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  1. Pop him in the speeder, make a bee line for the enemy's deployment zone, R2 pops and and starts dropping suppression on enemy units, has to be engaged in melee if they really want to take him out, repairs the speeder if they try to take it out.
  2. That is incredibly underwhelming when long range comms was dropped to only 5 points, it should probably be free now.
  3. If C-3PO was mandatory to include with R2 he wouldn't have a separate points cost.
  4. Looks like they're buffing the range on saber throw as well as reducing its point cost.
  5. Somewhere an exec is heavy a wet dream because a customer is asking for a product that will break down before they're finished using it.
  6. It's ok as long as they promise not to give them them the spur keyword.
  7. There's also the Resistance Troopers that arrived with Leia at Takodona, and they have a very distinct look from OT Rebel Troopers and could probably justify getting red defense dice. We're probably going to get at least another two or three different possible units in The Rise of Skywalker. Since it's being directed by JJ Abrams they'll probably be closer to the look we got in 7 instead of the Rebel redux Rian Johnson gave us. Keep in mind that if you look at the OT before Return of the Jedi the Rebels would have only had the Fleet Troopers and Rebel Veterans.
  8. I'd like to see a close range heavy for the Scout Troopers and Rebel Commandos, maybe the scatter gun, or really just any heavy that makes it worth taking with a full squad rather than just strike teams. I don't see a point to giving flames to fleets and scatter guns to snowies as they already have a weapon that more or less fills that roll. "Captured" vehicle upgrades? Those should just be re-released as their own units if at all, not as upgrades. People would either need to damage their already existing models to make riders swapable or buy entirely new ones on top of the upgrade pack, seems rather cost prohibitive and liable to generate bad PR.
  9. Pretty sure they would get in trouble if they tried to charge you a price higher than what they quoted you when you checked out.
  10. DtLS

    Ewoks ?

    *cough* There's an ewok computer hacker in the new canon Solo tie-in novel.
  11. DtLS

    Ewoks ?

    I'd expect them to be horde-like. Low damage output but hard to get rid of, represented as a few speeder-bike sized bases with multiple models and wounds on each base. Ewok Hunting Party Unit Size: 3 Health: 3 Courage: 1 Defense: White Critical 1 Weapon: Spears: Melee: 3W, Slings & Arrows 1-3: 1B For Heavy upgrade they could get a Ewok Trapper Team, Arm 1: Rope Trap(Place 1 Rope Trap token within range 1 and los of your unit leader, only one Rope Trap token may be placed per Ewok Trapper Team at a time.) The other Heavy upgrade could be a Ballista or Catapult. When an enemy unit comes withing range 1 of a Rope Trap token discard it, that unit gains 1 Immobilized Token and 1 Suppression Token. Perfect for grabbing an objective and running off with it,
  12. Once again, fake and leak are not synonyms. You were wrong on the internet dude, the way to save face isn't to keep digging a hole by insisting you were right in the face of reality.
  13. It's mentioned that other bounty hunters are working in a direct capacity as bounty hunters for the New Republic though. There's a new comic series that came out two weeks ago Star Wars: Target Vader, that has a faction of the Rebellion hiring bounty hunters(Dengar among them) to assassinate Vader. I think the main reason for them not being available is probably theming. Bounty hunters have always been portrayed as antagonists in the movies even though they're an entirely legitimate and legal occupation, so only the "bad guy" factions get them. CIS, Empire and even the Sith Empire in the Old Republic MMO all get bounty hunters because they're the evil ones.
  14. Leaks happen all the time, there's a subreddit dedicated to leaked information on the Star Wars movies. Also, if you're at all familiar with the prequels then you should know that the entire script for Episode II was leaked online and readable for a month or so before the movie was even in theaters. The leaked poster has details that are 100% accurate to costumes that were only shown to the public officially months later. The Sith Troopers' armor in the leaked poster match exactly to the detailing on the armor in the official press release, the "Sith Troopers" in your obviously fake poster are just red Stormtroopers that contain none of the armor details that make the Sith Troopers unique(vertical visor section, striated panels on their armor, hard edges in places that Stormtrooper armor curves, etc.) Join the dollar shave club, maybe they can send you an Occam's Razor.
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