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  1. I have to agree. You can do a lot even with a tight budget, its all in how creative you are with it. I ultimately think the people making the show suffer from the syndrome of assuming the audience already knows how powerful something is or that the war is really devastating without having to show it. They probably didnt think they need to demonstrate a ISD devastating the landscape because you should already assume that as a viewer. This of course is counter intuitive. Honestly the only two things I hate about the finale is the second interdictor's destruction and the scene where Kanan is dodging turbo laser blasts. Those should be the most powerful guns on a ISD and they look like peashooters. For the record though I did really enjoy and love the finale.
  2. Fun Fact: This episode confirms that you can see other holographic projections while being projected holographically? Does that mean if you're being projected in a room with holograms that in the image you see on your end has the holograms already present in the room?
  3. Force Unleashed? More like Force Restrained am I right? heh heh... I'll show myself out
  4. Here's my season 4 hopes and predictions. 1) More Rogue One material. For the Empire I want to see the Imperials upgrade their AT-DP's to AT-ST's and the AT-AT's they currently use to the ESB models as well as AT-ACT's. I want to see the Empire employ Occupier Combat Assault Tanks and I hope the show's ISD's get a whiter paint job. For the Rebels I think we'll see X-Wings and U-Wings and most certainly Admiral Raddus. I hope we get to see Ackbar and Raddus on screen together and see them interact and maybe even clash in their tactics. If Raddus is Patton then make Ackbar General Montgomery and get some conflict between them. The more internal conflict within the rebellion like we see in Rogue One the better. 2) The Underworld. I hope next season gets down and dirty with the scum of the universe and I hope that the Empire along with new Inquisitors dispatches bounty hunters after remaining rebels. Give us old man Cad Bane and Boba Fett who has entered his prime as a total terminator like killing machine. 3) Admiral Sloane. She has proven a crucial part of the new canon and unless the story group has plans for her to appear in one of the spinoff movies I think she should pop up in rebels. 4) Lets keep far far far away from the Lothal sector. The Galaxy is absolutely MASSIVE. Lets explore other areas now.
  5. HOLD THE PHONE. Wasn't Ezra's home destroyed by Tarkin? So how is Kallus transmitting from it now?
  6. I will say this, why is rebels as a show so hesitant to name background characters? It wouldve been cool to hear names of some of the pilots that got blown up. Rebels does not give you a good impression of people living in the rebellion outside of Ghost crew. I like the focused lens but when you do that you have to constantly name drop squadron groups and aces. For instance if we had gotten to know just a little bit about a few of the pilots that were killed, over the course of a season, then their deaths would have meant so much more.
  7. Huh thats kinda creepy. Is that the end of Thrawn's scenes in the finale?
  8. Spoilers: What happened to Thrawn in the end? I got to the bendu scene where he tells Thrawn's or the Empire's future but no farther. Is that it of what they show? I know many are annoyed, but having played a match of Armada yesterday where my interdictor (which had wiped the table in a previous battle) was ripped to shreds by a swarm of CR-90s, im a little more tolerant of Interdictors being destroyed. All in all four rebel ships and a few fighters escaped so it can be assumed that everything else got destroyed. An actual victory for the Empire for once.
  9. Can you make this its own thread? I'm not saying that because it doesnt belong here, it does, but its interesting enough i wouldn't mind seeing a discussion on the concept. We know the Empire has boarding shuttles again that look exactly like Tie Bombers, and the Rebels have U Wings. These would be potentially very cool.
  10. I could be wrong, maybe its just splitting in half, but there is more mass in that explosion to the left of the interdictor? Again either the ship split in half or that's a third ship in that mess.
  11. I didnt own the Raider expansion at the beginning of a Corellian Conflict campaign i'm playing with my friend. I would much rather Ozzel for one of my fleets but have Tagge now. Is it possible during the fleet management phase to switch out an admiral? If not I can live with my choice but is there any opening in the rules for this as the rule book doesnt seem very clear. Also it didnt seem entirely clear in the rules either on whether you can sell back unsecarred squadrons and ships. If I have lets say a decimator but would rather two tie interceptors can I get rid of one and then spend 22 to get two of the latter?
  12. At 44 points for a Raider I and 48 for a Raider II, what is the best way to utilize and kit out a raider for an anti squadron role?
  13. The build up to Zero Hour be like "Thrawn is going to have his waaaayyyyyy tonight!"
  14. Now thats when you know its become a problem
  15. Im not saying they dont but part of feeling the loss of a character and making it impactful to the story is that now all of the cool stuff they could have done won't happen. Any character can persist forever as long as the writers want it that way. Im just saying both have been developed enough and are at comfy spots in their arcs that losing them wont really upset the balance of the show.