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  1. I calculated the same about the client that put us in this mess...RO-0K responded sourly. I have decided to await more data before calculating the odds for them.
  2. Perhaps we can revisit this topic after we meet with your associate. RO-0K suggests. Come, let us hurry and uncover the answers to this mess.
  3. (Ro0k or R1 did you understand what he said before he went unconscious?) @P-47 Thunderbolt Do we?
  4. man.. the boys just had a lander... but then they broke it.. this is why we can't have nice things
  5. RO-0K stared at the security guard. We could just remove his arms and legs... How far could humanoid torso go? RO-0K leaned closer to the man. Just rolling down the street... like debris in the wind.
  6. "search him... strip him if you have too... you meatbags seem to be more controllable if your parts are showing..." -RO-0K
  7. Just throwing out ideas... and these were the only in canon law enforcement options that might be realistically found on most planets (and look like might do the required job)... I thought the patrol ship might work if it flew low, "map of Earth" where you are barely at tree level, and its size.. looks just smaller than the LAATi That's an idea too....
  8. @EliasWindrider, @P-47 Thunderbolt Just from a quick google search for Police... Looks like the Mandalorians had a 4 seat... we could mound a HRB in the back... Then there's the patrol craft from Coruscant.. (later used by Imperials in Rebels)
  9. Jorin looked up at Camouflage and started to feel his silent apology of technically overstepping the command structure.. The feeling gave Jorin some hope that his path choice was correct. Lieutenant, I think we could come up with a remedy to that problem.. The Grand Army seems to lack resources for specialized small team operations. We alternately source a suitable vehicle.. I think an armed personnel carrier, perhaps an armored civilian speeder?
  10. I plan on using the Dedication to boost Jorin's Cunning to 4.. which should help with covert missions with Camouflage.
  11. Jorin bowed to Mireska as they approached the holotable. Master, Commander, Jorin greeted them, what is the situation with Jedi Eldar? Lieutenant Camouflage and I are ready to volunteer for any retrieval mission.
  12. I think I'm going to take this opportunity to pull the trigger and purchase the Sentry and Shien Expert trees for Jorin.
  13. Kara navigation: 2eA+1eP+1eB+1eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph
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