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  1. Oh, I see. I skipped where you explained the extra VP banners and went right to the cool picture! I quite like the setup, some people have been wanting to do 3 person. Might be a little while before I can test it, but I'll let you know what we think!
  2. And some expansion units: Pegasus Archer Cavalry, Ranged Cost- 6 Movement- 3 Combat- 3 Health- 3 Flying Parthian Tactics: This unit may move a total of 3 spaces per turn, not including advances. This spaces may be moved before or after your attack step, or a combination of the two. This guy might be a bit too strong. I'm thinking of adding an ability where Archer units gain 1 attack die against it, or removing flying and making the creature under the elf something else. Geomancer Caster, Ranged Cost- 5 Movement- 2 Combat- 2 Health- 3 Geomancy: You may commit a Crown result to change the target's current hex into a forest. The hex still keeps all of its non-terrain properties (such as relating to victory conditions or having a VP banner). Druid Caster, Ranged Cost- 6 Movement- 3 Combat- 3 Health- 3 Nature's Madness: You may commit crown results to deal 2 damage to the target unit if they are in or adjacent to a forest hex, or if they are rooted. These guys might seem a little op, and I've actually considered changing them into an Arch-druid or something to become a second legend, but they're a little less overbearing when you lose an attack die if the enemy is actually inside a forest hex. Moonblade Assassin Elite, Melee Cost- 6 Movement- 2 Combat- 3 Health- 3 Backstab: This unit rolls 1 extra die if it is closer to the enemy's side of the board than its target. Shadowstep: During your move step, you may pay 2 lore to place this unit in or adjacent to a Forest hex. Glade Unique Hex Cost- 2 This hex is considered a forest hex. If an ordered unit begins its turn on this hex, gain 1 lore and play up to 2 lore cards this turn. This is what I came up with for a unique hex, accentuating the elves' mystical qualities, as well as letting them pay for an extra forest.
  3. I like it a lot! I had actually been looking for a way to get it to be a 3 player game. The only problem I see is that victory banners in a faction's own zone seem very difficult for the enemy to get to, but maybe these could be moved more into the middle section.
  4. Here are the promised lore cards. The costs are a pretty rough estimate, and I'd imagine that main place they can be tweaked besides better wording. Arcane Convergence Cost- 9 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before Your Command Step You may play an additional Lore Card this turn. Lore results that you roll this turn may be committed as a Strike or Crown result. Lead the Charge Cost- 7 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before Your Attack Step Whenever one of your Lenox Riders deals damage to an enemy unit this turn, you may move an unordered unit that is two or less spaces from the damaged unit and attack with it. Battle Hardened Cost- 6 Number of Cards- 2 Play After One of Your Units Takes Damage Place a Veteran token on the unit that took damage. Veteran units roll 3 bonus attack dice and may ignore one retreat per combat. Aftershock Cost- 5 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before Rolling Combat Dice Roll 2 extra dice this combat. If your unit kills the enemy unit, but has not committed all of its dice, you may commit the remaining dice against an enemy unit adjacent to the destroyed unit. The adjacent unit cannot counter as a result of this attack. Stranglethorns Cost- 5 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before The Opponent's Command Step Every time the opposing player removes a root token from one of his or her units this turn, that unit takes 1 damage. Galeforce Cost- 4 Number of Cards- 2 Play Before Your Attack Step Instead of advancing, your attacking unit may move 2 hexes and attack again. The opponent may not counter attack during the second attack. Awaken the Trees Cost- 4 Number of Cards- 2 Play Before Your Move Step During your move step, choose a unit in or adjacent to a forest hex. If that unit ends its movement in a clear hex, move the forest hex that they began their movement on to their current hex. No Quarter Cost- 4 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before Your Attack Step Any Morale results you roll this turn may be committed to cause 1 damage Aspir Cost- 4 Number of Cards- 1 Play After Your Command Step Choose a section of the board. This turn, all of your units in that section gain 1 movement, and their ranged attacks gain +2 range. Enchanted Arrows Cost- 4 Number of Cards- 1 Play After Your Move Step During this turn, friendly units have double their maximum range and ignore units and blocking terrain when determining line of sight. In addition, damage caused by their attacks cannot be ignored. Into the Night Cost- 3 Number of Cards- 1 Play An Enemy Combat Roll Your unit ignores all effects of the enemy roll and may move spaces up to its movement value. Bloom Cost- 2 Number of Cards- 1 Play Before Your Attack Step You may root two additional units adjacent to the rooted unit. Zephyr Blade Cost- 2 Number of Cards- 2 Play After An Enemy Unit Moves or Retreats 2 or More Spaces Deal one damage to the moved unit. Purge the Land Cost- 2 Number of Cards- 1 Play When an Enemy in or Adjacent to Hill, Water or Forest Hex is Defeated Gain 1 VP. Nutrient Cost- 0 Number of Cards- 2 Play After Rooting An Enemy Unit You gain 3 lore and the opposing player loses 1. Total Lore Cost for all cards: 61 Total Cards: 20
  5. I think actually lowering its combat would be good to cement it as more of a tank with which to hold the VP, and less of a mainstay attacker which should be filled by cav and archers, as well as giving the other player a chance to attack it without getting utterly mauled by a counter. Still considering the movement change, but it could drop a hit point instead just to prevent it from holding a VP no matter what. I'm still not sold on giving this guy the ford idea as I think it would be cool for my still hypothetical Dwarf faction, but I do like your wording of the ability better, much easier and still functional. Also, if the unit moves away, I think 2 things could happen: 1) The units are fine and can just leave the water as normal, or 2) you have to roll a combat dice and resolve Strike and Morale (maybe Cleave, but that seems really punishing) results. I added the edits into the main post. Formatting the cards from excel is being a bugger, so they probably won't be up for another couple of hours while I finish up work.
