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  1. - reserved - will post response later.
  2. Torpedo frigate definitely. Maybe an upgrade that allows for ramming and no damage or maybe ramming inflicts two damage on enemy vessel.
  3. Essentially if your ships movement overlaps another ship it counts as a ram. It may seem like a nightmare to some especially on a smaller board but it changes the dynamic of manuvering to something more visceral at least to me. Now I think that rule could be changed to only effect the big and medium ships rather then the small to allow corvettes the ability to simulatw running battle lines and or blockades.
  4. Are we going to get another trailer before the fourth season or will it only be short teasers from now on?
  5. Except besides the Vivtory and ISD the other Imperial triangle ships looks absolutely nothing alike besides that basic triangular form.
  6. So I recently bought some alt-art cards for Armada off of Ebay. Specifically the MC-80 Assault Cruiser. The card material is smooth unlike the standard card. I don't have any of these tournament prize cards so I don't know if they're printed differently or if these are really well made copies.
  7. I don't think thats even remotely true. Adam says it provides a false sense of positivity but a dystopic future is just as unrealistic, it only seems realistic because its the easier, lazier option. Decay and dystrophy will happen regardless of what we do but to make the world a better place so to speak requires effort and work, its not impossible but it requires us to actually exert ourselves as a species. Star Trek doesnt make things seem easy ever, the characters are all always in a constant battle of preserving their ideals despite their natural instincts. Kirk's entire arc is overcoming his desires for violence. Star Trek is the story of humans struggling to tread water to stay up. That is why the Next Generation is framed by Q testing humanity constantly. Watch Deep Space Nine and you'll see how much they delve into matters in the grey. Nah Adam's quote is an oversimplification and factually incorrect. Sorry I love Adam to death and he's a big 'ole nerd but he's entirely wrong. Whats great about Star Trek is that its an ideal to strive for, not necessarily something we'll ever reach but something to work towards and that's super important. How on earth can you fight and work against a dystopic future when you aren't dreaming of a utopian one? To me what he's saying is what actually pissses me off in Star Wars generally and why I love Rogue One and to a lesser degree Rebels and the Clone Wars so much. Star Wars is so often the story of a special group of people with super powers essentially deciding the fate of the universe. Whether or not the rebel fleet engaged the Death Star in Return of the Jedi or the rest of the Rebel fighters ran the trench run over Yavin, it didnt make a huge difference what ordinary people did. That's not to say it didnt at all but the real meat of the story It was always between Luke, Vader, and the Emperor. The rest was just support of Luke. NOTE: For reference I am a massive Star Wars fanboy and hardcore Trekkie, I love both dearly. I feel like I have to prove my nerd cred here but I have two shelves. One is full of Star Wars reference books and novels and models while the other is full of Star Trek reference books and models.
  8. Wow that that title sounds...somewhat entitled. Puns aside. I really would love to petition FFG to at least consider selling less fancy, but equally sturdy acrylic tokens and tools. I want to be able to play Armada when i'm eighty, that requires tools that can last that long, and while cardboard is fine for some time, after a while unless you are very careful they're going to fall apart. No third party to this date has really matched FFG in quality and accuracy and such tools are not tournament legal. While I understand acrylic tokens and firing range tools are benefits of winning at tournaments whether local or national, I would like to give three sticking points. 1) Not everyone can handle a tournament environment whether for anxiety, being introverted, or other reasons that could derive from mental divergence. 2) Not everyone can go to tournaments whether for work, geography, or the ability to commute and transport lots of models. 3) Not everyone will place to get the tools or tokens unless its a generous store event. So I propose to FFG, release: 1) An acrylic token pack that has maybe two tokens of each type for like $15 2) An acrylic defense token pack with two of each for $15 3) A pair of squadron range ruler/firing range stick for $15. Make them look basic, maybe one blue and one red for the factions and leave the cool ones for rewards at tourneys. People would buy three of both token packs and at least one range ruler/firing range stick, which for my suggested prices amounts to $105! Which for what you get is still a lot better then third party and eBay prices where that would be one range stick from a tourney or alt art card. You're printing money at this point! FFG, eventually a third party will match your quality and if you have nothing to provide me in this subject I will pay them lots of money. I would rather buy from you and support this game, so ease my ability to empty my wallet into your vast coffers FFG! Let me pay you, not them. Please produce acrylic token and measuring tool expansions we will buy them! This community will thrive years after FFG has stopped, god help us, producing Armada and selling it, give us the tools, that we will gladly buy from you, that will ease our enjoyment of the game for many years to come!
  9. I really wish FFG would sell a basic set of acrylic tokens and measuring tools.
  10. We are still in early days of the new wave but is there any benefit in buying a second quasar? I'm trying to get over a hundred dollars for free shipping on miniature market and its either a second quasar, a second gladiator, or even possibly a third hammerhead pack.
  11. That is beautiful but for a hundred bucks? I'll pass and just buy two more ISDs.
  12. That's totally fair but did did there need to be that much of a story? I always hear this complaint about the battle but its entire purpose thematically is to show us visually how large scale and ferocious the Clone Wars was.
  13. It really was. I'm hoping it plays out to him getting his butt kicked in the next movie because he's overly cocky, same with Rey and the others.
  14. Enfor was incredible until that stupid scene with the A-Wing sinking the executor. I could buy it if they sold it better but they didn't and popping the shield balls doesn't count towards taking down a ship the size of manhattan. No amount of canon explanation will make that less frustrating. So... 1 - Battle of Coruscant 2 - Battle of Scariff 3 - Battle of Yavin 4 - Battle of Endor (if not for the above mentioned part this would be my number one because the rest is truly brilliant) 5 - Raid on Eadu (not space battle but still involved space capable fighters engaging in a quick exciting way.) 6 - Battle over Naboo 7 - Battle of Starkiller Base. If I could the Battle of Attolon would be placed pretty high and so probably will the battle of Jakku once Battlefront II is out. Battlefront II looks like it may give us a whole slew of new battles to look forward to as well.
  15. Im really on board with Benicio Del Toro potentially playing older Ezra in the Last Jedi. I am totally fine if Ezra survives only to become a sortve cynical, self serving, but still inherently honorable Talon Kaarde esque character. That would give him a lot of depth he's sorely missing. It would also make Ezra's tangles with falling to the dark side in Rebels seem less like fake drama and tension. My core problem with Ezra is that he's a trope. He's a highly capable smart-*** orphan. Now there's nothing wrong with tropes in the slightest when done right or in a surprising way but theres nothing unique or fascinating about Ezra to me. Im dying to know more about the rest of the Ghost crew but I feel no stakes with Ezra, he just always wins even when he loses. I will admit he's improved a lot as a character but he still could be taken to that next level.