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  1. Actually, looking at drugs, i found Ploin Juice,(pg 134 of into the storm) which is a drug that causes 1 level of fatigue on a failed -10 carouse test. Not the greatest, but i may be able to find a way to concentrate it more. Thank you guys again for all your help! Happy Trading!
  2. Thank you! With htSmithium's advice about drugs, i may be able to use tox dispenser to administrate something similar enough to do what we are trying. Thanks again, to the both of you! The response to my question was very quick and kind, so thanks for helping me out with this!
  3. I didn't think of using Drugs as poisons! While it may only be something that works against humans, those are really the only things he's really worried about saving. My GM is pretty open, but we just didn't know how to run it mechanically, so just looking through some of the drug effects as offensive opens up a new avenue. Thanks friend, you may have helped me to not have to be as Grimdark as the universe expects me to be! Also, a webber is something i'm planning on when i can make my aquisition roll! Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the suggestion and quick reply! The Man-hunter definitely seems to be a master of non-lethal take-down certainly. The only problem is that considering as a navigator, i'd have to give up one of my pretty important ranks, dip 500 exp in one of the pre-req talents, then another 750 for the actual talent itself. Again, its certainly great for taking down enemies, but it seems more oriented towards a combat focused character. Sorry if i'm being difficult, i was just hoping since the imperium has such a propensity for weapons, i'd be able to pick up some weapon or equipment to do the job. I'm a little less inclined to dip an entire rank into it and steer my character towards becoming a bounty hunter just so i can not kill people in combat. That being said, thanks for bringing up the man-hunter, its basically the best looking bounty hunter i've seen so far, which is what one of my friends getting into RT was interested in playing!
  5. Hey Guys! I've been playing RT for a bit, mostly as a GM, but now as a player who is a navigator. He is fairly religious, and a bit of a softie. While making a backup character that was a Dark Eldar Wych, i was looking at the Mind-phase Gauntlet(pg 113 of The Soul Reaver), which gave fatigue and stunned an opponent, making a fairly good weapon for taking someone down and out without harming them too much. Looking for and imperium equivalent, i'm a bit stumped. I was looking for most likely some sort of bolt action gun that fired tranq rounds, or some way of knocking a target out. The only reference to such a thing i could find was in Into the Storm, Pg 186, a Tranq-gun mounted on a vehicle, with no rules information on it, which leads me to believe its purely for Animal Trade Endeavors. So i ask, has anyone found any rules, (including from DH or Only war) for tranq guns or ammo(preferably man portable!), and the rules for what they do in actual use? If not, does anyone know of a good alternative for what i'm trying to do, be it house-rule, or a good reasonable weapon to knock people out? I've talked it over a bit with my GM, but we both are a little confused on how to make this work, so any help from you more experienced and knowledgeable players and GMs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for any help you can give in advance!
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