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  1. i submitted a question on this weeks ago and never got a reply. what is the status of releasing more copies of the original game anytime soon since it's out of stock in most every place i am looking.
  2. i am staring at this card and just not getting it. "Each card you control in reserve is counted as a command icon at its planet when resolving command struggles." what does it mean for a card to be in reserve? does this card need to be exhausted in order to use it or is it just a passive power that's always on after it is deployed at HQ? so i deploy Beleaguered Garrison in my HQ and then this just applies to all the planets at which i have units at and they count their hammers and themselves for command points?
  3. thank you nfk i'm going with your recommendation. i didnt even consider it a thing at first when i was reading the rules in bfk but we had a huge ship battle for the first time the other day and torpedoes vs fighters were a thing. so i just rolled the launching ships rating of 40 and added 20 for the guidance system on the torpedo.
  4. Battlefleet koronus states that for attack craft fighting each other and also intercepting torpedoes once they are within range of each other consists of an opposed Challenging (+0) Command+Craft Rating Test (either from someone onboard or on the carrier). now in the case of boarding torpedoes and attack craft this makes sense but who makes the roll for regular torpedoes? the person who launched them back on the carrier? and what is the craft rating value for torpedoes? the guidance system rating? and do torpedoes gain a +5 for every torpedo that is in the salvo?
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