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  1. Hey! So here's my method: Start with a base color of Khorne Red Use a Carroburg Crimson wash in the recesses of the windows Glaze the following colors in thin layers, working toward the brightest area in the order Khorne Red > Mephiston Red -> Evil Sunz Scarlet > Wild Rider Red After you have finished the model and sealed it up using your preferred method (I use one coat of a shiny sealant and two coats of a matte sealant), apply 'Ardcoat in a thick layer atop all the windows. It is critical that you work quickly with the 'Ardcoat, is if it finishes drying before you have applied a smooth coat, you will have streaks and texture it what should be a glossy smooth surface. Adding water to the 'ardcoat can help with it's fluidity and keep it from drying too fast, but you don't want to add too much, maybe a 70/30 ration 'Ardcoat to water Force Majeure is correct that a lot of the pop comes from the simple use of contrast colors. Although red and blue aren't opposites on the color wheel, the red I've chosen has strong orange tones in the highlights, which is a direct compliment to blue. Yay color theory!
  2. Thrawn's Imperial Ascendancy annual charity raffle is now live! https://novaopenfoundation.org/raffle/thrawns-imperial-ascendency/ Tickets are $6/each, and entrants do NOT need to be present to win! Proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders. Known throughout the galaxy for his ruthless cunning and impeccable military strategy, Grand Admiral Thrawn and the might of the Empire stand ready to stamp out any sign of resistance. His powerful new fleet features artistic depictions of the legendary chimaera, a fearsome, three-headed monstrous creature represented with spider legs, multiple stalked eyes, and two serpentine heads perched atop long barbed necks.
  3. The gray is Mechanicus Standard, blended up to lighht tones with Golden brand artist's acryllic's titanium white and blended down to abaddon black. And yes, engine glow and cockpits will be in red
  4. And as much as I'd love to get you one, I do not have one. I ended up shipping the models off separately to NOVA, and bring the final four with me in my luggage because I was running so far behind. I might be able to hit up the raffle winner, but there's no guarantee
  5. "I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again." It's that time of year again when I endeavor to create a worthy fleet for the incredible NOVA Open Charitable Foundation's international charity raffle! This year's fleet will feature, you guessed it, Thrawn and a fantastical Chimaera-themed fleet of Empire era ships. Look forward to progression pics over the next couple of months, and I will be sure to let y'all know when the raffle it open! Thank you for your continued support everyone, and may the Force be with you!
  6. Thank you! Much of the challenge was color matching the purple, it was a difficult task to make it not too vivid.
  7. 3-4 thick layers of 'Ardcoat. It is a rather unforgiving process, and it's critical to ensure that each layer is fully cured before applying the next.
  8. Hey everyone! So far I've only painted two IA minis but I thought that I'd share them
  9. Trust me, you don't want my signature xD It's a mess. I get asked to design tattoos a lot and have ended up drawing a few - thank you for the compliment!! I might have been a tattoo artist in another life.
  10. The drawing happens the last day of the convention, September 2nd. From the website: Donation structure: .95 cents of every $1 raised will go directly to the nonprofit cause as designated by each raffle Approximately .02 cents of every $1 raised will be used to support the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation overhead and administrative costs Approximately .03 cents of every $1 raised will be used to cover Paypal fees and tax reporting Minimum purchase must be $10. This minimum ensures that the maximum percentage of each ticket purchased will benefit the designated charitable cause. Ticket purchases, though supporting nonprofit charitable causes as outlined above, are not tax deductible. Buyer’s name will be entered into raffle once for every ticket purchased. The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation will use an accurate, independently-developed electronic randomizer to select the winners. The final drawings in each raffle will be listed on the raffle item page. Winners need not be present to win. Sales will continue onsite until the dates and times listed on each raffle item page. Onsite ticket sales may occur at conventions sites. Winners’ names (plus city/state/country) will be posted on the home page of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (novaopencharities.org) no later than seven (7) days post drawings. NOCF will email winners using email noted in Paypal account; item will shift after confirmation of mailing address is received by NOCF. Armies will be packaged and shipped to the winners with tracking information provided to winners. No members of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors, and no member of the NOVA Open Executive Board, are eligible to win. NOCF artists are eligible to win any item other than those they worked on. No maximum ticket purchase. No percentage chance of winning can be calculated unless ticket limits are noted on item page. Ticket purchase does not guarantee win. Ticket sales are final. No refunds.
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