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  1. Played Escape from Innsmouth again, this time using Steam, version 1.02. The game still soft locks after Turn 14. Conditions... Three investigators: Preston, Wendy, and William Main Riot was at Pier. Small Riot was enabled. Deep One Hybrid was enabled. Deep One was enabled. Fire was enabled after Torch. Agent Craven was in Library. Most map tiles were revealed besides eastern portion. Issue... Soft lock occurs right after Main Riot moved to Pier. The game did not go into combat checks, as it should have, with the current monsters and soft locked instead. Only working commands were Set Fire, End Game, Investigator Eliminated, and Message Log. EDIT: The bug is definitely related to the Main Riot monster, with the constant horror checks and such, when it isn't visible on the map.
  2. The Innsmouth Scenario has been given me a repeating issue. On a certain Mythos phase, Riot would toss a torch, causing a fire, and spawn two additional monsters. The monsters move towards the investigators and the app softlocks. The only functioning features are the message log and settings. This has occurred to me twice. Characters 1st Playthrough - ver.1.0 Rita Young Carson Blair 2nd Playthrough - ver.1.0.1 William Yorick Agatha Crane Platform iPad 4th Gen Regardless of app version and the progress I have made, the game still froze at the Mythos phase.
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