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  1. Marvel Champions Will we see more promo character cards for the new expansion characters like we saw with the launch kits for Marvel Champions? And will future organized play kits have a higher production count compared to the launch kits? I recall stores having a difficult time trying to get those kits for launch week. Since this is a co-op game and not a competitive game; are there any plans to have major game events similar to Arkham Nights where players can get together at FFG to play and receive exclusive promos? Or will this be treated more like Lord of the Rings and only have store events like the 'Fellowship Events'.
  2. Looks like we finally have this adventure module available to the public: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/18/love-and-death-at-kyotei-castle/ You can find the adventure, character sheets and handouts in pdf format under the L5R RPG product page under Player Resources.
  3. Yogo sounds like the most interesting choice tbh.
  4. It was a typo. He's not listed in the first paragraph but is later mentioned on the same page.
  5. There's definitely only 9 kami in this story: Hida, Doji, Togashi, Akodo, Shiba, Bayushi, Shinjo, Fu Leng and Hantei.
  6. So in the very beginning of the core rulebook we get a story involving Kachiko and Hotaru. There is a precise date but idk the L5R calendar that well as to where to place this with the other stories. 27th Day of the Month of Togashi, 1118, in a private garden of the Esteemed Palaces of the Crane. Kachiko is telling the story of how Lord Moon and Lady Sun had nine children. Lord Moon swallowed all the children until Hantei challenged his father to free his siblings. There's also an instance where Hotaru is daydreaming about her father while Kachiko is telling the story: Everybody but Fu Leng was saved, he ended up in Jigoku and nobody bothered to save him. Fu Leng challenged Hantei to claim his title. Hantei accepted and declared Togashi to be his warrior. Fu Leng declares war on everybody. Then we switch back to Kachiko and Hotaru where Hotaru asks Kachiko if she believes in the prophecy of the Seven Thunders. That after a thousand years, the cycle will repeat, and the Thunders will return. Hotaru whispered to Kachiko that she would fight by her side. The last paragraph is where it gets interesting.
  7. We're getting a first look at some school options from the Emerald Empire sourcebook being used for pre-generated characters at FFG's launch / signing party. Kitsune Impersonator, Palace Guard, and Miya Herald
  8. Synopsis: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/11/follow-the-whispers/ The book just came out so it may take a couple of days for everyone to start having big discussions. Figured I'd just have the thread ready to go.
  9. There's a lot of flavor names in there. Could be characters we may never see but who knows. Under Mantis Techniques it almost feels like they're telling a very vague but interesting story with a bunch of different characters on a ship. It's probably no coincidence that they decided to use the name Hitoshi when giving examples of family names. It really comes down to how much work you really want to put in this list. The easy way is to just classify them under a new category like "RPG Flavor" and a sub-heading like "Mantis Clan RPG DLC" and just shove all the names in there.
  10. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/0a/47/0a47cdac-9343-4626-8d2b-1dedb27ebafe/mantis_clan_dlc.pdf Holy crap we got hungry Mantis attacking a Crab trade ship even though they were given strict orders by Yoritomo to not lay a finger on the Crab. I guess this alliance won't be so easy.
  11. There's also an Expanded Character Sheet: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ad/2a/ad2a1c6c-0b54-41e1-8e22-615cefa3670d/l5r02_expandedcharactertrackingsheet.pdf
  12. It will most likely be released on their website after they make their official announcement article in the afternoon. Yea the closest store near me won't be getting product until Friday because the holiday on Monday pushed everything back a day for them. So I have to go a little further out to get the book later today.
  13. It would be hillarious if the top Unicorn player picked Iuichi and the Shogun picked Iuchi Shahai to go to Hisu Mori Toride. Though the chances of a Unicorn reaching Shogun to make this specific decision isn't that great.
  14. Looks like we've got our first spoiler from outside the article. This is coming from the Unicorn AMA on discord.
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