives him Full Pivot for the turn.
  11. So what's with Del Meeko only getting Lethal 1 instead of Pierce 1 on his rifle, didn't FFG just say the Empire and Rebellion's sniper rifles are supposed to be strictly better than Clone Wars era snipers?
  12. Hasbro just renewed their licensing deal with Disney less than a month ago, so unless board games were negotiated as a separate deal than everything else I don't think that's likely.
  13. So.... any pics of the work in progress? I wonder if it would be possible to get this stateside without an enormous markup.
  14. Just in the last couple months.
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