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  1. Has anyone here read it? I haven’t but I hear it invokes the spirit and quality of the old Rogue Squadron books. With the emphasis on space combat it’s the closest we have to anything resembling Armad in the new canon, I imagine.
  2. If this forum has taught me anything it’s that people work themselves up. The SSD is coming. FFG sucks at communicating. Accept this and you’ll be much more at ease.
  3. Essentially they’re the Rebellion’s attempt at a counter to Star Destroyers. They have seriously wicked tractor beams which were used to tip the bow of SSD Ravager into the gravitational pull of Jakku as other ships were sacrificed to take out the SSD’s engines. In terms of power they seem to be superior to an ISD but far below the power of an SSD, as you said they lost two of three against Ravager. I could be wrong but I thought they lost the third one as well. They've frustratingly never been pictured in canon despite the suggestion in they would become the mainstay capital ship of the New Republic. With the SSD on it’s way it seems fairly reasonable to bet a Starhawk will be introduced to Armada as a rebel counter. Now if they plan to then how do they implement it? If they suddenly introduce a rebel ship that can outclass an ISD in a 1 on 1 fight, every rebel player is bound to use one. Suddenly the asymmetric fleet styles that inform the thematic relationship of our factions is somewhat ruined. To cap off a lengthy reply, my guess is if they do a Starhawk it’ll be a huge ship and therefore admissible only in games allowing huge ships.
  4. I actually think you’re right. I think Episode 9 is going to try and explain everything because the first two were so focused. With the Battle of Jakku fundamental to the First Order’s creation they might just do this.
  5. This is tough. There are currently six canonical classes available to the Rebels. -Dornean Gunship -3 unknown classes seen in Empire and Return. -Star Hawk (An SSD counter but only likely if they appear in Episode 9). -MC-85 (The Raddus Type) The Imperials only have 4 classes available to them. -Arrestor Class (Solo) -New canon version of Dreadnaughts -Venator -Acclamator ~ My guess is the Rebels get a Starhawk and the Imperials get a plain Venator since the Republic are getting one anyways.
  6. I seriously would love to see all of these appear in the game, especially the non calamari frigate.
  7. Hollywood Reporter Rest In Peace to the legendary Peter Mayhew (May 19th, 1944 to April 30th 2019). His performance as Chewbacca is one of the most iconic characters in all storytelling.
  8. Yeah this thread didn’t age well lol
  9. Honestly anyone still upset about the Clone Wars after the launch of the Executor and two more Calactic Civil War era expansions are nothing more then entitled. This game was dead in the water for a long time but now we know it at least has another five years of life to it. FFG are awful communicators but at least we finally know what’s in store. I couldn’t be more excited!
  10. Thrawn and the Chimaera
  11. Core Set: General Grievous and Admiral Yularen as the commanders. Anakin and Assaj Ventress as the hero and villain squadrons.
  12. Ewoks beings wiped out? That’s now quality fan service. ...and very dark. Would JJ or Disney be willing to take that plunge?
  13. Cannot wait for the Clone Wars. The richness of design in both factions is going to be incredible. Plus if they scale Clone Wars to the existing factions then expansions are actually going to be CHEAPER. The ships of the era, except for a few exceptions, tend to be smaller. I don’t expect the Venator to be a large base ship for instance.
  14. Exactly! Also I doubt that his “return” is going to be as significant as the teaser makes it seem. I think Rey is trying to complete or further her training. She’s going to encounter an echo or a force ghost of Palpatine, probably in the Death Star ruins. She’ll have to overcome what remains of him in order to achieve understanding or attain something she requires to defeat Kylo Ren.
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