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  1. Yes, these are from Alien Luxury Miniatures on Shapeways
  2. From the Wiki: "They also had a notch cut in their stabilizers, giving them only eight solar collectors instead of twelve, which gave them improved visibility, but greatly diminished their combat capabilities and maneuverability.[2]"
  3. Here's mine!
  4. How about a clone wars Y-Wing?
  5. U-Wing I painted up for a commission Still my favorite ship
  6. Thanks y'all! I've posted to a large x-wing painting group on Facebook for a while and posted to the /r/xwingtmg. I also have an Instagram you can follow here.
  7. My name is Madeline, and I am the painter behind LightCraft Miniature Studios. I've been doing commission x-wing painting for a little over a year now. I hope you enjoy this collection of my work! Here's a link to a large Imgur album.