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  1. Okay I dont want to throw this thread into a tangent but is Thrawn evil? Im talking soley from what weve seen in the new canon. Obviously he's fighting for the wrong side but as an individual his recent depiction seems less malevolent and malicious then his EU counterpart. I really dont know how to feel about him currently. For instance someone like Vader or Tarkin or Krennic or Palpatine are quite easily identified as evil people. They are responsible for billions of innocent people dying. Governor Pryce is pretty nasty horrible as well however Thrawn is mostly seen fighting enemy combatants.
  2. Thrawn is really good! Honestly the best new canon book right now and it will probably stay that way as well. Thats not a diss to the other new books but Thrawn is in a league of its own. Thats not to say its perfect but what it does really well to me is enough that it earned its weaker parts, which to be honest are still better then most Star Wars books.
  3. Hopefully he wont die in rebels and Zahn will give us more Thrawn. Thrawn is pretty dang amazing in the new novel. In a way even more compelling now then in the Thrawn Trilogy but of course now its because the focus is squarely on him.
  4. Electric Counter Measures should be your priority followed by Leading shots and maybe after that gunnery teams. 1) Electric Counter Measures will keep your ISD alive a bit longer and if you want to grow your fleet you have to start that way. 2) For an ISD II Leading Shots is a must. It helps mitigate RNG nonsense a little. Obviously if you're like Dras you'll probably whiff on both rolls but still (I kid cause he's great) 3) Gunnery teams on an ISD of any kind goes without saying.
  5. That would be funny if he only cost a point. That would be 20 points additional to list build.
  6. Oh for sure I don't think VSDs are even that great with JJ but they sure are a heck of a lot better with him. JJ is almost mandatory to make a VSD only fleet work. My point I guess is that in relation to your suggestion for Thrawn's ability, it will also negate commanders who were designed to fix slight imbalances. I don't dislike your suggestion, I think its actually pretty cool i'm just wondering if its too wide cast. Maybe it only effects and negates commanders that enhance attacks, defense, and command tokens but still allows maneuver commanders to effect the fleet? OR What if Thrawn only negates regular officer's effects such as Minister Tua, Princess Leia, and so on?
  7. Maybe but commanders like Jerjerod do more to make ships like Victories competitive then uber powerful.
  8. I really really wish they would just produce acrylic range and distance tools. I'd probably buy three sets and I imagine many would buy two.
  9. My dad fondly tells me the story of seeing the first screening of ESB in his town. As they left he said a couple teenagers yelled out the Darth Vader twist to the waiting line.
  10. Its threads like these that make me truly appreciate how the Empire could've collapsed in a year after Endor.
  11. For me the Armadapocolypse will never come because I play this game almost completely casually. Eventually one day if I have a kid whose into Star Wars and boardgames then i'll play this game with them onwards. This isnt directed necessarily at you but what I also don't understand about the idea of an Armadapocolypse, is unlike an MMO or online video game, you can simply agree with another player to only use ships from a certain wave back. For instance, hypothetically, if wave eight comes out and it sucks and rewrites the rules of the game you could just locally agree to play games using wave seven and back. I mean at this point including the impending wave 6 we have more then enough ships and squadrons for the game to last a long time and remain diverse.
  12. Wow that is horrifying. Imagine that in a movie as well. An Imperial Raider emerges from hyperspace into a swarm of rebel fighters and then the Slave 1 just detaches from the bottom full firepower. Throw in Impetuous and Kallus for the anti squadron firepower and you've got a fairly deadly duo here.
  13. Well then squadrons would look a little silly next to an inch long corvette. Would I be okay with that? Absolutely, but they went the route they went. The only scale that is the most off to me probably is the ISD. It would still be small no matter what but I feel as if it were just a third its length longer then it is now it would look better next to the other ships. I think that's telling actually. If the ISD was the largest ship they were planning on having in the game you would think they would've made it much bigger maybe even epic scale. However I think its fairly clear they're open to bigger ships (namely SSDs, the only ships bigger then an ISD during Wave II's design phase) down the road.
  14. Yeah how quickly the empire fell used to seriously bother me as well. I still think they should have put Jakku at lesst three years after Endor but I imagine that final year was extremely bloody and vicious. Now however im totally fine with what theyve given us. I dont know if you care about spoilers for the Aftermath series so just in case...
  15. Mark my words the next animated show will be called Resistance and be about the lead up to the Force Awakens.