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  1. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/High_Galactic_alphabet Droids and Ships are named in High Galactic.
  2. Second Edition list builder won’t display Elusive or Escape Craft at all
  3. The models are the same but instead of the light gray paint scheme from the original core set the TIEs are the blue ones from the Gozanti Expansion
  4. The New Han Card Reads, "Deal 2 indirect damage to an opponent. You may reveal a villain card from your hand to force that opponents to lose 1 resource. You may reveal a hero card from your hand to gain 1 resource." When you resolve this ability are you allowed to reveal a villain card and then a hero card triggering both effects? It doesn't say "or" between the two options but it doesn't say "then" either so I'm not sure which would be the case. Anyone have a clue?
  5. I've heard differing answers on how many dice are rerolled by a clone trooper when it has Training or Way of the Force attached to it or if elite Plo is copying his ability. Some are saying the clone only rerolls one of its dice but all other instances of character cards that reference "this die" affect each of its own dice. Kanan is the only character that specifies that only one of its dice are affected by his ability. Has anyone experienced any judge calls during a tournament that have made the answer more clear? Hopefully this will be resolved in the next FAQ.
  6. I think his was customized and is a little smaller. I may be mistaken.
  7. N-1 Starfighters Jedi shuttles (The big red half circle with the rotating wings) The small Jedi Starfighter that Yoda flies
  8. I like the idea of running magva u wing as an obstacle. Leia and kanan crew with feedback array and discharge vanes. You can do a red stop, a white stop with Leia next turn and clear stress with kanan, then a red stop again. Maybe with some b wings or a ship with significant red moves to take advantage of leias ability.
  9. This may be revealed as untrue once we see a clearer breakdown of the setup phase but it looks like having Beckett and Boba crew would allow you to wait for all ships to be placed, move a rock, and then place your final ship on it. Having that on a team with Moralo would make for some interesting setup choices.
  10. Were people really irritated with L3? I didn't see what was wrong with her character. I thought it was interesting to see some different perspectives on the role of droids in the Star Wars universe.
  11. Happy Friday! I would say the ARC-170, the Sheathipede, or the Y-Wing look the most ducklike. Good luck!
  12. Im sure there will be a number of upgrades that add actions and will make Vader's ability much more powerful. Already we've seen Squad Leader which allows Vader to give his Tie allies barrel rolls at initiative 6 which can be nice if you flew them in as blockers earlier that turn.
  13. A cyborg character like Cylo or Karbin could show up as crew I suppose. Seventh Sister's droids, Assassin Droids, or Imperial Probe Droids could also work as upgrade.
  14. It looks like the imperial conversion kit has a calculate token. I can't think of any droid pilots in the Empire so I imagine that will be a droid crew that provides a calculate action.
  15. If an upgrade has something like +2 charge then it would be adding that to the ship but so far each charge upgrade has an isolated pool.
  16. Luke primarily benefits low initiative pilots. Equipping Han with one of the gunners that grants multiple attacks seems much stronger when you can move and then boost or rotate arc after enemy ships have moved.
  17. It seems like an interesting way to give droid specific upgrades. The requirement could be just to have the Calculate action on your action bar and upgrades could allow you to spend them for different effects. I could see them making something similar to mindlink but only for droids. The potential is very exciting.
  18. Crew with force stats add force icons to ships instead of having their own isolated force pool. It seems like that would allow you to get multiple uses out of Palpatine or the Grand Inquisitor's ability if they are paired with another force user crew or pilot. It will be interesting to see if Kanan and Ezra have abilities that can work in tandem in this way or if Maul's ability allows Ezra to get multiple uses or something.
  19. They confirmed on the stream yesterday as well as in a few of the team covenant interviews that you can spend multiple on the same attack/evasion roll.
  20. Do we know if you can equip force powers to a ship with a crew that gives your ship a force stat or do force powers take an upgrade slot? You might be able to equip a Phantom with the Grand Inquisitor as well as Sense.
  21. NoZone

    2.0 Talon Rolls

    Do we know exactly how talon rolls work in 2.0? We know they are adjustable from watching the Team Covenant playthrough. Do they have only three ending positions like the new barrel roll? How do they function with medium based ships like the new firespray?
  22. Do we know if medium base barrel rolls are executed with a vertical or horizontal template? Small base style or large base style?
  23. I can see it being pretty decent if there are more abilities like IG-88A where you can give your squad multiple tokens. It wouldn't be surprising too if they made an astromech that can give you a calculate token when you do something specific.
  24. I haven't been able to find a clear description of what exactly the new token does. From what I've read it functions like focus but only for one die at a time which seems bad. Do we know if it really is just a worse version of focus? I would guess that either you don't have to spend the token to use it or that it functions like the old calculate EPT turning a focus to a crit. Also let me know if I forget anyone but I'm guessing this ability will be on IG-88, 4-LOM, Chopper, AP5, K-2SO, and Leebo. The Imperial conversion kit has a calculate token too but I can't imagine who for.
  25. Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade (If they bring her crew back) I have a hunch Jacen Syndulla will be in the Resistance show and have force sensitivity so maybe him eventually. The book From a Certain Point of View revealed that the dianoga from the Death Star trash compactor was force sensitive so fingers crossed for that crew card.
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