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  1. Showcase: E-wing

    I LOVE the E-Wing but I don't love the FFG sculpt So I refer to this model as "justice for Corran Horn"
  2. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    This nasty bugger is actually called the Droch-Class Boarding Craft, but I prefer my nickname: STABBY MC-STAB FACE This was a real challenge because I decided to paint it all monochromatic, I usually love vibrant color schemes. Palette shown is Ulthuan Grey, White Scar, Abaddon Black, Mechanicus Standard Grey and Leadbelcher
  3. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    Yes I do, right now I operate through my Facebook page
  4. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    I just finished two clone wars era ships, a Z-95 and V-19. They are both 3D prints
  5. Hey there y'all! I've posted my work on various threads, but it's time for me to just put it all in one place. Feedback and C&C is always welcome and appreciated. Tons of images below, beware! Stay tuned for more repaints
  6. Showcase: VT-49 Decimator

    F/O Decimator
  7. Showcase: TIE Phantom

    Here's a cloaking F/O Phantom
  8. Showcase: Alpha-Class Star Wing

    I've got a folding 3D printed version, does that count?
  9. Showcase: Y-wing

    Yes, these are from Alien Luxury Miniatures on Shapeways
  10. Mining Guild TIEs - Showcase

    From the Wiki: "They also had a notch cut in their stabilizers, giving them only eight solar collectors instead of twelve, which gave them improved visibility, but greatly diminished their combat capabilities and maneuverability.[2]"
  11. Mining Guild TIEs - Showcase

    Here's mine!
  12. Showcase: Y-wing

    How about a clone wars Y-Wing?
  13. U-Wing I painted up for a commission Still my favorite ship
  14. First time posting my work here, so here's some of my work!

    Thanks y'all! I've posted to a large x-wing painting group on Facebook for a while and posted to the /r/xwingtmg. I also have an Instagram you can follow here.
  15. My name is Madeline, and I am the painter behind LightCraft Miniature Studios. I've been doing commission x-wing painting for a little over a year now. I hope you enjoy this collection of my work! Here's a link to a large Imgur album.