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  1. QFFT. Is this the first time we've had three waves of ships in the pipe at once? Or did it happen with TFA, also? I believe there are only two, plus HotR, and maybe a Sum Epic. I like this idea/speculation.
  2. HUGE SPOILER HOLY SH*T! I can't believe it!!!! no way... I'm speechless. You don't have to... here's the leaked trailer. This won't be up for long! Surely they would have taken it off of YouTube if it were leaked- *facepalm*
  3. This is the last faction that would get Clawcraft. There are precedents for the other two factions to use them, even if it is the New republic. I want any Imperial ships with 181st scheme.
  4. Ah yes than I can play Soontir as Rebels too.
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