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  1. Assault Frigate Mark 3? Are those DP-20's in the frame? One is above the Neb-b on the right side and one is above the MC-75 on the left. It looks like it's nearly the same size as the Neb-b.
  2. The Onager-class was not named in the Rebel Files book but picture as a possible Imperial super weapon program.
  3. I'm going to a highly important tip: watch the humidity! high humidity is murder on clear coat, it can actually cause it to become grainy or even textured.
  4. Well they got my order in yesterday, (the Sith Infiltrator feels really small to me) and guess what, there was a small pile of Wave 3 merch that other people had ordered. I think my FLGS got the hint and maybe they should stock some of this wave.
  5. I see via FB that my FLGS got the Delta fighter in stock as well as a restock of GoR. No phone call saying my order was in though.
  6. I don't know what you're talking about good sir. Just never mind the can of gasoline I'm holding or the highway flare in my other hand.
  7. People actually play Epic? Here I thought they just bought the ships to get the repaints and the upgrade cards to buff ships.
  8. That was a very smart move on your part. Now if my FLGS would just do that, maybe generate some interest.
  9. You could always do what I did, go on Ebay, find someone selling them. I found someone doing just that, I grabbed two Discords, two Energy Shell Charges as well as two Vultures from the SoS pack. Ran the same price as two Vultures from the FLGS (I still order one from them)
  10. outerrimrebel


    Beetlejuice. That way if I ever get three of them on the table at once, I can go... Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.
  11. Having worked retail for.... oh sweet jebus... over 20 years I know why packages are shaped the way they are. It's about shelf presence. Go to the grocery store some time and really look at how things are displayed. The name brand products have big, bright labeling and generally located at the beginning of an aisle, or mid-shelf level so you look right at it. Where as store brand are bottom or top shelf and towards the middle of the aisle. With game packaging you've got to compete with the other guy's package (more so than at a store), so it comes down to shelf presence, something with a bigger footprint will get noticed. Plus I'm sure it helps having one supplier make all the cardboard/plastic for FFG. Bulk discounts and all that. Also if you want to complain about excessive packaging look at the Armada releases or even the Epic ships.
  12. Point taken, with Wave IV I'll remember to pre-order the Droid Bomber.
  13. I had considered that since they offer 10% off with 'pre-orders' but decided to roll the dice and see if they were available today. Clearly my dice came up blank, blank and blank.
  14. We have 2 FLGS, one is a full on game store (the one I talk about the OP) the other is more of a comic book shop/land of misfit toys place. The only other place 'locally' that stocks X-wing is the Barnes & Noble which I didn't look to see if they had Wave 3 yet. But if I'm going to pay retail I'm going to pay it where I play. I'm honestly shocked that they haven't done a blow first edition out sale, which this place did for Imperial Assault and Armada.
  15. I went to my FLGS intending to spend some of my hard earned cash on Wave 3, only to find out that they had order roughly 4 each of the two squadron packs on none of the individual ships. They sold out of the squadrons packs and it was stated to me that since 'they didn't know the health of the local community that they didn't order more.' I was a little shocked by this statement, this store has always had a pretty healthy community, sure people might not constantly be playing there but they've sold out of most of the second edition stock. I did order Servants of Strife, a Vulture and the Sith Infiltrator while I was there. In all fairness this store does specialize in MtG, has a healthy 40k community and Keyforge/L5R has drawn off a couple of players. Has anyone else seen this? Their FLGS sitting on a ton of First Edition stock and barely stocking Second Edition.
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