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  1. Any groups near the pan-handle - specifically the Frederick-Hagerstown-Gettysburg region? Not that there will be much gameplay anyhow, not until they roll out a vaccine. Will be curious to see what happens and how that affects the community.
  2. I don’t mind a cameo for the audience sake but I really don’t want Rebels/TCW taking over The Mandalorian. Bo Katan makes perfect sense. So does Rex to some degree since he does share some of the Mandalorian heritage. Ahsoka? I guess I’m just salty she survived Vader, not because I dislike Ahsoka but because that duel was such a perfect ending to her character.
  3. Munificent and Acclamator are the most likely contenders for the first ships released regardless. Venators and Providence class are likely on their heels.
  4. I feel that might be the best course of action. Print them out on a nice card stock and laminate.
  5. I suspect what they could do is release the Resurgent Class and the Raddus (whatever class that is) as the only proper expansions for sequel era factions. Then release a card expansion with titles and stats that allow us to add the galactic civil war era expansions to either the First Order or the Resistance. Boom sequel trilogy represented in the least expensive, least risky manner for FFG, and also encourages people to buy more of the expansions already released.
  6. Is there consensus on how well balanced the current game, all expansions, is without the errata? For playing against friends who likely won’t want to be bothered looking at another sheet while learning the game. @Drasnighta
  7. Can they at the very least sell the updated cards? I would rather not have to refer to a printout to know what the physical card I already bought actually means.
  8. Oh come on you can do better than that. If you’re going to say I’m a schill you might as well not beat around the bush. Real glad you're shifting the discourse in that direction and piggybacking off @AllWingsStandyingBy time and effort.
  9. With the ISD being a symbol of power and terror it’s not unsurprising Palpatine would demand they would build them that way.
  10. @AllWingsStandyingBy and how many people had these fantastic explanations when walking out of the theaters in ‘83? I’m going by what we have onscreen. An A-Wing bringing down the Executor, the Falcon sized hole to the main reactor, the Emperor’s legion of his finest troops that onscreen is at most a company and is soundly beaten by teddy bears. One of the most famous problems in Empire Strikes Back is how the Falcon travels to another star system on sublight engines in reasonable time. It’s remarkable how much isn’t explained in the original trilogy but just is. As fans we try to make it work with the most logical answer we can if only to save it from breaking the universe. If anything that is a main reason why the expanded universe is so popular, installing order on a chaotic and sometimes inconsistent story. My point is the original films have had 37 to 41 years of guides and books and fan speculation to smooth out the wrinkles. We as fans are at our best when we’re problem solvers. The Rise of Skywalker just came out and although there might be wrinkles that just can’t be smoothed out entirely too many are surrendering before even trying to see if it can be done. (Btw thanks for the excellent write up. I knew about the Executor explanation, not the Death Star one. Still a tad silly given all it would have taken is to obstruct any ship sized entrance in proximity to the reactor core but I digress.)
  11. No worse then a Star destroyer the size of Manhattan being brought down by an A-Wing or the Empire leaving a Milenium Falcon sized hole straight to the main reactor.
  12. These are my two major gripes, partly because they’re such easy tweaks and I think substantially improve the film: -Rose should have been given Dominic Monhagan’s lines and been on the Falcon at the beginning instead of the space slug. -Maz Kanata is a Pirate Queen. She should’ve been one of the people leading the massive fleet Lando brings. Could have given her a cheeky line such as “half of them owed me money” or something.
  13. I saw it a third time. I went in looking for faults. Couldn’t find any that bothered me enough to diminish the film. Things I noticed this time that I love: -When Chewie is captured you can just see a second transport in shot. So Chewie’s death isn’t a cheap trick, the reveal is in fact setup if you were paying attention. -Finn and Jannah DON’T destroy the comms tower. They temporarily knock it out but the Steadfast’s bridgecrew can reset it. -It takes Finn and Jannah a while to slice the turbolaser in order to destroy the Steadfast’s Command Bridge. And it makes more sense to me that a ship bound gun could punch through the hull then an A Wing. -The space battle at the end shows way more then I originally expected. It’s cool seeing a pack of corvettes in the background chewing into an unshielded Star Destroyer in a complete reversal of fortunes from the original film. -Richard E Grant as General Pryde was such a breath of fresh air from the incompetence of Hux. -Adam Driver emulates Han Solo way more in this movie. His finger point, the way he carries a blaster, the way he shrugs at the Knights of Ren when he pulls out the lightsaber. Like father like son. -Palpatine gets a crimson Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket robe when he becomes younger. -At a certain point Palpatine stops shooting lightning at Rey but by then it’s too late. -Kylo’s Jedi lightsaber greatly resembles Leia’s lightsaber, suggesting she helped him build his.
  14. I think we all have a few tropes we love and a few tropes we despise that can immediately elevate or sink a scene or story. One of the few tropes I hate is the mook. The Stormtrooper that can’t aim. And I don’t get why these directors and writers keep doing it either, because people love tough villains more then they do wimpy ones. The Empire Strikes Back has an AT-AT do a trick shot on a snowspeeder, along with many other beats where villains win, and that film is considered by far the best in the franchise. A New Hope has Ties cleaning the floor with Rebel Pilots and is also considered one of the best films. Meanwhile Return of the Jedi has Stormtroopers getting beaten by teddy bears and is the most devisive film of the originals. A hero is defined by their villains, so pushovers don’t make heroes look badass.
  15. Rewatched the film a third time. There are at most a couple thousand star destroyers of this class if not simply a thousand. In comparison to the twenty five thousand regular ISDs, fifteen SSDs, two deathstars, and tens of thousands of support craft the Imperials built. @The Jabbawookie I hate superweapons. I think by now, between the films and legends, they’re overdone and lazy. When the leaks broke and I heard about these my hopes for TROS dissipated as they did when I first heard about Starkiller Base. I’ve gotta say they don’t bother me. I definitely wouldn’t have made the same choice if I was writing Ep IX. I wish they were just hyped up versions of the dreadnaughts, wipe out the planetary surface rather then the planet itself. On the other hand there’s not many of them and they’re glass cannons. They have limitations BECAUSE of their primary weapon. And they demonstrate the villains learning, distributing their eggs rather then putting them all in one basket.
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