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  1. Forresto

    A new Lando Millenium Falcon squadron card

    Easy. Lando Millenium Falcon [Blah ability blah] [May not field if another Millennium Falcon is in your fleet]
  2. Forresto

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    I don't like the numberless card implementation of X-Wing 2.0. Call me old fashioned but I would like to play this game when the app is no longer supported on future devices. Yes I'm aware we have plenty of cards with points already however that wouldn't apply to ships released after "2.0" is released. I think a good compromise is a companion app where the points can change quarterly as suggested above but there is still a point cost printed on the card for the sake of longevity.
  3. Forresto

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    Ah okay. So having seen it a third time with my work eyes on, I work at an aftercare center, the film is no more violent then Rogue One, or any other Star Wars film with the following exceptions. [Ive kept spoilers fairly minimal.] -There is a shot with disembodied arms though there's no blood and it's as fleeting as ANH. -A major get vaporized in a mortar blast though it's just an explosion and I would argue no different then any other explosive SW death. -Someone gets stabbed on screen but it's very quick. -The other stab I mentioned prior isn't actually shown just suggested in a very believable way. -The only scene I think would potentially freak a kid out is a monster with lots of teeth and tentacles. The scarier part is short enough (5-10 seconds) to cover his eyes through, the rest of the shots are zoomed out so not as scary. You would know when the scene starts. I first saw Phantom Menace when I was 5 oddly enough and this scene in Solo reminded me a lot of the underwater monster sequence. ~ I might be forgetting something and if anyone else noticed anything stand out please add om but that was the only stuff that stood out to me. Now I wouldn't hesitate to take a five year old to go see it, in part because I remember seeing Phantom Menace when I was 5. Its one of the happiest memories I have. Not just the film but the entire day surrounding it. Solo I think is far tamer then Rogue One and honestly I dont think I can say its that much grittier then A New Hope. Just remember it's a PG-13 Star Wars Movie directed by Ron Howard and produced by Disney, they're only going to ever go so far with anything explicit and it never gets worse then the examples I gave above. You're the parent though, you know your kid, I'm a stranger on the internet.
  4. Forresto

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    @ricefrisbeetreats okay so did you kid get bothered by Rogue One? Especially the Vader hallway scene?
  5. Forresto

    New CR-90 variant in Solo

    Right before the spaceport terminal scene we see the exterior with two vessels. They have engines exactly like CR-90s with the rest of the design diverging while still fitting that aesthetic. It's a blink and you'll miss it kindve ship. It has a long spine that starts near the engines that becomes a nose at the front. Sortve reminds me of a Corellian Gunship mixed with a Gozanti. These aren't to be confused with the freighters that appear similar to the Gozanti CROC variant we see earlier above Coronet city. Those had different engines.
  6. Forresto

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    I mean I thought Snoke slipping in half was pretty tame compared to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's corpses smoldering and singed on the homestead but that's just me or Obi Wan burning the Jawa corpses. Those scenes freaked me out my whole childhood. That being said I'm going for round 3 with Solo, and i'll keep an eye out for you. I can't recall anything too graphic, definitely not like the Last Jedi. It is more like ANH in that regard. Usually the worst is a cauterized wound from a blaster bolt. Someone gets stabbed but I don't think we see where exactly and its your typical bloodless hollywood stab if I remember right. Oh an officer gets hit with a mortar shell but there isnt viscera or blood just an explosion. To me thats no worse then say Porkins crashing or any other explosive X Wing death when we see the cockpit on fire.
  7. Forresto

    New ships from Solo, sort of spoilerish

    Am I crazy? Are those just CR90s? Because theyre in the movie over the city and I'm not sure.
  8. See I think this boils down to the gamification of the force. It's not a leveling system. You dont train foe a year and unlock lift boulder. You're either attuned to the force or youre not. Like music. Man that Mozart, so overpowered writing a full opera by age 8 lol To me as a huge fan of the film Amadeus, i've always seen Rey and Kylo are Mozart and salieri. Some people are truly brilliant with little training and I do think if Rey was a man people would be far less critical. What I do have an issue is lightsaber combat. I think her lack of training with a saber cheapens the idea of lightsaber combat but I can live with it in this singular instance and I hope we get a time jump by episode 9 that shows she's been training for a few years. Which makes sense in a galaxy full of aliens. If you're into anyone not human you would be, doesnt matter how uh, similar they are to human physiology. This applies to so many Sci fi characters and has been accepted since the days of John Carter a century ago. Lando and Captain Kirk are birds of a feather now and I think that's great.
  9. Forresto

    New ships from Solo, sort of spoilerish

    So the poster for Solo has CR90 variants on it. They look similar but fairly different. Also I think the Arrestor cruiser is still possible for Armada. I'm excited to see if the Visual Dictionary has a better pic of one.
  10. Forresto

    New ships from Solo, sort of spoilerish

    Abeloth from legends is also a contender. I noticed that some of the ships had identical looking engines to a CR-90 but weren't CR-90s. There was one I immediately thought was a Gozanti but I couldn't tell. Some of the lads in the X-Wing forum think it might be a C-ROC variant.
  11. Forresto

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    I don't know, vaguely French Jizz is pretty sweet. It also delights me to no end that Jizz Wailing is still canonical.
  12. Forresto

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Exactly. Its also strange to think the Kessel Run is ultimately because of Maul. That's not something I would have ever predicted.
  13. Forresto

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    You're missing my point. Saw Gerrerra might as well have been a character in Rogue One, his character doesn't require context like Maul does. The Ghost, Chopper, and then the Hera reference are not only inconsequential but they're placed in a context that makes sense, ala in the background of a battle. If you only watch the films, Maul was dead and now suddenly is alive again and is a significant part of the plot of the film. It requires you to watch the show to understand his story. My point is the door is now open to similar references that only those few who read the comics or watch the shows will actually understand.
  14. Forresto

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Rebels is totally EU. 99 percent of people going to see the movies have probably not seen Rebels. Until now, unlike marvel, Star Wars has kept it's cameos and major references mainstream. Tarkin, Vader for instance. If you're watching only the films this is the first time you know Maul is alive. Last time you saw him he was cut in half and very much dead given he never shows back up or is ever referenced. So this is the first time Star Wars films have ventured into obviously introducing something that only makes sense in the new canon EU.
  15. Forresto

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    As a lifelong Trekkie the lack of diversity was something Trek fans made fun of Star Wars my entire life. Few and between any Black people or people of color beyond Lando in the OT. The one Asian guy immediately kamikazes a Star Destroyer. In the prequels Mace Windu and Jango (including clones) is about it, we see aliens played by non white actors but they're aliens. I went to middle, junior high, and high school and was one of five white kids in my entire school. I hanged out with the nerdy Black and Latinx kids. The above criticisms were frequently brought up from my fellow Star Wars fans and not because they had issue rooting for white characters. Its because the story involved a battle for the galaxy involving so many people but it's primarily a battle waged by white people. They felt like they had no place in it unless they were the one Black friend.