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  1. Thats the trouble with Porgs. Just beam them all into a Klingon D7's engineering deck, that'll teach the pesky Klingons to posion our grain supplies and get rid of the Porg problem.
  2. First Order Light Cruiser?
  3. If you're talking about the skinny ship I'm thinking Nebulon K, It's a ship that's meant to be able to take abuse from an SSD. That ship looks like it'll split in half under even just a little bit of fire.
  4. Is that a Starhawk flanking the Raddus or a Nebulon K?
  5. LOTS of Armada potential here.
  6. I don't hate X Wings but I've never inherently pursued them either. Its weird because I do know I love them in the context of Sci Fi ships but I've never bought a model or toy of one or felt inclined to. Meanwhile Tie Fighters are my jam. They're so unique and under rated. It could be that Rebels has done a lot to make the Empire appear to be the underdogs since we know the good guys always have to win. When Tie Fighters survive it's super cool and I want to know about the pilot but when an X-Wing survives it's like Meh okay. This is not true of the original movies, it's maybe just all the other stuff that's created this sense of military imbalance. I'd be more enthused if the rebels had been losing much of the time and the X-Wings introduction to the fleet is like the logistical variation of the Rohirrim at Helms Deep.
  7. Why do people want to always fix Armada? Why not just improve it? Meh.
  8. Has anyone seen this leaked footage of the first X-Wing scene? Terrible audio, but the visuals are there. If you want to be surprised in full quality I suggest waiting till the episode premieres. From the look it would appear to be somewhere in the first six episodes, probably the last two. I just hope they don't make them super OP, X-Wings are versatile but not so much so.
  9. @Drasnighta Do you have any pictures of your Chimaera currently? I'm sure its not up to your standard but i'm certain its better the anything most of us could do.
  10. Unfortunately for my wallet I discovered the wonder that is Eaglemoss's Star Trek Starships Collection so for me the later the next Armada wave...the better That being said I hope it comes out early since I can just wait to buy them
  11. Absolutely agree. I remember when we had the X-Files, Babylon 5, and Star Trek were all in full swing. Men in Black, Starship Troopers, and so many other great sci-fi films were coming out. We are living in the best time to be a nerd but if you were to listen to the internet we're in a hellscape. As for Discovery, Its definitely not perfect but its good enough and like the Orville needs time to breathe and come into its own. We haven't seen the main cast yet or really the main ship so the rhythm and feel of the show hasn't been totally established. I can't say whether you'd like it, but I can easily say I really loved a lot about it and its a great return for Star Trek to the screen. As trite as that? She was trying to prevent full scale war with a warrior species capable of being more then a match for Starfleet. Even the original crew mutinied several times in the movies and series to do the right thing. The amount of times protagonists have essentially done what Burnham has done is incredulously high. Thats fairly Trek. May I recommend half of the main characters of Voyager as evidence #1. Cough, Tom Paris, Cough cough. As for the crew following along, they didnt really, there wasnt much of a chance for orders to be followed before the Captain returned to the bridge and Saru was rather resistant.
  12. Absolutely disagree about Discovery. Lifelong fan of Star Trek, Trekkie to the bone and I loved it. I think people are expecting way too much for two episodes which were solid for a franchise notorious for having terrible pilots and rocky first seasons. If this is the nadir of the series Discovery has the potential to be one of the best Trek series to date. The Orville is fine and I like it as it is but compared to Discovery it feels sortve dated. I will watch both and as I said I will enjoy both but right Orville is not in the same league as Discovery in my book.
  13. They are an elite tie fighter pilot squadron as well so they could be another tieball ace.
  14. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Thrawn
  15. In Star Wars they have star system killing weapons that bend the rules of space tome relativity. I'm sure they can figure out how to get two sphere's to allign. I like it when designs are clunky like this because it means they van be improved which means characters and techology in universe can evolve as it would in real life. Yeah maybe the whole design is bad, maybe we'll see better astromech units thirty years after the sequel movies?