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  1. Yup! Totally fine. I did that on one of my failed attempts. I had two sneak attacks and Gandalf in hand ready to go. Then when I turned over the bad guy cards during questing I got hit with two "1 point of damage on all exhausted character" treacheries. Wipe soon followed...
  2. Are you attacking the Nazgul without engaging him first? That's a no-no unless you have specific cards that let you do it. I ask because you mention keeping your threat below 40 AFTER you talk about taking him out. If I misunderstood my apologies. I beat this quest for the first time myself last night after 5-6 failed attempts. Very pleased.
  3. Thanks for this thread, Madjack. I'm pretty much in your same shoes. I own the core and the Hunt for Gollum. I've found this page: https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/beorns-path/ and specifically Beorn's path very helpful in learning the game.
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