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  1. outerrimrebel

    Please delete. Wrong forum.

    That sounds like an interesting night. I did have the crazy idea one night of using Armada squadrons with X-wing pilots, upgrades and dials. Each stand would represent a squadron like in Armada. Never got to try it out though.
  2. outerrimrebel

    so, Happy Friday: where is CubanBoy?

    The island nation 60 miles away from Florida or the town in New York? My guess is he (or she or them) are buried under a pile of games that finally became unstable and collapsed.
  3. outerrimrebel

    Please delete. Wrong forum.

    shows you how much I paid attention to my copy before I sent it down the river.
  4. outerrimrebel

    Please delete. Wrong forum.

    Being a former Armada player you have my sympathy, did you flip all of your x-wing bases over to make sure it wasn't upside down? PS: come play x-wing, we have cookies!
  5. outerrimrebel

    TIE Echelon

    Based on the ladder rung spacing it's over 20 foot tall.
  6. outerrimrebel

    Ok...don't judge me but....

    Marking ship placement.
  7. outerrimrebel

    Saw's Renegades

    U-wing with Illicit slot, X-wing with Illicit slot, need I say more?
  8. outerrimrebel

    Ep 9 ship rumors/spoilers!!!!

  9. outerrimrebel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    FFG: How do we make XMG stand out even more... Wiz Kidz: Please don't copy me, please don't copy me. FFG: Limited edition ships that are just repaints! Wiz Kidz: I hate you. I know it's not exactly 100% copy of what Wiz Kidz did(still do) with Trek Attack Wing OP prizes but pretty darn close.
  10. outerrimrebel

    TIE Reaper

    Both, Red Actions cause Stress
  11. outerrimrebel

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    I'm sure it won't be long after they're released and people like Litko or Curled Paw Creatives on Etsy will offer acrylic replacements for them.
  12. outerrimrebel

    TIE Reaper

    Needs more cowbell.
  13. outerrimrebel

    What should I get next?

    Are you intending to play Scum or do you just want a Slave 1 as a display piece?
  14. outerrimrebel

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    Look at Armada, they never released a card pack with variant ships or upgrade cards but did release a campaign with alternate pilots. Alternatively we have a history of Veteran packs with X-wing, which included new pilots and upgrades. So it could go either way. I'm leaning more towards the Veteran packs with alt paint schemes, along with extra pilots and upgrades.
  15. outerrimrebel

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    Starter set, Scum conversion kit, Empire conversion kit, 2 Fang Fighters, 4 Y-wings (love the new sculpt!), Lando's Falcon, Slave 1 and a few bits from the Rebel Conversion kit (ARC-170's, HWK's and a U-wing conversion) If they count: 3 Saw's Renegades and 1 TIE Reaper.