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  1. Outflank Games, Fairfield, CA, USA 71 in attendance Winner: R2P2 Top 8: 3x Quigon/Kanan, Vaider Raider, 5D Villain, Palpatine, Ezra/Hired Gun/Jedi Instructor/Rookie Pilot, R2P2
  2. Phoenix Fire Games, Meridian, ID, USA 21 in attendance Winner: R2P2 Top 4: 3x R2P2, ePhasma2/eJango
  3. Card Addicts, Birmingham, AL, USA 46 in attendance Winner: R2P2 Top 8: 2x Quigon/Kanan, Poe2/Kanan, 2x Kylo2 Vader, FoSt/FoSt/Cienna/Guavian, ePhasma2/eJango, R2P2
  4. Your Hobby Place, Martinsburg, WV, USA 55 in attendance Winner: R2P2 Top 8: 3x R2P2, Palp, 2x Quigon/Kanan, Kylo2 FN, 5 die Villain
  5. maCnarB Gaming, Gautier, MS, USA 17 in attendance Winner: R2P2 Top 8: 3x Palp, Kylo2 Vader, R2P2, Sabine/Ezra, Kylo2 Grievous, Grievous/Ventress
  6. I use plastic storage drawers for the dice. You can find them at places like Target, Office Depot, etc. In total I have 5 (Hero Character, Villain Character, Hero Upgrade/Support, Villain Upgrade/Support, Neutral Upgrade/Support). They're just now starting to get crowded with EaW. I may need to upgrade to larger drawers with Legacies, or start dividing them by set. For the cards I use a basic Cardboard Shoebox I bought from my FLGS. It's pretty standard with the Magic crowd. A couple dividers you can find at any card shop will keep them organized.
  7. 3 cost: Where did they come from? : Your battlefield must be selected during Setup. (unless both players are using this Plot, then follow normal Setup rules) 3 cost: The Force is Everywhere : All of your cards count as Blue. Both likely a little overpowered, but they are some of the more interesting things I think you can do with Plot cards.
  8. It'll get errata'd, just like Outer Rim Smuggler. It's obvious that the function of the card as written far exceeds the intention of it. FFG really needs to pay attention to how they write cards in the future. The text on some of these is just garbage.
  9. I'm looking for the Nationals promos. BB-8 and the Throne Room. Have plenty of legendaries to trade from both SoR and Awakenings. No Force Speed, but I'm sure we can find something you need. Also have Q3 shield tokens and Finn/2x Guard to trade.
  10. Not that excited for her, personally, but boy would I want a full bleed print of that card. The artwork is excellent.
  11. Yet F11-D doesn't trivialize an entire aspect of the game. Vibroknife, by itself, pushes Shield decks out of the meta. In the same way Thermal with Poe pushes 3/4 wide out of the meta. Shield and 3 character decks still work (obviously, Funkar is huge right now) but it is a serious concern that the deck has to worry about. Vibroknife just literally guts a Han or Qui-Gon shield deck deck.
  12. The situational cost of Anger is massive, though. I've tried to work it into Vader and Palp decks with little success. Having 2 dice sitting on the table blank while your opponent lets a damage side sit there is actually harder to do than you'd think.
  13. AH, thought you meant cost as in actual resource cost.
  14. Poe/Max win numbers are heavily skewed towards the beginning of the rotation; they have actually not won nearly that much lately. The deck is fairly simple to figure out, and once you do it's much more capable of being handled. Having said that, it's also extremely easy to play, so a lot of people pick it up and can play it well right out of the gate. That's another reason it was so prevalent earlier. You could argue that Poe/Maz is tier 1.5 now, but I think it's still one of the better decks in the meta. It's just nowhere near the juggernaut it was when SoR first came out.
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