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  1. That absurd price point (I know I know, the 'per min price is ok) is an insta-pass for me. Especially since all my 2ed stuff is dead to this line. Nope.
  2. That price point is an insta-pass. I know Kickstarters are going that high, and the 'per mini' price is ok or whatever... but no. It's too expensive for an unproven crawler when there's a dozen on the market, and some of em we know are good. I wish the company well. I'm guessing this one dies.
  3. I hope you are all right and there's cycles aplenty still coming because I dig the product and it's a **** fine game.. I presume it's all about sales.. If it sells they'll make more. When that slows, the end will be in sight.. Right now it seems like a healthy product, so that's cool.
  4. I'm about to finish Carcosa cycle, I've completed Dunwich.. And I'm opening them as I go. There's no real need to do that.. But I'm digesting the card pool nicely at this pace imo.. And there's still lots I haven't gotten to. Ill start Forgotten Age with 2 new classes and build all over again... There's no wrong answer imo
  5. The news is hitting about large layoffs at FFG and the disbanding of FFG Interactive. What does this mean for app supported games like IA and Mansions of Madness 2ed going forward? All done?
  6. In general it's a good sign for the health of the product line... very cool that people are liking/buying it up, which means more material for us all in the long run.
  7. It's quite possible that they 'mysteries' mechanic is a bit different for this AO... allowing time for the personal investigation/resolution (and/or, it's a useful path if you succeed etc..)
  8. and we're about to find out... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/6/masks-of-nyarlathotep/
  9. I like the stories as well... it adds to the whole 'narrative' feel which Eldritch can really shine at. It feels similar to the personal weaknesses of investigators in Arkham Horror LCG, which are terrific and thematic (imo).
  10. Yeah... heavy price tag for some streamlined changes if you own all the 3rd Ed content and expansions (as I do). One of my favorites, but not a whole lot changing here...
  11. I think Delve is perfect for what it is... feel like dungeon crawling with some friends who can't commit to 10 sessions for a campaign? When you feel like smashing some monsters and play a single session it's perfect. I dig the narrative of the campaign as well, but Delve opens the experience up for more casual sessions. How about the last 48 hours for FFG app users? another MoM scenario and a free Descent campaign. Very sweet.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/12/20/seeds-of-corruption/ Pretty nice coupla days for MoM and Descent fans... imo.
  13. 4 star difficulty and 120-150 minutes is a good sweet spot... single night session ... Had a superb time recently with the Shattered Bonds scenario at BGG.con
  14. On my android tablet, had no trouble unlocking the scenario and loading it... I'm on a US connection
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