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  1. I thought the visuals were great. The Lucis Film logo at the start was awesome. I felt the story was bland and woodey The IG allways going on about checking out was annoying. Does make you wonder all the people at the end were they protecting it or kidnapping it?
  2. Happy we have a release. Unlikely to ever buy one. I said (many also probably said same) that they can't do justice to the thing. People will complain it's not the right size or not enough guns etc to maintain game balance. And guess what's clogging the forum.
  3. Sorry guys but I'm not convinced tec has not changed that much. Broken record or not. A lot of the ships an equipment coming out of the even look like precursors. We know from rouge one there was a lot research an designed on things such as the deathstar and entire planet dedicated to holding designs. I'm sure there are other examples maybe even some that support both sides of the discussion
  4. I did hear along the grape vine that play testing on new waves had started again. No idea what an never asked but it tells me the game continues. FFG PR is terrible but our game continues
  5. I have no issues with an erra or ships in the game but at what power point an point cost? Look at the Victory v ISD there is easily a difference. The biggest meanest equivalent in clone wars won't be as powerful as these or why the heck did they ever move away from them. So how do you adress this? This becomes the issue with existing stuff. How do they compete unless it's a separate game. I previously mentioned an idea based around eras from another ww2 game where depending on the era you played early war stuff was cheaper than late war when playing against each other. This allows older equipment to compete due to cost v capability
  6. I like would like to see more but my issue is what are they going to do differently to what we already have. One shield less or one dice less on an arc is really worth a new ship? Take assault frigate 1 v 2. Would would be different? Before it is mostly the same or does what another ship already does in game
  7. I would settle for an offical release in the normal place saying in a suitable starwars theme info coming on date x Would give people something to let lose on other than rants or poor jokes of armada being dead
  8. My concern around the SSD is more that it has potential to break the game like no other expansion has. If it's to powerful it takes out the legitimacy of many ships. If it's not powerful enough it gets bagged beyond belief. Excessive salt over something that people have been almost demanding since the beginning is probably worse than people claiming the game is dead. For the record I am a believer that the game is still alive.
  9. How will those calling for a SSD handle it when / if it turns up an does not live up to the expectations of it. Don't wish to hard for it. More expansions please.
  10. Or pair the tie with another ISD (good or bad wont matter). Could mine the salt and harvest the liquid for drought relief.
  11. So you like to see easy to use ISD's (large ships) easy to use carries and small ships?
  12. I feel we are missing some important points from yesterdays final. A lot of people were saying that small ship dominated fleets were done. Sqn were no longer king an duel large ISD's were here to rule. I ask the question is that what people are more disappontes about that there production turnedout not ro be? The comatory was not great and that never helped. But what would have been just as boring (but quicker) is two ISD rolling a dozen or so dice each at round 2 removing key ships and a tableing at round 5. Would that have been anymore exciting
  13. Have used Lancers and use to find them ok. But with all the scatter aces and defenders around these days they only have to look at them and they die.
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