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  1. Where did you find them floor plans I would love to shave more of them.
  2. hey i would love to join something with more people and learn but its just to **** far for me to travel (3 hours on the quick train at least and 4-5 on the one that stops more) so not gonna happen just wish there was more up north
  3. I can see why people might think its dead when you look at x-wing but you have to look at how long both have been out armada will pick up there just needs to be more waves is all i will say i havent really done any games that are not with people i know but i am trying but ye i just think we need to give it time is all.
  4. hey man if you want this to be seen by the armada players move it to the armada forums https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/444-star-wars-armada-off-topic/
  5. Location: England Merseyside First game: Late 2015 Started collecting: About the same Time How long reading the forums: February-March What drew me in:Well Its star wars do i have to say more If anyone is near me let me know maybe we can get some games in always looking for people to play with.
  6. thanks for the help this is the first time trying to go to events so im new to this
  7. You won't find them on the FFG site, as they are decided by regional distributors. So where should i look then
  8. hey does anyone know when we are gonna get the dates for england
  9. I know the feeling ive been trying to get to events but i am in England so there are not many.
  10. Hey everyone first time ive posted here (p.s my English is not the best so you know bare with it please) so ye the title says it all im looking to get into organized play in England if possible around Chester or Liverpool area so does anyone know how i get into it ive tried looking online and cant find anything so would like some help. Thx in advance
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