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  1. Anyone else doing a marathon leading up to The Rise of Skywalker? If you watch a film a night starting tonight you’ll see them all in time for opening day.
  2. Darkside Rey should be named Darth Reyge. Darth Maul = Maul Darth Sideous = Insidious Darth Plaguis = Plague Darth Tyrannus = Tyranny Darth Reyge = Rage ———— I rest my case 😁
  3. Question: Do we know definitively that Jawas in the new canon are from Tatooine? What if they’re intergalactic nomads originally from some unknown desert planet, hence why they tend to live on various desert planets? Just curious given we know some communities live off Tatooine now.
  4. There is absolutely no way they are going to pull a Boba Fett imposter. Look at the reaction to The Last Jedi and how negatively many fans reacted to subverting even minor expectations. Now do that to Boba Fett, the most perplexing fan favorite character of all time. I don’t see The Mandalorian being that kind of show. It’s a straight forward, easy going space/western adventure that appeals to fans in the best ways possible. If we see a character in Boba Fett’s armor it’s going to be the actual Boba Fett.
  5. This response isn’t intended to be condescending, I just want to be as clear as possible so we all understand eachother. I would also likewise refer to Darth Sanguis’s excellent response. ——— Examples of toxic behavior I’ve noticed: -Attacking another person rather than their opinion/argument. -Attacking an actor/director/writer rather than their work/performance. -Being insulting or otherwise displaying abusive behavior toward others, especially those who disagree with you. -Intolerance and hostility toward opposing ideas. -Diminishing or invalidating someone with an opposing idea. -Overpersonalizing (i.e. If you aren’t part of the problem the comment isn’t about you.) -Actively adding to a negative atmosphere that makes others feel uncomfortable to express themselves honestly in. -Willingly stewing in negative environments or otherwise getting off on negativity. -Disliking a character because of race, gender, religion, etc... -A sense of superiority over others. ——— I would point out that if you haven’t even noticed the cesspool that most Star Wars sites became in the wake of The Last Jedi, it’s rather telling of where you sat in the fan base. It should go without saying that it’s okay to dislike or be disappointed in something and to express that. You can legitimately dislike Rey without being sexist. However many of the examples of toxic behavior I gave above were on full display by a lot of fans that gave little room for opposing thoughts and genuine discussion. The things I’ve been called for simply saying I like The Last Jedi on forums I cant post here without being locked, which IRL would have sparked a physical altercation. Now I will not deny that I have occasionally seen people using the word toxic inappropriately to shut down or win an argument. This raises the fundamental problem regarding “The Last Jedi”: There is no right or wrong*. It’s a subjective piece of art that resonates with each person differently. ——— *Well someone is wrong if they misrepresent or alter what is shown onscreen. For example you can’t argue Luke killed the Emperor in VI or that Rey used Anakin’s lightsaber in VII. Those are facts that cannot be bent.
  6. Thank you! 😁 I entirely forgot about Cinder. I love the idea of Imperials loyal to the Empire (perhaps even to the Imperial Senate) and those loyal to the Emperor. There is a surprising amount of political nuance in the aftermath of Endor and the lead up to the sequels that simply needs to be addressed in a novel head on. I think once The Rise of Skywalker comes out we’re going to see a slew of novels that cover all of this.
  7. Based on your premise there would already be a World War 3. Context matters as the circumstances going into Episode IX are entirely different to Episode VI. The circumstances of VI The Empire succeeded the Republic in order to stabilize, secure, and bring peace to the galaxy in the wake of the horrific Clone Wars. With most of the recognizable forms of Republic remaining after the transition such as the Senate, I doubt many viewed the new order as being all that different from the old. The Empire had the inherent legitimacy of the millennia old government that preceded with none of the baggage. In canon (Jedi Fallen Order most recently) we know life on the core worlds barely changed and that the Emperor wisely kept the important systems and people happy. Between propaganda, agreement on policy, and the average socialized loyalty to government I would imagine a great many normal people liked the Empire. After all as we hear in Rogue One, atrocities committed by the Empire are covered up. I like the rule of thirds in these situations. A third loyal, a third who just wants to live their life (therefore more prone to the status quo), and a third rebellious. A clunky but fair assement I think. For the duration of Imperial rule there is peace, unless you’re resisting their policy. Along comes the Rebel Alliance bringing back war for the first time since the Clone Wars. They claim they will reestablish the Republic and after the dissolution of the Imperial Senate their ranks swell. However the Rebels are arguably proposing a new government entirely, because remember many people will likely still view the Empire as the Republic 2.0. When the Emperor dies much of the Galaxy is caught in whiplash. It’s a civil war after all and the people on the losing side are now stuck under the rule of what might be viewed as an illigimate coup. We know these Imperial loyalists essentially form half the political landscape in the New Republic. Circumstances of the Sequels and IX Well Jakku happens so remnants of the Empire flee to the unknown regions and eventually evolve into the First Order. It’s important to note that the First Order could make the case that not only are they successors to the Empire, the “legitimate” galactic government, but to the prior Republic as well. The New Republic. From the start they are deadlocked in partisan politics and fail to hold much influence beyond the core and inner rim. Crime blossoms as scum take advantage of the ineffectual, demilitarized government. Apparently even Imperial Warlords are allowed to maintain control over territories in the outer rim. Enter the First Order, supported by the pro Imperial denizens of the galaxy, with a claim to the lineage of the galactic government. It wouldn’t be surprising if after thirty years of instability many in the middle would remember the peaceful rule of the last fascist regime and support their successors. I have a feeling the ruthlessness of the First Order amplified through Kylo is going to be the wake up call to turn galactic favor against authoritarian governments for a good long while. Going into IX the galaxy is in a far different state than it was going into VI.