  6. Appreciate the feedback Bludger! Hurons: the idea behind the vetting theme is that they kind of...eat? an enemy unit and that allows them to grow (Hurons are like little tree sorts of people, just to clarify). The reason I put their combat value low is half to emphasize that the elves really prefer archers over infantry, and also to give vetting more of an impact (I have a lore card about it, just haven't posted it yet). However, now that I'm looking at it, I think that 2 combat dice and only gaining 2 from vet is fair; I had changed it to that at one point but swapped back, time to swap it again Lenox: After knocking the wardens down a notch (I agree, they're strong), these guys will really be the core elven melee unit, so I'm not sure I'd bring down their combat right away, but it may be warranted all the same. I wondering what you'd think of simply bringing their movement down, maybe even to 2. Riding a giant cat isn't going to be as quick as a horse, plus could you imagine actually trying to get a cat where you want to go.... I'm eager to see what you think of the card that goes along with them once I get it up as well; although I'm thinking you might even push harder for the attack drop afterwards. Warden: Attack drop by 1 seems fair as you can never really have a bad roll with Precision. I meant the range to be 1-3 you're correct; I wanted him to be able to act as an archer if the situation called for it. Archers: For these guys, I tried to simply compare them to the other archers. They roll 1 less attack die total when compared to YA, and they only have a 1/3 chance to damage or retreat an enemy when compared with the undead and uthuk who throw in a chance to get a special effect off. Only ignoring one blocking hex was actually my original wording, but I changed it because of the "expansion" which replies much more on forest hexes and I didn't want to impact their viability in that way. I do quite like your idea though... Ent: Yeah, I wasn't really certain what to do with this guy. I could see lowering his movement, but just for fun let me throw in an ability I came up with originally for him (but decided it may be cool for a dwarf faction): Didn't Come up With A Cool Name: This unit may move into water spaces. When this unit occupies a water space, allied units can treat Downriver water spaces as fords. Downriver is defined as all water spaces from the occupied space leading to the nearest lake. If there is no lake joining the river, then Downriver is away from the controlling player. I definitely want the Ent to be more of a support role, but you're right, he is similar to the Chaos Lord. I wouldn't be opposed to removing a health, movement, or replacing Immovable with something else. Something like the giant's rock throw maybe. I'll put up the lore cards later tonight.
  7. Greetings all! I'm a little late to the party I know, but I've come up with some nice ideas for the Elf faction (everything except the scenarios for them in fact) and thought I'd see what others think if they're still around. Here's the stuff equivalent to the core game units; just some thoughts behind it first though. I don't know much about the Runebound universe, so while a few of these may share the names of Terrinoth stuff, many do not and they don't necessarily share the same themes as those units. I based elf strategy very much around 3 things: terrain, mobility, and ranged attacks. They should mostly be doing hit and run, while using terrain to limit enemy attacks or gain some effects from their lore cards or units. The first batch is simply a standardization of these themes: Elven Archer Infantry, Archer, Ranged Cost- 4 Movement- 2 Combat- 3: Range 4 Health- 3 Sharshooter: This unit may ignore one blocking terrain when determining line of sight and attack die. If it does so, roll only 2 combat dice for that attack. Huron Infantry, Melee Cost- 4 (Maybe 3?) Movement- 3 Combat- 1 2 Health- 3 Vine Lash: On a Crown result, Root the target unit. Rooted units may still attack, but may not move, resolve retreats or advance. Rampant Growth: If this unit destroys an enemy unit, place a Veteran token on this unit. Veteran units gain 3 2 combat dice and may ignore 1 retreat result per combat. Elf Warden Elite, Melee Cost- 6 Movement- 2 Combat- 4 3 Health- 3 Precision (name changed from Crackshot): This unit may forego all of its other combat die results and deal 1 damage to the target unit. Marksman: Instead of a melee attack, this unit may perform a range attack at range 3 with combat 3 2. Lenox Rider (This is pretty much the only unit with Runebound influences) Cavalry, Melee Cost- 6 Movement- 4 3 Combat- 3 Health- 3 Agility: During an enemy counter attack, you may change one of their Strike or Cleave results into a Morale result. Deadly Withdrawl: When this unit is forced to Retreat, roll a die. On a Strike or Cleave, deal 1 damage to the enemy unit and complete the retreat action. Ent Legend, Melee Cost- 8 Movement- 2 Combat- 4 3 Health- 6 Immovable 1 2 Massive Grasping Roots: On Crown rolls, Root target unit or an enemy adjacent to the target. Edits: 1.1 Huron attack up, Veteran bonus attack down, Archer loses 1 attack when using special ability, Warden melee and range attack strength lowered, Lenox movement down, Ent combat down, Immovable 2 and massive added. I'll be posting the lore cards to go along with shortly. Love to hear feedback!
