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  1. Forresto

    Arrestor Scale Revealed - It's medium scale

    This is actually a Ron Howard scene, one of his daughters is the female Imperial Officer who is on the tribunal panel. I only recently found this out. Absolutely. While there are cool elements to this scene I think it ultimately takes away more then it gives. Sure it makes sense the Empire wants obedient soldiers but creative people like Han have potential to become Top Aces like Soontir Fel or whoever the one from Rebels is. So why would they shift Han to the infantry? That's plain stupidity. Unless Han has an extensive pattern of disobedience not even the Commodore can overlook, which for me requires more context. Plus cutting from the reruiter putting him in the flight academy to Mimban subverts the expectation we would see him at the academy. Much better transition imo.
  2. We get a glance into the hanger and it's compact.
  3. Forresto

    Canonical Third Faction - Thrawn Alliances

    @Norsehound So I think even mentioning the Yuzzahn Vong poisoned the water a bit. The Grysk are NOTHING like the Vong other then that they're a mysterious species potentially capable of being a threat to the Empire. They use regular old mechanical tech, no bio stuff. Their strategy is infiltration and stirring division in their enemies. So for instance the Chiss Ascendency is in civil war by the end of this book and the Grysk are fanning the fire. They're likely to be involved with helping the Rebellion as well. If anything they're actually more like the Ssi-Ssi Ruk.
  4. Just finished Thrawn Alliances - spoiler warning. An enigmatic species known as the Grysk have observed the galaxy and its denizens since before the Clone Wars in preperation for a massive invasion. Think Ssi Ssi Ruk 2.0 but with more emphasis on espionage and a shadow war. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Grysk They have a navy with many ships of varied sizes including a class on par with a Star Destroyer. They're perfect for a third faction in Armada...eventually. ~~~~~~~~ There are a few problems. 1) We don't know what their ships look like. 2) They've only just been introduced. Their story has yet to play out. 3) As of right now they're an exclusively book based antagonist (unless they feature in the Disney park which the book covers a bit.) ~~~~~~~ I for one have always loved the idea of the malevolent oberserver race. Alien ships would be a pretty cool counterpoint to the rebel and Imperial designs and give the designers some freedom. Thoughts?
  5. Forresto

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    The Raddus is a Galactic Civil War era ship. One of the last ships built before the end. Did the class serve in any battles? Probably. I imagine there were Imperial splinter holdouts concurrent or following Jakku. It is visually a sequel trilogy era ship but the Quasar is primarily only ever seen on screen in rebel hands but it went to the Imperials in Armada. I think the class would be great for the rebels in the long wait to get starhawks.
  6. Forresto

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    Scale remains a question however. They could seriously be shrunk down.
  7. Forresto

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    Ehhhhhhhhhh. It's not always about territory. Up to that point the US was seen as being fairly weak and ineffectual. It's a war that proved the US was willing to assert it sovereignty on an in international scale and a start a war to back that up. That's an assertion of independence in the afterbirth which is in a way a war of independence.
  8. Forresto

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    That I agree with. So I do think FFG could and should sell a box with all the upgrade cards significantly affected by errata.
  9. Forresto

    The Minelayer

    Well the point was we're going to get another small base rebel ship in the Brahatok and possibly another small base Imperial Ship in the Imperial Support Vessel or Carrack. A minelayer/sweeper would be markedly different then any small base ship so far. How about this. I don't write rules well so it's just the concept. For each minelayer in a fleet a player can deploy two mines on the playfield before the first round. A minelayer can also drop one final additional mine anywhere in close range after making a movement. Minelayers aren't effected by enemy mines and can sweep them/deactivate them at close range after making a movement. There could be different types of mines available on the upgrade card that would alter each ships three mine to what the upgrade indicates. You would have: Token: Anti-Ship activated if in close range at end of movement. Field: Anti-Starfighter obstacle tiles like asteroids, but cause dice to be rolled against starfighters that move through them. The standard would always be a token and any ship that ends a movment in close range of it has to roll a red, two blue, and black die. Token Upgrades Could Include: Ion burst: 4 blue dice. Seismic Charge: 4 red dice. Cluster Bomb: 2 black dice, 2 red dice Homing: Two defense tokens are exhausted.
  10. Forresto

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    Adamantly opposed to a 2.0 in the near future. That's production time i'd rather see go into new content, i.e. ships, then into a conversion set that would only fix minor issues. I'm not seeing enough problems to warrant something of this scale. X Wing was in a real bad way for a good while before 2.0 came around. It was needed for that game to survive and be taken seriously. Keep in mind FFG really only did 2.0. to balance tournaments, which they heavily prioritize X-Wing for over Armada consistantly. If one day the Armada meta gets enough out of whack and the errata gets really rough and messy then i'd be for it to clean the game up. I'm not keen on how expensive the conversion kits are for X-Wing if you own more then an alloted number of multiples of a ship, which many do.
  11. Forresto

    The real important question about the SSD

    That's when quality starts to slip up. Maybe not. But... As someone who buys Eaglemoss starships, quality control is something I praise FFG for. That's worth the price.
  12. Forresto

    The Minelayer

    An agile, fragile small base vessel capable of laying a certain number of mine tokens on the battlefield. Black dice only. We have two canonical ships of unknown purpose that could perfectly fit this role. Imperial: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Support_Vessel Or http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Carrack-class_light_cruiser Batteries better against ships. Rebel: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Braha'tok-class_gunship Batteries better against starfighters. - Each ship could drop three mines, four with upgrade. Damage could be upgraded to be higher with an upgrade. Perhaps Mine layers could act as sweepers and pick up enemy mines? I think the idea of a fast mine layer capable of altering the battlefield would shake things up. What do you guys think?
  13. Forresto

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    Oh absolutely. I actually think the wingless liberty type could be made a medium base ship like the Interdictor if they're truly scrounging.
  14. Forresto

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    Key word being canon ships. Not trying to be rude, but this is the distinguishing point of the OP.
  15. Forresto

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    I'm not inherently against this BUT... Rebels have more variety of play styles in their ships. The Imperials slightly less so. The Quasar is one of the few squishy Imperial ships and must be treated as such. That doesn't change if the the Rebels have a Quasar. But if it played the same as the Imp version it wouldn't feel as special.