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  1. I don't know about that. There are a few solid episodes. Most of season 2 is decent. The first episodes with the Inquisitor and Tarkin are excellent and a few episodes scattered across the third season such as Through Imperial Eyes are fantastic. I do agree that the high points of the show are counterpointed by some of the worst use of SW tropes and writing but at least a third if not half the show so far is good. For the record I like Rebels far more then I would admit and think what it adds to the canon is more beneficial then what Clone Wars marred of the EU canon. Grievous anyone?
  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Pryce is fantastic for that price then, wow!
  3. Can someone explain to me why this card is good? Couldn't you simply do the same thing by activating your large or medium ship last by choice for free?
  4. Shoot Imperials, claim moral high ground, get Twi'lek dancing girls! or as Jyn Erso would tell you...
  5. Season 1 is not except for maybe three or four episodes. Seasons 2 & 3 are definitely worth watching. Season 4 has slipped back to season 1 quality in terms of writing but largely because Filoni's team has been rushed to conclude the series I think. The animation is much tighter however. Tarkin, Vader, the inquisitors, and Thrawn elevate the show .
  6. For those who wish to discuss without spoilers feel free to discuss here. @Daht done
  7. Hi all, Due to the great anticipation of the Last Jedi, there is a desire to simply know whether it is good and original rather then ESB 2.0. So here is a thread for people to discuss or review the new film without fear of spoilers. There is already a thread where one is free to discuss TLJ with as many spoilers as they want FFG Armada The Last Jedi Spoiler Thread DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD! (Offenders shall be openly mocked and ostracized)
  8. Hi all. This top post is spoiler free but every comment in this thread moving forward has a high chance of being spoiler heavy. Read at your own peril. The premiere of the Last Jedi has just happened and spoilers are going to proliferate the internet like wildfire the moment they hit, if they hit. So please be respectful and post your spoiler riddled comments here and nowhere else on the forum. Don't be the nerf herder to ruin someone else's enjoyment. Past this point there be spoilers!
  9. If that's the case then the Empire wouldn't have simply stopped fighting after Jakku as you said there would be all these offs and admirals who would control a dangerous amount of vessels and personnel. Then Rax's campaign is not any different then Warlord Zsinj, or Thrawn, or the Pentastar Alignment and would leave it open to other warlords to conduct their own campaigns. Even so there would be no Galactic Concordance as there would be no one Imperial Command to ensure all those many groups didnt wage war on the New Republic. However Jakku's entire purpose in the story is to end the Galactic Civil War which meant the majority of Imperials recognized not only the result of the battle but the legitimacy of Rax's defeat. This implies they were more unified then suggested. If thats the case the Battle of Jakku should have been larger then its portrayed. Its simply a difference of an author writing three dozen or three hundred on a page, and that's what irks me about the Aftermath trilogy. As I said I love the concept of the end of the Empire in the new canon, Its just the numbers are low balled and the timeline is far too short especially if a primary argument for everything is the galaxy is so large the empire loses because its simply too spread out. Even if they were getting there butts kicked it would take a few years for the New Republic to finally win. The Western Roman Empire took a long time to fall, the Empire should at least be given two or three years post endor.
  10. Entirely disagree. The concept is fantastic but the product we have feels rushed and under developed, as if the story group wanted to just get it over with and move on sort've like with what's happening with Rebels. The Empire had 25,000 Star Destroyers which is only a fraction of the entire Imperial Navy when you include the swathes of Gozantis, Arquitens, Quasar carriers, Raiders, and whatever else the Empire had. Why does the Empire only have thirty ISDs and an SSD at Jakku when the entire point of the battle is the remaining loyalists are all brought together for a final battle? Its so underwhelming and anti climatic. At this point the Imperials are no longer holding territory, they're fighting an all or nothing battle with the New Republic. In my opinion Jakku should have been made the turning point in the war where the Empire started to decline. Those moffs and imperial leaders not invited to the Unknown regions splinter apart and fight each other until defeat is inevitable and the remaining Empire makes peace with the New Republic a year or preferably a few years later after Jakku.
  11. When the New Republic was established many of the worlds were still largely loyal to the Empire or had significant loyalist populations. Makes sense that these people weren't going to just disappear just as you have the descendants of Nazis in south america and Germany still causing problems. This population is mildly sympathetic to the First Order so you have all these secretly pro First Order senators throughout the Republic Senate. This is partly why the New Republic took zero initiative taking action against the First Order, despite senators like Leia calling for opposition against them. So Leia founded the Resistance, to build up an experienced military force so that in the case the First Order did start a war there would be a force already mobilized to meet them head on to give the New Republic time to organize. The ships the Resistance has are all old models, even the "new" X-Wings are a generation behind. Poe Dameron and the other X-Wing Jockies were all New Republic pilots who grew up on the stories of Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker and wnat to fight Imperials. As we saw in the Force Awakens the First Order developed Starkiller Base and managed to obliterate a massive chunk of the New Republic's military in one fell swoop.
  12. Well the Republic fleet should not be a factor in the Last Jedi but it definitely should in the third movie. Look at the aging Pacific Fleet at the start of World War 2 and the juggernaut it became at the end and you realize how mobilized the US's industrial might really became. If the Rebels can churn out Starhawks in a year while still very much fighting an asymmetrical war, the New Republic with its vast resources can manage to churn out modernized warships.
  13. The whole vibe of the Post Imperial Galaxy is the steady demilitarization of the central galactic government that by the time of The Force Awakens there is a small Republic fleet. Small is relative though. We only saw a few dozen ships blow up with the Hosnian System. Realistically there should be a few other fleets. ......................... The Nebulon C is clearly in a state of disarray but you can imagine how the new model would look and it's a fantastic design. Same goes for the Corellian ship. All around superb work. Especially on making them look like they were rummaged from the trash.
  14. Legends ain't holy and I love the new canon, as a whole its far better then EU. I will be more critical of new canon however because the whole point of the reset is to avoid much of the absurd ridiculousness of the EU and there has been some unimaginative or shortcut story telling, especially in cases such as Battlefront II.
  15. Agree with the moose this maybe the best suggestion for scum yet. You need to take this idea and make a separate topic.