  8. You're correct, I didn't see that as a problem with your wording, I just wanted to clarify that it was not my intent.
  9. Hey Budgernaut, glad you liked the mechanic change! I had actually just posted it on BGG before posting it here as I had been reading both forums at about the same time. With regards to the exact workings of the rule, I would have the unit take the damage immediately upon announcing the attack or advance. This lets a Berserker get the damage boost right before attacking (but without taking it unnecessarily that turn if the enemy he would attack if forced to retreat, for example), but doesn't force it to be a premeditated choice for the opposing player. I'll try to put it into "official" wording: "When the controller of a Bleeding unit declares an attack with that unit, deal one damage to that unit if it has previously moved this turn. When the controller of a Bleeding unit declares an advance or uses the Mobility 2 ability, deal one damage to that unit. A Bleeding unit can only take one damage in this way per turn. I'm not entirely sure that this change fixes the Grotesque (which is sad because they have the coolest model ever), but it certainly helps them if they're able to get a retreat and Bleed their target. Additionally, it allows Grotesque to be adequate Bleed fodder for Blood Sisters since they can use Bone Blast instead of advancing; I would like to prevent Bleeds from activating on double attacks just to make sure YA's aren't hard countered by this.
  10. I realize this is an old thread, but I'm starting to get into the game (and it is still making "Good Game" lists of people) so I thought I'd add a little bit. I wrote a little paragraph about changing the Bleed mechanic on BGG so here it is: "Instead of changing the Blood Sisters or the Grotesque, I think it would be better to change the bleed mechanic they both utilize. Instead of the bleeding unit rolling 1 fewer die (which seems a bit defensive for the Uthuk to me), the unit takes 1 damage if it both moves and attacks during a turn. I think it fits thematically, if you move to much you lose more blood and its a more aggressive effect than one that promotes living, and can actually be useful on both BS and GR. For the BS, you can bleed your own Blood Harvester unit in order to power up your attack that very turn, as well as damaging an enemy. From the GR side its a little bit less of a straightforward effect, but it means that if they are able to bleed and cause a melee enemy to retreat, they can then attack that enemy again through Bone Blast, as well as forcing them to take damage or spend lore if that melee unit wants to reengage. Unfortunately it synergizes a bit poorly with the Doom Bringer, but I think that serves to keep it from being to overpowered." With regards to some of the other comments on here: Doom Bringer- I think its a little easy to over-tune this guy. He's a lot more disruption as opposed to direct damage, so I'd propose the following changes. Non-legend units adjacent to the Doom Bringer may not Move during your opponent's move phase, or advance; and for Burrow, the Doom Bringer ignores retreats if he did not move the past turn. These allow the Doom Bringer to not only tie up enemy units, but also to hover around a VP space preventing enemies that kill a capturing unit to move in and take it. And in ignoring retreats basically past the first turn he moves in, it forces the opponent to shoo him away immediately (bug thematic :D), or have to deal with not being able to move where they'd like. The eating abilities are already taken by the Obscene and Barrow Wyrm in my opinion. Viper Legion- For the VL's, I think simply giving them a lore in addition to triggering poison is sufficient. When a unit is poisoned its equivalent to having a Riverwatch next to them permanently, so its not bad at all. Archers- I think archers (at least in the first dozen or so comments) were a bit undervalued. While they do have a lower chance to hit and roll less dice, the are extremely safe at 4 range each and don't get counter attacked. Get them in a forest and you have an instant strong point. Because of their low dice count they are rather supporty, but their effects are excellent (Blight is a pain in the neck and Poison is above). The Daqan archers are of course the odd ones out in that they have no support capability, but in rolling two separate attacks they benefit HUGELY from Riverwatch and Assault getting double the benefit from each.
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