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  1. I'd be curious to hear from Dane if such an "upgrade trade" was explored in one of the early iterations of the expansion. However, there is so much new content, that I can't say I really miss a Flagship 2 (of course, the Nomad is the only faction with this capability).
  2. The key differences between 3rd and 4th editions: Trade (with commodities) and transactions Agenda Phase structure Removal of old tech tree and replacement with generic and unit upgrade technologies Significant culling of action cards and agenda cards (leaving in the most impactful) Loss of Transfer Action and addition of Component Action Significant plastic units upgrade (IMHO) All of these changes have taken the best of of 3rd edition to create an incredibly solid TI4, and while the base game came with all 17 races (from TI3 and both expansions), it lacked 8-player support, additional space tiles for larger maps and scenarios. PoK is meant as a holistic expansion to TI4 (meaning you should incorporate all components into the base game rather than treat them as modular editions) which adds 7 new races (bringing the total up to 24- a number easily divisible by 3,4,6 & 8 for drafting convenience), 8-player support, 20 new Stage I & II objectives, a revised Distant Suns mechanics called Exploration, Mechs (24 unique units that replace the older mechanized units) and legendary planets. The TI Codex will be a quarterly document that introduces new game content like scenarios, fan fiction and variant rules derived from the larger community of TI players. The first installment: Ordinian, has is already available for download on the FFG website.
  3. There are already some pretty decent PC games out there which will provide a similar experience (sans the races of TI4). I don't think FFG will devote the necessary for a proper execution of what you suggest, but then again, I didn't expect them to digitize Mansions of Madness of Imperial Assault, either.
  4. In regards to any officially printed Codex materials mentioned in the interview, Dane used the terms "if there ever were a physical product" it would likely be when "we're done with the Codex system in the far future". ☹️
  5. I purchased some fleet stands and the Speaker token stand from this seller on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/Bits77?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=677174572 I also have some deck holders from E-raptor: https://www.e-raptor.pl/board_game_card_holder_5S_solid to hold all the agenda action and objective cards (will fit sleeved cards) A turn tracker mat (which is very useful to keep players updated as to initiative order, who has passed, etc).: https://www.etsy.com/listing/809940908/twilight-imperium-4ed-turn-tracker?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=twilight+imperium+turn+tracker&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1&frs=1 And for those that don't have the FFG playmat, there's an acrylic galaxy frame produced by Lyris Laser Studios: https://brightbearlaser.com/product/fourth-edition-galaxy-frame/
  6. According to Dane, there are no current plans to revise the TI4 playmat. He mentioned this in passing during an interview with SPCT.
  7. Yes, unfortunately the process is considerably more burdensome as the CS unit was disbanded.
  8. Yes, it will. I saw some ad copy with the factions sheets and many other components in Spanish.
  9. If what you mean by "good" is the absence of early, game-crippling randomness, then yes. IMO, anything that reduces the variance of the exploration mechanic is beneficial for all, and it seems that Dane has applied a "regression to the mean" to accomplish this feat. In other words, the positives are more along the lines of "oh, that's nice" and the so-called negatives at least provide you a choice about what you like to do (e.g. lose an infantry unit to gain an effect). If you the first player to conquer a plane, you may explore it and select a card from the appropriate deck. If the planet is later taken for you, the aggressor does NOT get to re-explore (unless they have a specific tech to do so). The presence of planetary traits also provide another layer of theme, in that you're likely to find more choices like the one I mentioned above when exploring Hazardous planets than Cultural or Industrial. Some effects may be permanent, but I had the impression most were a one-and-done affair. Dane mentioned in an interview with SCPT that the Frontier cards can offer some very good bonuses for those players that acquire Dark Energy Tap early (such as the Empyrean). I'm sure more details are forthcoming, but it sounds as if Dane has executed the Distant Suns mechanic the way it was meant be- something fun that potentially provided a bonus and absolutely avoided a negative player experience. The inclusion of the these decks truly gives TI the Xploration that was noticeably missing from a reputable 4X game...
  10. I could yet be proven incorrect, but my initial impression based on the revealed material so far is YES. If you listen to the interview Dane gave on the Space Cats Peace Turtles podcast (https://spacecatspeaceturtles.podbean.com/e/148-twilight-codex-ordinian/), he mentions in particular the Omega Promissory Notes which are minor revisions to current cards but significantly increase their value as traceable assets. For example, the Barony would rarely be incentivized to part with their PN because War Funding would cause them to lose two trade goods. The Omega version avoids this issue and because it provides a useful combat tool for another player, the Barony can use it as a viable transaction article. The Alliance PNs provide benefits for other players to use your own Commander's abilities, and you can even sell the services of your Agent for a a couple of trade goods. I personally think the wheeling-n-dealing at table will be improved, in part because it seems every faction has something the other players want to use at some point in the game.
  11. The current 3-ring FFG mat has small spaces between the tiles , so it's possible that when players build the 4-ring 7 or 8 player board they may be able to just fit everything on the mat by pushing the tiles together...
  12. The length of the game is actually part of its appeal- it was meant be an epic experience. However, as mentioned above, there is also the problem of turns taking longer than they need to be because of rules questions, distractions and players who succumb to AP. It helps if one person acts as a "gamemaster" to keep everyone else on topic and tactical actions moving along. That means one player does need to know the rules pretty well so they can shepherd the rest of their group to the game's climatic end.
  13. The unboxing video is this Friday one their Twitch channel, so we'll know for sure then. Hopefully it will be done by Dane himself. The new content looks amazing!
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