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  1. very well, RO-0K responds, We shall reconnoiter the establishment prior to your arrival.
  2. Move through the doorway... (I think I'd like the shoot its eye out, but I think the situation would escalate quickly..)
  3. Come on vode, Cade yelled, moving into the doorway. Stay on mission! One impossible task at a time...Ge'tal, we can fight it later..it isn't going anywhere.
  4. If Kara is close, grab her and shove her through the doorway...
  5. Fair enough... Cade will probably grab her and assure her that the Rancor isn't going anywhere and drag her to the dar'jetti... (as both a character and player, it took a lot to take down Gorka, it would be nice to have the group together for this one... and then we can take on the Rancor with whatever munitions we have left.) I think a protracted fight with the Rancor would only to serve as a warning to the jedi... @P-47 Thunderbolt the contract said alive for this one, right?
  6. @Tramp Graphics What do you think? go for the Dar'jetti or do we stay and try to kill some modified Rancor?
  7. Cade grunts in amusement as he leans into the door and pushes. For a brief moment, the door begins to open, the only sound comes from between Cade's clenched teeth. See, no prob-- ggrrrrrinnnnned....the door scrapes across the floor. Aw, osik..... Kara winces as the light from the glow rod illuminates a giant eye snap open, the iris contracting as it reacts to the bright light. Kara slowly leans over and gently pushes Ge'tal towards the waking Rancor. All yours, vod'ika... she whispers
  8. Cade fear: 2eA+1eP+3eD 0 successes damnit Cade... well since he lost it: cool Cade Initiative: 2eA 3 successes Kara cool: 2eA+3eD 0 successes, 2 threat Kara initiative: 2eA 3 successes Falmok Discipline: 2eA+3eD 1 success Falmok Initiative: 2eA 0 successes, 1 advantage
  9. Cade, Door pushing: 1eA+2eP+2eC+1eD+2eS 2 successes, 5 threat as expected...
  10. RO-0K perks up as it receives Raxle's call. Ah, have you finally finished playing with the local constabulary? Can we continue to your contact... Bestin nudges RO-0K, Tell him to sshapshhift into a bald wookiee.. Bestin starts laughing . Shush. RO-0K scolds him, even though the thought did occur to it as well...
  11. Kara shakes her head and sighs.. She activates her scanner systems and cautiously approaches the door, examining the readouts as the data scrolls across her HUD. Looks like a stone door with a hinge.. She glances at the obsidian floor for a moment. Not sure the Sith soundproofing with dampen the door's movement.. Don't want to wake sleeping beauty here...
  12. @tank0625 give Raxle a black eye, and report the Giant Sullustian to the cops, lol
  13. Bond watch laser... only it's a pocket sized Death Star tech.. it tells time, and blows up planets..
  14. Kara Perception: 2eA+1eP+1eC+1eD+1eB 2 successes, 1 advantage
  15. ... ,,,oh... how would we go about opening it? (hopefully not using the Force..)
  16. Looks that way. Kara sighed, It's breathing so let's get going before it wakes up. Falmok looked at the size of the beast, then the doorway. At least it's too big to follow.. Too bad we don't have demolition charges.. we could tie them to it's hide and blow it up if it tries.. Cade muttered. This thing is going to be worse than Gorka if we have to fight it on the way out...
  17. is the door small enough to prevent the Rancor to follow if it wakes up?
  18. Are we going through the doorway, or is there anything else in the room?
  19. Cade's voice is a whisper over the shared comlink. Aww Haren.. is that alive?
  20. RO-0K approached a public terminal and made sure any cameras in the area were facing the other direction. It took a moment to re-calibrate it's vocabulator to a more prissy higher pitched voice of a protocal droid. As soon as there was an answer, RO-0k began talking.. fast. My word! The largest sullustian I've ever seen just eluded your coluges and is escaping into the underground market, if you hurry you may catch him. Ohmyohme what shall we do if he eludes law enforcement and BREEDS why there would be giant sullustians everywhere can you imagine?!-- Bestin sighed and severed the link and dragged RO-0k away from the terminal.. --Oh my, I've been accosted! You big oaf I shall report you to-- Bestine smacked RO-0K upside it's head, stopping his runaway speech. RO-0K's head snapped back to Bestin, it's voice back to normal. Thank you! My circuits almost fused.. what a horrific fate.. A group of police officers rushed around the corner and one pointed in there direction. You there stop! You, droid, speak... RO-0K straightened, I'm not some doll you can command, meatbag.. I aught to-- The officer waved a dismissive hand . Shut up, he told RO-0K and addressed the others, This isn't the droid we're looking for.. That way. Bestin hissed, pointing behind him.. Sstupid thing isss probably ssstill talking... Shut up?! RO-0K demanded, Why you.... Before Bestin clamped a clawed hand over RO-0K's vocabulator and half carried it with him down the street.
  21. Jorin stepped forward, handing over a datastick. I took some notes from what I remember from the encounter.. This is a copy of the final report sent to the Council.
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