  8. They all change their clothes throughout the trilogy several times! Luke has THREE costumes in The Last Jedi! DJ even changes clothes! They had an IRON on screen pressing uniforms! An iron in SW. what more do you want out of them? Of all the ridiculous nitpicks I’ve heard that has got to be the most outlandish.
  9. For what it’s worth, as someone who loves The Last Jedi, I do hope The Rise of Skywalker is a better movie.
  10. My friend’s solution was to make the table infinite. If a ship navigated off the table, it landed on the exact opposite side of the table.
  11. The atmosphere was so exceedingly negative, and in many cases toxic, following The Last Jedi (only mostly going away with release of The Mandalorian) that many aren’t ready to go through that again now that they’re excited for the next film. The reaction to The Last Jedi was such an extreme that I think it’s left people still a bit tender on both sides. Personally I’m still not ready to deal with this community once The Rise of Skywalker comes out. There was this magic that the new films had kindled in me that the internet killed and buried and it’s only just clawing it’s way back. I also acknowledge part of that was me being too naive to just take a break from the online fandom and come back when the dust settled. While mood and other’s opinions can sour excitement, we are also each responsible for allowing others to ruin our own joy. I hate “Rebels”, I think it’s an awful show. I’m not going to avoid critiquing it when appropriate simply because others might be too fragile to withstand an opinion, but I also don’t want to contribute to a negative environment that works to kill others enjoyment of something I dislike.
  12. I thought Episode 4 was incredible! The basic story of warriors training villagers to defend themselves has been told ad nausemum across many genres however I think this is the best adaptation Star Wars has done yet. You heard it here folks. A seasoned elite rebel trooper stated a single AT-ST can take down entire infantry companies. In a franchise that can often diminish the abilities of its antagonists, it’s nice to see even your standard chicken walker inspire dread amongst the infantry.
  13. Same. But I thought TLJ was great so that isn’t weird I’d want to see more from Rian. However the inability for some fans to get past what they perceive as one low point in the franchise...
  14. Eh that trope doesn’t bother me. For me it’s mooks. Films that have an excess of disposable enemy grunts are a turn off for me, unless the allied grunts are equally as weak because then at least the protagonists are simply exceptional.
  15. Not sure if this was posted here or not: YouTube: Baby Yoda Vs Darth Sideous
  16. The people who see The Mandalorian as this great victory against Kathleen Kennedy and “The Mouse” will never not be funny. What utter foolishness to have one’s head so far up their own- never mind. There was a brief period of peace these past few weeks that have in the dark corners of the web given way to these toxic pools of self pitying “fans”. Thankfully they’re staying in their dark corners so the rest of us can ignore them and enjoy and critique all this new content reasonably.
