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  1. In general it's a good sign for the health of the product line... very cool that people are liking/buying it up, which means more material for us all in the long run.
  2. It's quite possible that they 'mysteries' mechanic is a bit different for this AO... allowing time for the personal investigation/resolution (and/or, it's a useful path if you succeed etc..)
  3. and we're about to find out... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/6/masks-of-nyarlathotep/
  4. I like the stories as well... it adds to the whole 'narrative' feel which Eldritch can really shine at. It feels similar to the personal weaknesses of investigators in Arkham Horror LCG, which are terrific and thematic (imo).
  5. Yeah... heavy price tag for some streamlined changes if you own all the 3rd Ed content and expansions (as I do). One of my favorites, but not a whole lot changing here...
  6. I think Delve is perfect for what it is... feel like dungeon crawling with some friends who can't commit to 10 sessions for a campaign? When you feel like smashing some monsters and play a single session it's perfect. I dig the narrative of the campaign as well, but Delve opens the experience up for more casual sessions. How about the last 48 hours for FFG app users? another MoM scenario and a free Descent campaign. Very sweet.
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/12/20/seeds-of-corruption/ Pretty nice coupla days for MoM and Descent fans... imo.
  8. 4 star difficulty and 120-150 minutes is a good sweet spot... single night session ... Had a superb time recently with the Shattered Bonds scenario at BGG.con
  9. On my android tablet, had no trouble unlocking the scenario and loading it... I'm on a US connection
  10. It's available in Steam and Android store... $4.99 now to schedule a game!!!
  11. As far as I'm aware, all the current (and even upcoming - 'beyond the threshold') investigators are available as painted mini's and have been published previously... Wilson Richards and Akachi Onyele were released previously... now many of these investigators have been out of print for a while... so whether they reprint them is another question. I was encouraged that the new monsters for the MoM 2ed were given the premium figure treatment... so I'm hoping that the Thrall figures and others down the road get the same attention... presumably if people are willing to buy em, they'd make em... although they haven't reprinted the investigators.
  12. That's a bummer... and good to know. I've set my tablet to 'manual' updates only... so no software updates w/o me manually agreeing to it... Once I start KFire I'll know not to update the app until completion... unless we get word that they've fixed this issue, but man, if you're far along on a campaign and lose hours of playtime? That hurts. They have to fix that.
  13. I was about to say I was right with you... but I didn't buy the 1st edition stuff again in the new reprints ... I've got all the FFG painted mini's so I didn't use the original box ones anyways... I just put all my 1st ed stuff (including a bunch of POD scenarios - The Yellow Sign was fun!) up in the attic to clear space in my game closet.
  14. Interesting point. We'll have to wait and see. My guess (from buzz alone and play group responses) is that they have a hit here, and while some will grumble about price points, most will pickup the expansions for a game that's fun... I for one am thrilled at this level of support for Mansions... a favorite of mine that 6-8 months ago one could've argued that FFG was moving on from... with the superb app integration, they've opened a new market that people are excited about. The Descent sales spike alone probably proved where this could go. Most of us posting here are obviously fans, so we're not necessarily the best people to answer Julia's question. I'm gonna get everything they publish for Mansions because I enjoy the game so much. I now have a large Descent collection because I enjoyed the app integration and solo play on the Dungeon crawl so much. I'll be gobbling up Mansions content as it shows up. My crew has loved the 2ed with every table play so far.
  15. Samsung Tablet - Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Android 4.4.2 While running multiple scenarios, using both bluetooth and a direct stereo cable, if there's an interupt outside the app that has sound (alert of some kind - once was weather note, once was a low battery alert - which has happened repeatedly when you're 3 hours in... ) the audio in-game just stops. It doesn't come back after the alert goes away. The only fix I've found is to save, and reboot the tablet and restart the scenario from the same point - the sound comes back.
  16. I'm very happy there's new MoM support... that being said.. if they have to 're-code' the app every time they add a new scenario... they're doing it wrong... and I can't believe that's the case. If they haven't built some standard scripting tools to build around, that seems strange. That's sorta standard operating procedure for app design (yes, I'm familiar with app design). I understand the play testing and man hours, but in theory, a baseline app builder should make scenario creation far simpler than the print/paper variety... otherwise again, they're doing it wrong. Here's hoping the support continues and we see more scenarios... and here's hoping they're not re-writing code each time. That would be odd.
  17. add me to the chorus of 'yes please'... generally stoked there's more MoM coming
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