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  1. I always play them because it's more fun, even if my heroes may end up more powerful than I'd like them 😛
  2. Must be a tie-in with the mysterious "descent-related, more ambitious than anything we've ever done" project they allegedly are working on. Hopefully.
  3. It can be OP indeed. RIP goblins or kobolds that bunch up. It's however very easy to work around for the OL, just not put things next to each other. Which would already happen with Exploding Rune, anyway. And reanimates and skeleton archers will just just shrug off the Blasting Rune effect most of the time.
  4. Another instance of a single target modifying the whole attack for all targets: -- Valyndra's Bane Q: If you have Valyndra's Bane (which gives an extra yellow power dice if you attack large monsters) and you attack with Whirlwind with both large and small monsters adjacent to you. How many dice, you have to use in the attack? A: The extra yellow die would be added to the roll, and it would affect each monster targeted by/affected by the attack.
  5. So which monster does the OL target with reflective ward would not matter in the case of whirlwind
  6. But when a single attack affects more than one figure, don't effects that modify the damage dealt affect all figures, even those who don't trigger it? For instance, if a Hybrid Sentinel does a fire breath attack, and the first targeted figure has a might of 2 or less, the attack gains +1 damage *for all affected figures*, even those who have more than 2 might. Would the same apply for this whirlwind-bearded axe scenario? Meaning, if any of the affected miniatures rolled effective 0 shield after pierce, all affected figures would receive the +2 damage, even if they rolled 5 shields. Since whirlwind is a singlke attack with multiple targets, and the bearded axe text says "this attack gains +2 damage", any single target will modify the attack for all of them. Just like one of the targets being stealthy can make the whole whirlwind to miss all figures, as per the unofficial FAQ: Q: If a Berserker uses Whirlwind, targeting a monster with Stealthy as well as other monsters that do not have Stealthy, and he rolls 2 Range, is the entire attack considered a miss, or does he only miss the monster with Stealthy? A: Yes, in this case the entire attack would be a miss. https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Descent_Second_Edition_Unofficial_FAQ
  7. Yep, if the casmpaign allows for the overlord to choose the next quest, available rumor quests are not special; they are eligible just like other campaign quests. But a competitive OL would never want to choose a rumor quest, right?
  8. That's a good question. As per the Reflective Ward wording, I think think weapon or any other abilities that modify the attack in anything other than the amount of hearts (such as status effects, moving, pierce, etc.) is counted against the attacker, so in your example the hero would suffer 4 damage.
  9. Grasbin the drunk It'd be awesome if he had some kind of bonus if he had one free hand (to hold the drink) and a malus if using both hands. Maybe some fatigue/health recovery each turn with a free hand, and suffering fatigue otherwise? (to make him different from One-fist)
  10. well, as shown above, things can happen between being defeated and being knocked out... they usualy don't but in these corner cases they do.
  11. I think you can save and realod mid-quest? Otherwise, just hibernate or suspend your computer.
  12. Wow, superb work! I'm very interested in your Bonds of the Wild files. It's the only Descent component I couldn't get in Spanish, and I'd like to translate it for those times when I play with people who don't know English.
  13. I could do the Spanish translation too (I own all but Bonds of the Wild in Spanish) But so far it looks like Atom has no longer time for the tracker... it will be almost a year since LL released and the classes have yet to be added... @Atom4geVampire Just an idea but... maybe you could opensource it and post it on github or similar? That way anyone can contribute (translations, fixes, missing cards...) and you would only need to accept pull requests from time to time.
  14. Well, it may have been the Valyndra agent that tipped the quest in favour of the OL. Sometimes the heroes need to assess the situation: what's more beneficial, actually winning the quest or salvaging as many search tokens as possible and/or defeating a summoned agent? As an OL, having your agent defeated is quite the setback, so I only use it when losing it is less bad than losing the quest... About the rats... yes, they can hit hard (they can also hit like a wet noodle half of the time), but in that quest the heroes can't afford to waste time killing or even weakening respawning rats, unless it's with AoE effects.
  15. Here it's just 56% in favour of the OL, so pretty balanced: http://d2etracker.com/stats_quests.php And yes, the reinforcements are the whole rat swarm group, up to the monster limit. Let me guess, the heroes lost too much time fruitlessly killing rats? 😜
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