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  1. Wintermute0

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    I agree, it's definitely too good. I'd be sad to see it get nerfed into oblivion, though.
  2. Wintermute0

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Because it's a nice change of pace for the game to have a full IA list that is both: A) A good, thematic team B) Not terrible
  3. Wintermute0

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    I played a Bantha Rider! I think I was the only one, though.
  4. You could also try something like this: http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/8e8105843e3d088f0000000000000005580194959e4977c3cfce1c359c87
  5. Wintermute0

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Have: 1x Red Regionals Die 1x Yellow Regionals Die Want: 1x Blue Regionals Die 1x Black Regionals Die
  6. Wintermute0

    Worlds Builds

    I ran (top 16): Bantha Rider Beast Tamer Bossk regular Hks elite Tusken Raiders Gideon C-3P0 Temporary Alliance Devious Scheme Command deck was: Crush Jundland Terror x2 Survival Instincts Trandoshan Terror Single Purpose Urgency Opportunistic To the Limit Element of Surprise Take Initiative Negation Grisly Contest Planning Primary Target