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  1. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Thrawn won't die. You don't announce a book furthering his story and kill him prior to release. People won't really care about knowing more about him if his story ends shoddily. With the focus on the force next week, theres no way they will have time to develop Rukh's betrayal. There was no attempt by the rebels to turncoat Rukh and the Noghri doesn't have motivation to betray his master, if anything his humiliation and Sabine and Zeb's hands will only fuel his venom towards the Rebels.
  2. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Actually if you take the rectangular holes between the dish and central hull, as hanger bays, the ship's minimum size is already known.
  3. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Well unless the size is ridiculously big when the Solo Visual Guide is released, or if they show scale in the film, FFG will probably make whatever will balance that wave's rebel ship. Given the rebels have the Brahatok/Dornean Gunships are next to bat, what would best balance another rebel flotilla or small base vessel?
  4. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I'm curious why they didn't just use Zeta class shuttles if they needed a cargo ship? Its already been well established in Rogue One. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I for one LOVE the Arrestor cruiser. It fits right there alongside the Gozanti and the Arquitens. The Imperials need another small scale vessel anyways and this will look better the smaller it is.
  5. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Could someone give a short explanation in spoilers? Is Thrawn okay?
  6. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Ahhh the wait is killing me...and perhaps a certain Jedi?
  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Is it out yet?
  8. Star Wars: Legion with Corellian Conflict

    Except this is Star Wars. No one EVER uses the actual full capacity of their weapons and complements.
  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    Guys knock it off with the Last Jedi arguments, there's a thread for that, you want to discuss or debate go do it there.
  10. Rebels artist aught to be ashamed

    The design is fantastic and looks phenomenal on the model. Why is this even a point of contention? Its the name of a Star Destroyer from a beloved nearly thirty year old book series. Chill, Rebels isnt ruining anything. EDIT: What would ruin the star destroyer is if I saw this emblazoned on it.
  11. My Chimeria shipped

    So you mean you're going to go play Armada then
  12. My Chimeria shipped

    You know theres a game called Wolfenstein the New Order that may or may not have a nazi moon base level where you fight nazi astronaut stormtroopers ...
  13. My Chimeria shipped

    OP I know this is hardly the point, and I really hate correcting others spelling, however... Its spelled "Chimaera" not "Chimeria"
  14. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Because they're extremely cheaply made. I'm not against animated tv movies every two years rather then series but not as cheap as the typical Disney fare.