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  1. I can build from - 1 Core Set - The key and the gate - The order of the silver twillight (obvioulsy) - all six"Rituals of the order " expansions - secrets of Arkham I guess you´re right about "pose mundane" - in fact, I don´t think I ever killed something with it. I put it into the deck because it reads quite powerful but so far I wasn´t able to trigger the Action. ( I used it about 6-7 times ) In my updated Deck, I replaced - housekeeper of the lodge (3X) - Ritual of the construct (1X)
 - Unbound (2X)
 - Tcho-Tcho Talisman (1X)
 - Dr. Baker * (2X)
 with - Panic - Alhazred Lamp - Dutch Courage - Like a moth - Hard Case - Extortionist - Clover Club Torch Singer - Triggerman - Clover Club Bouncer (each 1X) which worked quite well. (I won 3 out of 3 games vs Yog/Hastur, Agency/ Hastur and one deck with six colours) I always had a syndicate in my starting hand, so I could play Lodge Barkeep from the beginning. Mostly I used other syndicate cards to fuel my domains. Two of the games were quite close though but when I could get the High wizard / Knight of outer Void combo running, I managed to achive a nice comeback twice.
  2. What the .... ?? Lodge Barkeep has a Syndicate symbol ? I really did not notice it, neither did any of my opponents. Well, that changes everything and I have to rebuilt my own Lodge-deck from mono to lodge / syndicate - but maybe that´s not a too bad thing. First things first, here is the Lodge monodeck that I played until now ( I guess I owe some apologies to my fellow players now ...) Character :

 Dedicated Butler (3X)
 Young Initiate (2X)
 Errand Boy (2X)
 Lodge Barkeep (3X)
 Recruiter for the lodge (3X)
 Zealous secretary (3X)
 Disgruntled Chef (3X)
 Dr. Baker * (2X)
 Lord Jeffrey Farrington * (2X) Lodge Housekeper (3X)
 B. Ramsadale Brown * (2X)
 Knight of the outer void (3X)
 High Wizard of the order (3X)

 Event :
 Steal the Soul (3X)
 Brazier Enchantment (3X)
 Ritual of the construct (1X)
 Unbound (2X)
 Pose Mundane (3X)
 Support :

 Tcho-Tcho Talisman (1X)
 Will of Azathoth (1X)
 Silver Twilight Lodge (2X) This deck worked quite well so far, but it hasn´t been optimised yet - still it won 5 out of 6 games, I think. I have to admit though, that Lodge barkeep always was one of my game-winning cards. The basic idea of this deck was to have lots of characters from the very beginning, including many low-lifes, which would be sacrificied to madness or combat, while building a combo with Knight of the outer void and High wizard of the order. Since there were some cards, that didn´t have a special purpose in this deck, I guess I will have options to include 10 Syndicate cards. Until now, Dedicatet Butler, Ritual of the construct, Unbound, Tcho-Tcho Talisman and Errand boy were not really important in my strategy, so I will replace them with some low-level syndicate characters, mainly to feed one domain with a syndicate symbol early and maybe there will be some level 1 characters which do a little more than "errand boy" ... What do you guys think?
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