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  1. Cerve

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    I know I come late to this news but wait a minute: did new templates changes from the old ones? So I can't use the old ones, right? How?
  2. Cerve

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    Thanks, it works! Phew, thanks I really appreciate that Still I don't understand why it doesn't figure into the playstore...oh well, it works now!
  3. Cerve


    Android a friend of mine can, I don't. Can't argue why
  4. Cerve


    Can't download the app. It just refresh the page
  5. Cerve

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    Ok I have a question, sorry if already answered. A friend of mine just downloaded the FFG X-Wing app...but I can't find it in my store! Both of us have Android, but he can find the app (yep, 2.0 official) in his playstore where it doesn't figure in my playstore. It seems weird to me, how is it possible? Anyone knows how it happens?
  6. Cerve

    Will Scum Have the Lion's Share in 2.0?

    I want the mineguild Tie, was waiting for that ship for months
  7. Cerve

    What will the CIS look like?

    No focus, only calculation action. And a lot of triggers on calculation tokens. I think we don't need nothing more.
  8. Cerve

    2nd Edition Pilots - Winners & Losers: Scum Edition

    Vipers! My favourite ship got a lot of love!
  9. Cerve

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    System on the Viper!! I already love this 2.0
  10. Cerve

    Active enemies?

    I have the italian version, and it says "if survivors have..", so I thought that was a special bonus for survivors only, but maybe it's a translation mistake?
  11. Cerve

    Rule clarification: Null swapping equipped items

    Wait, why not? Your inventory is always full of everything you got during your adventure. Never walked into the wasteland (in Fallout3) with more than one armour? It fits totally with the spirit of Fallout (which is an unrealistic game per sê). I mean, if you die you just respawn losing your items
  12. Cerve

    Rule clarification: Null swapping equipped items

    Honestly, this is not a competitive game, nor a "technical" game (as Doom for example, which is more a miniature game with a dungeon). It is a narrative game. And I find really silly that someone cannot take of his armour if he wants... I'm going to approve the option 2.
  13. Cerve

    Active enemies?

    If I am right, the +1 hit is only for Survivors on enemies, not the opposite.
  14. Cerve

    Genius 2.0 is Broken

    Why something from SCUM should be fair?