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  1. Man I’m not going to lie, the state of Armada is increasingly depressing. I don’t mind the long waits between waves. What I cannot stand is the horrific communication from FFG. Let us know what’s in store. Tease us. Give us roadmaps and either stick to them or inform us when they change. If you want to see great communication with fans look at Star Trek Online, Star Wars Battlefront 2 or Firaxis in general. At a certain point the dearth of communication goes beyond to an unqcceptable extreme. ~ (Sorry for the negativity. I haven’t been on here for a long time and came back expecting at least something new from FFG.)
  2. Forresto

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    WHAT is that from? It looks awesome!
  3. Forresto

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Ah yes. The quiet before the Hosnian sized storm.
  4. Forresto

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    That moment X-Wing gets an AT-AT sculpt before Legion! 😂
  5. Forresto

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    That makes it slightly smaller or about the size of a Gozanti?
  6. Forresto

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Now THAT would be entertaining! 😂🤣 I wonder if a Deus Ex Machina moment has ever happened because of a previous instance of Deus Ex Machina?
  7. Forresto

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    This looks great! I liked the first half of the season a fair bit. The writing could be better but these things take time to develop. The inclusion of Hux’s speech is awesome. My only gripe. Filoni better not have a sea monster beat the First Order forces. With so many starship crippling monsters out there I’m shock galactic civilization actually exists.
  8. Forresto


    Proof Disney needs to make a Vader film. This is superb. It exceeded my every expectation.
  9. Proof Disney needs to make a Vader film!
  10. Forresto

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Depends on the personality. If she’s easily discouraged and you’re winning, try not to beat her too substantially. If you do she might think the learning curve is too steep and won’t attempt to learn it.
  11. Why does FFG suck at communication? It’s so easy to do, it really is. For instance I will give the Battlefront II dev team a lot of credit. They’re trying to turn things around to revive their game and a huge aspect of that has been how transparent they are. The Devs constantly answer questions and put out road maps of what’s on the pipe for the coming months. When something gets pushed back it’s made public quickly. They tease things and such. As a result the BF2 community has remained fairly sturdy despite large gaps in time between releases. FFG just feels like this cold, impenetrable wall that occasionally...rarely throws over an article about a plastic model of a ship. We need someone whoon a weekly basis, if not at the very least a monthly basis, let’s us know there are people working on Armada and the game is alive. A community transmission. As it stands, months between articles is shameful for a company of repute like this one. I rarely feel fans are entitled much but at this point Its disrespectful to the fans of the game. At this point Wave 8, if it exists, should officially be confirmed. We don’t need to see ships or anything else. We just need to know future expansions are planned and being worked on seperate from the SSD.
  12. Forresto

    Thrawn: Treason - New Thrawn Novel Announced

    Of the new canon novels so far the only ones I’d call good books (in general, not just Star Wars) are the Thrawn novels. They’ve also been made into exceptional audio Books which I highly recommend. Unfortunately the Thrawn novels are trapped in the cracks of Rebels. It’s infuriating seeing how much Zahn is trapped by the story points of a poorly written cartoon, which has now made it so we can’t get future Thrawn adventures in the Empire era. The Rogue One novelization and Tarkin are excellent Star Wars novels. Lost Stars is okay but clearly meant for a young romance audience. ———— I honestly think where Disney screwed up is trying to have an EU before the sequel trilogy finished. Rebels for instance is harmed significantly by mostly being created before Rogue One and Solo and therefore preventing it from incorporating designs of those films. By the time Rogue One stuff like tanks creep in, it just feels tacked on. For me this creates a strange dissonance between Rebels and the films in general. The Aftermath Trilogy suffers heavily from what was clearly a rushed publishing deadline. Plus the story is so fundamental to the new canon choosing Wendig over a veteran SW novel, it absolutely pales in comparison to its EU counterpart, the Thrawn Trilogy. —————— If I were running things I would’ve waited till after the Last Jedi (so this year) to start releasing the major trilogy of books covering post ROTJ life and would’ve given the job to someone you know will write a solid series like Michael Stackpole or James Luceno or Timothy Zahn. For the last three years I would have only pushed stories that occur just prior to the sequel trilogy or between A New Hope and Return. Then after episode nine releases, I would open the EU up to tons of new stories and books.
  13. Set Pre Rebels Series Finale and deals with the rivalry between Thrawn and Krennic. Given how much of the old EU was hinted at in the final season of Rebels, it’ll be interesting to read what gets fully recanonized or explained further. We know Pallaeon and Dreadnaughts are momentarily in the show but maybe if they appear in this book to any significant depth it will be enough for FFG to produce them?
  14. My question is, official mats or yoga mats?
  15. Forresto

    You know what?

    I have a feeling Clone Wars is coming and that’s part of the delay. Prequel content has made a huge resurgence across several large Star Wars product lines including Battlefront II because of the huge popularity the Clone Wars garners. The views for the trailer of the recently released Geonosis map for instance dwarfed the launch trailer for Battlefield V entirely for instance. The Clone Wars show is coming back due to fan demand. There also aren’t that many ships to be made for the Clone Wars Era. About Five Republic ships (Venator, Acclamator, Arquitens, Pelta, and Consular ship) and four Seperatist ships (Munificent, Recusant, Providence, and Lucrehulk). But who knows...