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  1. Well immigration to North America is always an option. But then you'd pay and wait more for all the awesome stuff produced in Europe!
  2. Ditched every other rules system. I was heavily investing into Kickstarter campaigns, hoping to find the right RPG. Not anymore. I'm sold. I'm actually saving money with Genesys! I've been running an urban fantasy Far West campaign which will soon be replaced by Terrinoth; the western could not survive the hype for Terrinoth. I've been running another urban fantasy campaign, but held in a world similar to our own but yet not our own, in an era not unlike inbetween WW1 and WW2. So far so good. No complaint! Some of my players still have some D&D tactical reflexes (hey I got line of sight... yeah but there's lots of people in between you and the target so I call for a setback die or two... mumbles), but it'll pass eventually. I hope. I have to admit that I wish we had some guidelines to turn Genesys into a more tactical thing, for those groups that can't let go of the D&D mindset, but hey, it is a very minor tidbit.
  3. The UPS cutthroats are worse. Way worse!
  4. If my memory serves me right, the core book was put on drivethrurpg 2 weeks after release.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/21/bound-by-fate/
  6. Hey can't a guy be really hyped for a product?
  7. Exclusive photograph of the boat transporting Realms of Terrinoth.
  8. Every book they put out will likely have options usable in other types of games. For instance, they say the Heroic Abilities that will be described in Terrinoth could serve as a base for a superhero power system, and so on. Looking at the way every Star Wars product is designed, introducing new rules and equipment every time, I see the same pattern repeated here. Not complaining, just noticing. On a business standpoint, it makes more sense to spread extra rules in many books as they sell multiple books as opposed to just one. I just hope people don't end up seeing it as a simple cash grab and move away from Genesys... the more players/buyers we have, the more likely we will see more and more products.
  9. Theology? This might not be the best name, but this is a very important one, central to life in the middle ages at least.
  10. Can't believe this topic is now at 4 pages...
  11. They possibly don't have a 'On the truck' option.
  12. This could really help boost Genesys sales IMHO. Not that they don't sound good... been consistently in the top sellers on Drivethrurpg for weeks and they were out of stock for a bit a week or two after the release. Sounds like a success.
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