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  1. Where ? Rune Wars Miniatures game is currently demo'ed at Nova Open afaik.
  2. Thank you for this great piece of information! I hope you don't mind that I used it to get a Dice Calculator up and running .
  3. Woah, I'm still aboard the hype train! Forums member @Ubul thankfully provided the dice facings for the current RuneWars: The Miniatures Game build (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/228119-dice-and-rune-faces/). Since I obviously haven't spend enough time with spreadsheets already, I decided to use this valuable resource and create a Dice Calculator for RuneWars with Google Spreadsheets. Enjoy on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KharMpUIsWbizDGZINcaNSSfhwv8ueYkyoqsuFQngLk/edit?usp=sharing I also created an Excel Spreadsheet for your convenience, you can dowload it here: http://www.filedropper.com/runewarsdiceaveragecalculator The dice calculator lets you select up to five custom RuneWars dice and displays the number of symbols your dice will roll on average. It includes the threat multiplier. I think it's time to get some unit balance discussions going . edit: I also calculated all the average outcomes for the starter set unit types (full trays): As we see, Oathsworn Cavalry and the Rune Golem are the heavy hitters in the starter set. Both the undead hero and their basic infantry outdamage their human counterparts. The ranged capabilites of Undead and Humans in the starter are roughly equal.
  4. No offense taken, your points are all valid and presented politely, most likely more polite than my 1,2,3,4-argument .
  5. It does nowhere, but: One of the core box heroes has a special ability allowing to use a Latari Elves unit. Most likely, this ability is accounted for in the points cost of the model. FFG is known for creating balanced, competetive games. So it is highly unlikely they release a hero with a special ability she pays points for but without the ability to use it. At least not for long. Hence why it is extremely likely Latari Elves release very soon after the core set release or even simultanously.
  6. No, I bet if this game does well, they'll license the WHFB Old world to them as a separate expansion. I don't think GW will allow anyone than themselves to do a miniature wargame with their license. Sadly. A game with rules from FFG (or anyone outside of Nottingham ^^) and miniatures from GW may be many gamers' wet dream .
  7. Wow - if these pale, black and red aesthetics is what FFG will use for the elven faction, I need to get them (additionally, I can put my Infinity Onyx paints to use ). Who needs dark elves when you got these guys?
  8. Signed. Honestly, I don't think FFG will use their card distribution model from X-Wing in RuneWars for a simple reason: It will reduce interest in the game from tabletop gamers and it doesn't bring the same financial benefit as in X-Wing. The reason for this is, of course, the secondary market. If person X needs to buy 4 packages of Reanimates in order to get a full unit and those each have a Spearmen upgrade card then even if he also uses Spearmen, he's got three of them to spare. This will be the same with many other units in this game, meaning generally, most players will have a whole lot of spare cards. With all those spare upgrade cards on the market, forcing the playerbase to buy other factions' units to get upgrade cards simply won't work: They'll get their upgrade cards from the secondary market. It could still work if FFG placed those upgrade cards exclusively on unique units (like characters), but I highly doubt FFG will go down this path. So right now, I don't really worry about it because it just doesn't make too much economical sense for FFG.
  9. Warhammer orcs/orks aren't really evil. They just get bored easily and like a good fight. They're often portrayed as somewhat comical. I'll agree with Middle-Earth, though. Well, I guess by that definition the Joker from Nolan's Batman reboot also isn't evil . I think killing stuff because of boredom is the very definition of evil; even moreso than the pursue of personal power, because the latter is at least somewhat reasonable (if you have no conscience). On topic: I think I'll stick with one faction, most likely Daqar Lords but will paint and keep the Undead from the core set for demo purposes.
  10. You bet - I really look forward to including a unit of elven archers in my army. With the elven disposition to archery, I wouldn't be surprised if they got to choose between low-initiative and high-initiative shots just like other units with their melee attacks which would be seriously interesting .
  11. Honestly, I think it might be a good idea for FFG to invest some extra cash into rune design. It's called RuneWars, after al,l and some impressive runes (you know, looking like stone, more heavy, for example) would be good eye-catchers and add more soul to the game.
  12. That would be PERFECT!! But I highly doubt it. My guess is they will up army count to 4 quite fast and then concentrate on fleshing these out before releasing more factions (if at all). I seriously doubt there will be six playable factions mid-2017.
  13. He who raids the photos from ancient facebook tombs deserves credit . Don't need to credit me twice lol. Ah - good to know who's who .
  14. That's "Rally" - it removes all banes and refreshes upgrades. If you have (lost) neither, you get an inspiration token.
  15. He who raids the photos from ancient facebook tombs deserves credit .
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