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  1. You choose when you spend surges, which is after you roll dice.
  2. Spectre Cell got nerfed pretty heavily, so it is definitely not dominant any more.
  3. So, I have a theory about scum VP lists, but I need some actual data to back it up. Could I get anyone who as played a scum VP list in a tournament any time in the last year or so to send me their list (with command cards)? I'm especially interested in any lists that placed well. I feel like there is a general sense that scum VP is the "best" scum list currently, but not a very good idea of what that "best" list actually looks like (beyond, like, plays Celebration and Price on their Heads). Thanks!
  4. The second one is not legal because it has Maul in it. The third one is probably the best.
  5. The current map pool is Tarkin Initiative Labs, Lothal Wastes, and Coruscant Back Alleys, but I would not be surprised if Tarkin rotates out before Primes get started. As for lists, my vote for the current best Rebel list is some variant of Han/Drokkatta/Sabine. I'd try something like this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/0293a781053f3e0b950000000000009d014c9ed67781b6cd1735dcd22b1c If you want, the Alliance Smuggler could be dropped for your favorite two 1-point skirmish upgrades. Extra Armor and Doubt are probably reasonable choices.
  6. Yes, but Weequays have to spend an action to hide to get better damage then HKs, which is not free. I agree that Weequays are better then HK droids, but the gap is not as big as people make it out to be. Yeah, Jet Troopers are better then every other trooper before them because every other trooper before them was either a) cheaper or b) kind of bad. And of course sentry droids do more damage then jet troopers, they're more expensive units, so they should. I agree with all of this. I'm going to break this down pretty carefully, because I think what you did with Gaarkhan exemplifies a lot of the problems I have with the IACP's approach to balancing. This is just cherry-picking the worst possible attack outcome and using it to make his attack look worse then it is. If you look at Gaarkhan's actual expected attack results, they match up pretty closely with, say, an elite Gammorean Guard. That's not un-salvageably awful, that's just fine. Every figure in the game can totally wiff an attack roll, it's just how the dice system in IA works. You can't count that as a weakness. See, this is what trying to balance around hunters gets you. The game is in a state where it's unthinkable that any figure could be left in a position where they could get shot at, because they will 100% die. The only defense is to not get attacked, because the balance between offense and defense is so completely out of wack. For 5 points, Gaarkhas does a little less damage on average then Jarrod, but he can more further and attack, focus himself, get 2 attacks, and has more health. I'd play him as is for 5 points, and I would definitely play him as is for 4. He's not a total mess, he's a pretty well-designed figure who's just overcosted. Where did this "design principle" come from? There's like 5 Wookiees in IA, and their costs are all over the place (figure costs 14, 9, 8, 6, and 5). I agree that they're all tanky, but only Drokkatta could reasonably be called worth her price point. There's no consistancy there to make that kind of sweeping statement. Counterpoint: I think you could make a reasonable argument that Jyn doesn't need any changes. She sees a reasonable amount of play as is. She was in the 2nd place list at Gencon this year and in the winning list last year. She already is viable in the Han Smuggler box. I personally think she's a bit weak, but if you just gave here like 2 more hp, she'd be a solid figure. She doesn't need a big redesign.
  7. I agree with this. I think the feedback the IACP is getting probably skews pretty positively, because the people who don't really care for it just won't engage with it.
  8. Everyone always talks about Jabbas Realm like it was some sort of paradigm shift in figure design, but I think if you look at the actual figures, they're more or less on par with previous waves. Elite Weequays (unhidden) have pretty much the exact same damage output as HK droids, for example. I think the only actual power creep figurewise in that set is that a lot of the deployment cards are aggressively costed (ie, weequays and jet troopers being 7 points for 2 4 points figures), which I know was a conscious choice to make scum a viable faction in skirmish. The new, higher damage output everyone talks about is pretty much solely the result of the new set of hunter command cards that also came out with that wave. I think buffing figures from older sets makes sense, particularly the ones from the first couple waves, because they often are just poorly costed. But trying to bring every single figure in the game up to the level where they can complete with scum hunters is a) way, way more work and b) going to be a balancing nightmare. If your goal is just to make the skirmish metagame more balanced and feature a greater diversity of figures, you'd get a **** of a lot further with a short banlist then you will with dozens of pages of redesigned figures.
  9. Yo, this is not going to work. I have seen balance discussions for more games then I can count where everyone calls for buffs to bring everything up to the power level of the OP stuff, and I have seen exactly zero games where the people in charge of actually making that work did that. If there's just a few things that are overpowered to the point that they're pushing a lot of other things out of the meta (ie, hunters), it's vastly easier to just nerf the OP stuff then it is to try and bring everything else up to that OP level. If you want an example of why this is a bad idea, Spectre Cell was what happened when the IA designers tried to make new content that matches up equally with the current top tier lists.
