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  1. I am inconsistent, because I prefer to assess each monster group individually, but generally: For monsters with clothes/armor: Master's armour is golden (or has more golden details) Master's clothing is a different color (usually crimson) For reptile-like monsters, I tend to use a completely different color for the masters (or, in the case of Carrion Drakes, I swapped the base color scheme), e.g. my master Naga is blue with silver spikes, my master Chaos Beast is crimson, my master Bane Spider has a different color pattern, etc. For 2-units groups, I often just go for 2 different painting approaches, eg. my Elementals, Ynfernael Hulks and Meriods are painted in different ways, with nothing really screaming "this one is a master"... but they are easy to tell apart. In the rare cases where the details I change are too subtle to easily tell apart the master from the minions, I just paint the base rim red and call it a day. I've done this with Razorwings, Plague worms and even the master Ice Wyrm.
  2. You can find them on the BGG Descent forum, the topic titled "What's inside lost legends ?"
  3. Well, Healing Rain requires an action. Also, I'd swear the Spanish version of Quick Recovery does say "exhaust" instead of "use", the same for the other hybrid skills with 2 different uses, but I'll make sure when I get home.
  4. It really looks like All-knowing would exhaust upon use, but that it can target itself. Is there any previous class card with a fatigue cost that doesn't get exhausted when you use it?
  5. Yes. But I think it's a bit of a pointless rule that only leads to confusion. It's very hard for a hero to be KOed at the start of the OL's turn, so you are very unlikely to get any of the needed tokens from that... ... and it may actually be easier to leave the heroes alive but injured so a single fire breath from the named dragon (can't remember his name now) can take out more than one and earn you several tokens at the same time. Even removing that rule, it's still a very tough quest for the heroes if playing against a competent OL.
  6. I just pronoucne them as if they were Italian or Latin. I'll try to write it like you are, but it's easier with IPA: SayRAYnah [se'rena] SyndrahAYL [sin'drael] AHvreek ['avrik] DOOreek ['durik] AHWgoor ['awgur] RahvahAYLlah [rava'el:a]
  7. If the heroes recovered health before the OL gaining the token, it would be impossible for the OL to gain any token. It's a way to avoid a deadlock; if the heroes were KO'd and refused to get back up, no one could win the quest...
  8. Are there only 4 missions? Because I seem to only be getting the same 4 missions...
  9. We just encountered a problem with the tracker in our HoB campaign. We are in Act II, and after finishing the Shadowfall Mountain, there 4 quests available: the 2 normal quests to choice from after the Shadowfall Mountain "Armed to the teeth" as a follow-up from an Act I rumor quest The quest that could have been played instead of Shadowfall Mountain ?? (I think this was a bug) Then, when trying to start "Armed to the teeth" in the tracker an error page came up, so we had to do it without the tracker... I think this may be similar to the issue Geolino01 mentioned above. Also, we started another quest (Piercing Darkness) to see if it errored too, but it didn't and we cannot remove it from the tracker now... The campaign is this one: http://d2etracker.com/campaign_overview.php?urlGamingID=258212042 I'd like to undo the start of the last quest (Piercing Darkness) and to log in the data from "Armed to the teeth" in the tracker... Thank you for making the tracker, possible and all your work! PS: it couldn't send an email to support@d2etracker.com , I got a mail delivery failure with the following error: 521 No Redirect Entry for this address
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