  17. Agreed though In my head her interceptor is just an incredibly early prototype.
  18. I saw the episode again... ...and I like it much more this time around. Actually this happened to me with Solo as well. There were a few beats that didn’t resonate and a few that were total cringe. Yet on the rewatch most of those landed for me and I enjoyed it immensely. This episode is just that. @Whalers on the moon @Demon4x4 Both of those points make way more sense on the second go about. What’s new that I love: -Werner Herzog’s scene is fantastic! -Mandalore was destroyed for its rebellion against the Empire, which fixes an issue I had with Rebels. -The continuing use of established aliens. -Dissing the New Republic. -Cinematography What I still don’t love: -Werner Herzog’s awesome intimidation and presence is undercut when the Mando cuts through his security forces like a hot knife through butter. For something as important and expensive as Baby Yoda, that was some lousy security and I can only blame the writing. -The Mook Effect: I realize our Mando is a badass however it’s jarring to see him mow through Stormtroopers with ease after getting his durasteel plated butt kicked by Jawas last episode. Why not have less Stormtroopers and have each one pose a greater threat that takes longer to defeat, ya know to differentiate them from random thugs? -Filoni’s greatest weakness is plot armor and they might have just given our protagonist a nice, shiny suit of it. I enjoyed seeing the Mando take damage and having to adjust his approach as a result in the first two episodes but I fear this Beskar has sunk that approach entirely. It’s essentially the blaster equivalent of cortosis or any other lightsaber resistant metal. Seriously! It’s better when characters struggle and are hurt because it forces them to learn just as it does in real life. -The Heavy Mando jet-packing and saluting like Iron Man just looked so stupid to me. -The exposition and dialogue is sometimes really good and other times really clunky. Like I can live with it, those moments are par for the course, but for a franchise of this caliber it’s a bit diassapointing. ——————— This episode is fun but it has given me some concerns regarding future episodes. So far two fantastic episodes and one okay episode. Not bad.
  19. Perhaps I was tired, which I was, and I need to watch the episode again because while I love the first two episodes something about this third one doesn’t do it for me. I think this episode accentuated the weakest element of the show, the writing specifically the dialogue and brings back my gripes with Filoni’s direction on Rebels. Things I love: -Whole conversation with the guild leader. -Love that there are Imperial warlords. Technically the Empire is gone but really there are numerous successor states far enough away from the core that the New Republic can’t be bothered to fight them. This is way more realistic than the Empire somehow completely disappearing after Jakku. -Mon Cala Bounty -The Mandalorians arriving at the shootout. -The Clone Wars flashbacks Things I didn’t love: -Too many awkward, unmotivated beats such as everyone in the bar looking at the Mando as he enters the bar. Why? He’s a regular and they don’t know he has the shiny new duds yet. -Mandalorian forge conversation felt clunky and wooden. -The chaingun Mando went from hating our boy to jetpacking beside the Razorcrest and saluting, which in itself was super cringy and makes no sense given there is still a gunfight going on. Why the change of heart? Our boy didn’t do anything different! -If The Asset was so important why the relative lack of security? If it was a temporary safe house why not move the asset immediately off planet somewhere the outside contractors wouldn’t know? -Werner Herzog very clearly was desperate to get Baby Yoda back and the money to do so that I don’t buy for a moment ) would be so careless in protecting it as shown here. -There is no nuance to the enemies. Our boy is a badass but why do the Stormtroopers have to be as mookish as the guild members and any of the outlaws in the pilot? —————————— I will give this ep another watch but it episode felt so off from the first two in terms of quality. It felt like an episode of Rebels.
  20. What about an acclamatoe and a munificent?
  21. How do people feel about the price? Its the most expensive large base ship in the game. However without breaking down the nuance, because I don’t have time right now, it seems the Star Hawk will become a staple of rebel fleets. Not sure how I feel about that prospect?
  22. Yeah but since we’re all nerds here we know the lore now makes the distinction that a coordinated fleet action took out the Executor, with the A-Wing providing the decisive blow. Similarly I don’t think even three Star Hawks could take down a competently manned SSD. The only reason they brought down Ravager was its position in low orbit. Other than disabled engines, Ravager was still very much in the fight. If it was further out from Jakku I could see the battle going easily in the Empire’s favor. However Jakku was designed as a slaughterhouse for the Imperial Remnant in every way and even then they still held out against the Rebels for months. Despite the battle being framed as this glorious victory for the New Republic, I see it more as the best example we have of the might of the Imperial war machine. They fought exceedingly well they just never had a chance at winning from the start.
  23. Welp Richard E Grant ain’t blue in that picture so I suppose there goes the last hope he was Thrawn. Caped snowtroopers look awesome!
  24. I loved episode 2. Great use of the Jawas. It was glorious seeing more of the Sandcrawler in action, especially the Mando sitting in the cramped bridge 😂 The short length doesn’t bother me in the least. You tell a story with the span of time it requires, nothing less, nothing more.
  25. I loved loved loved everything about that episode. Only caveat being I wish they clarified that that the ship repairs took a while. As it stands it could be a few hours, although it’s vague enough to have taken weeks.
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