  10. There was another guy who made top 8 with that same cats list, but I didn't play him.
  11. Thanks! Also no, no Spectre Cell. I was hoping someone would be brave enough, but no.
  12. Hello! My name is Patrick Christians and this is my battle report for the IA North American Championships 2019 that was at Gencon this past weekend. I'm not huge on play-by-plays, so this will probably be at least somewhat brief. To start my list was as follows: Deployment Cards Sabine Wren Hondo Ohnaka 2x Elite Jawa Scavenger 4x Jawa Scavenger C1-10P C-3P0 Jabba the Hutt Black Market Temporary Alliance Command Cards On the Lam Tools for the Job Second Chance Worth Every Credit Utinni! Pickpocket Dangerous Bargains Price on Their Heads Black Market Prices Negation Element of Surprise Rebel Graffiti Planning Take Initiative It's pretty much just a collection of every card in the game with the phrase "gain VPs" on it. You win Imperial Assault by getting to 40 points before the other guy, so I have elected to skip straight to the part where you get points and dispense with all the mucking about and killing people. It's... pretty good. I actually think it's the strongest list I have ever built. Anyways, on to the actual tournament. I'm not going to do a play-by-play of every single match because A) I think they're boring and B) they mostly played out the same. I'll touch on the highlights, but just imagine that I wrote "this match I played all my command cards, got a bunch of points from them, played the objectives hard, and killed like 3 guys" for every match. There were 19 people who showed up on the day, so we played 4 rounds of Swiss the first day, then a cut to Top 8 the second day. Round 1: I got a bye because there were an odd number of people in the tournament. 1-0 Round 2 vs. Bobby Crowley (scum hunters) on Tarkin AI I actually lost my first round of the day. I didn't do a great job controlling the AI terminals and Bobby was able to get way more objective points then me, so I lost 37-40. Figures killed: Onar, 1 Weequay, 1 Gammorrean Guard 1-1 Round 3 vs. Brian Vandergalien (IG + jawas) on Lothal Blitz This round was actually a jawa swarm mirror, which was unexpected, but fun. Brian was running a different list then me, with IG and Under Duress instead of my VP shenanigans. I got the better end of the jawa fight and took the win 43-20. Figures killed: 6 jawas 2-1 Round 4 vs. Lance from Michigan (rebel heroes) on Tarkin Weapons I lost my Hondo at the end of round 1 because I ran him out to grab a control point and figured he probably wouldn't get one shot by Han. I was wrong. Still, everyone else did their thing and I won 40-15. Figures killed: C-3P0, Chopper, Ashoka 3-1 3-1 was good enough to make the cut for day 2 and put me in a very ok 5th place after the swiss rounds. Top 8 vs. Peter Burean (rebel heroes) on Lothal Fluctuations I don't think anything super exciting happened this round. Got my points and won 41-15. Figures killed: Sabine, R2-D2, Gideon Top 4 vs. Brian Marks (rebel heroes) on Coruscant Back Alleys Posters This was definitely the closest match I had all tournament. I got all the posters by round 2, but then proceeded to lose most of my jawas to Han and Drokatta. Brian was able to take some posters back and I was kind of stalled out at 38 points by the end of round 3. My only way to win ended up being to run a Jawa up to his deployment zone to try and kill Gideon, which only did 3 damage, but I was able to fly Sabine in there at the start of next round to get the last 2 damage with a grenade. If I had missed the grenade, I probably would have lost. Final score 42-30. Figures killed: R2-D2, C-3P0, Gideon Finals vs. Logan Streeter (weird rebel heroes) on Coruscant Back Alleys Posters I played against rebel heroes for my entire day 2, but Logan's list was at least a bit different. He had Han, Jyn, Jarrod, Murne, Hera, Mark, Gideon, R2-D2, and C-3P0, with a command deck full of spy cards and general command deck control. It was a really cool list and Logan is a super good player. He played the first couple rounds very defensively, moving most of his figures across the top of the map over towards the little room with 2 doors. He had the 2 posters in that room, but I had the other 4, so I was ok with the situation. I managed to do a pretty good job this game of dumping my VP command cards as fast as I could draw then, which ended up being pretty clutch against all Logan control shenanigans (Strategic Shift into Hostile Negotiations is p. mean). I ended up opening the my door into that room and we had a fight with about 4 of my jawas vs. his entire squad. I lost all my jawas, but I got Jarrod and Murne in trade (Chopper rammed Murne for the kill, which is always great). Meanwhile, Hondo and Sabie were on the other side of the map and I was able to put a Price on Gideons head, which would have been enough points to win me the game and also was far enough away from all Logan's guys that he couldn't do anything about it. I ran Hondo into his deployment zone to set up the kill for next round, but Hondo's ability stole me the last 2 points I needed to win, so Gideon got to live. Final score 41-28. Figures killed: R2-D2, Jarrod, Murne All in all, it was a really fun tournament, everyone was super nice, Gencon is always super fun, and I got a giant novelty die. I would like to thank my testing partners here in Minnesota for helping my practice a bunch and putting up with my jawas for the past 6 months.
  13. I'll try and write one up this week maybe.
  14. This was my list: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/a778aa888884868686863e796800009de19ed62c3b5c77a0af172b35dc1c
  15. I'm not Jake, but my guess is that it was something pretty close to this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/0c0c4358053e5f68000000000000000809090f1e4968777b920a1c35392b
  16. I don't think any of the existing skirmish mats have ever had art for a character that wasn't in IA, though.
  17. I agree, it's definitely too good. I'd be sad to see it get nerfed into oblivion, though.
  18. Because it's a nice change of pace for the game to have a full IA list that is both: A) A good, thematic team B) Not terrible
  19. I played a Bantha Rider! I think I was the only one, though.
  20. You could also try something like this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/8e8105843e3d088f0000000000000005580194959e4977c3cfce1c359c87
  21. Have: 1x Red Regionals Die 1x Yellow Regionals Die Want: 1x Blue Regionals Die 1x Black Regionals Die
  22. I ran (top 16): Bantha Rider Beast Tamer Bossk regular Hks elite Tusken Raiders Gideon C-3P0 Temporary Alliance Devious Scheme Command deck was: Crush Jundland Terror x2 Survival Instincts Trandoshan Terror Single Purpose Urgency Opportunistic To the Limit Element of Surprise Take Initiative Negation Grisly Contest Planning Primary Target
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