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  1. A bit off topic and a fairly unlikely occurrence, but does this mean that if for example a player moves his ship in such a way that displaces his own squadrons, if it is close enough to the edge of the board his opponent could possibly push those squadrons partially off the map therefore destroying them?
  2. Hopefully one of you nice folks can answer a quick questions for me: please could you tell me the length, breadth and depth of the ISD model itself? From that I should be able to work out the angles. I am building a custom foam storage solution and although I've not got the ISD pack but I would like to make sure I've got the space reserved. Thanks!
  3. These look great! Are they done with by airbrush?
  4. So I opened my new set of Rebel Transports and realised the pegs for the bases were the same as the squadrons (this is actually true of the other small ships but it was only looking at the transports that it clicked). You can put a set of squadron stands on top of the flotilla stand to give your GR-75s a set of fighter escorts.
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