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  1. I'd definitely be interested in seeing that comparison picture, when/if you get around to posting it! I'm curious how Legion Boba looks next to other Imperial Assault figures... whether his extended pose makes him tower over the other human-sized figures, or if it makes him suitably imposing.
  2. sionnach19

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    Another aspect of what makes Drokkatta strong is how flexible she can be with distributing damage. Her rubble token is a way to get the one damage you need to finish off a wounded figure without wasting an activation. The flexibility of her attacks (focusing/expanding blast damage, generating more surges) often allows her to do exactly what is necessary to finish off wounded figures, which works well with her class’s broad focus on splash damage that often leaves wounded figures. Additionally, I think she’s incredibly self-sufficient. Her upgrades mean that she isn’t relying on purchasing optimal weapons from the item pool, or that she depends on good support to help her manage strain/unlock the most of her abilities.
  3. sionnach19

    Best talent upgrade on Boba?

    I’ve really liked Debris Gambit. It’s so cheap and easy to trigger that white Evade, so inevitably it winds up pulling some weight over the course of a few games. Boba can generate enough mods on his own right now that he is one of the few pilots who has the freedom to Evade as his regular action.
  4. I've been wondering this about the new Legion Boba Fett model. The IA version is a little on the scrawny side, and if the Legion model doesn't look that outlandish I'd be tempted to use him instead. Anyone have a picture of the Legion Boba next to some IA figures (heroes, storm troopers, old Boba, etc.)?
  5. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    That is a top tip — thanks! Appreciate the feedback on the Scout sniper — just an idea I've kicked around, nothing too serious yet. The main idea I had was a figure who needed some time to set up, but could generate a powerful attack for a reasonably low cost. I originally gave them the tripod rule with a native 3-dice attack (a la the E-Web), but recently switched to Take Aim. I'll likely keep tinkering with it, but don't want to derail this thread here. Just wanted to show my idea for how the tokens could appear on other figures!
  6. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    These are the rough draft of the terrain rules I've been working on. You could certainly add more layers to make them a little more interesting, but (especially for fan content!) I wanted to keep things simple. I think these broad rules are enough to capture the benefits/dangers of different types of terrain, though I do like the way @subtrendy2 builds skill checks into the terrain types. I would suggest that the bleeding condition is the perfect stand in for a burning effect! Anyways... _____________ Hazardous Terrain: Hazardous terrain is represented by a solid orange line surrounding a space on the map. Line of sight can be traced through hazardous terrain. When a figure enters a hazardous terrain space, roll one yellow die. That figure suffers damage equal to the number of damage symbols showing. Once per activation. Mobile figures ignore hazardous terrain during their activation. Fortified Terrain: Fortified terrain is represented by a solid purple line surrounding a space on the map. Line of sight can be traced through fortified terrain. When a ranged attack is declared against a small figure on a fortified terrain space, the defender may add one block to the defense results. Once per activation. Trap Token: A space containing a trap is considered to be hazardous terrain, in addition to its other terrain types. After a figure enters a space containing a trap, discard the trap token. Fortification Token: A space containing a fortification is considered to be fortified terrain, in addition to its other terrain types. After an attack is resolved in which the defender added one block to the defense results, discard the fortification token. *Addendum to Massive Figures: Massive figures ignore the effects of hazardous terrain. _____________ Hazardous terrain can represent lava, a chemical spill, hostile flora, etc. Certain figures and abilities can place trap tokens onto the map, simulating the effect of hazardous terrain. I didn't want it to be too punishing, in a way where it could distort missions or skirmish maps, so the damage received is pretty mild. In terms of trap tokens, it takes a concerted effort to fully block a section of the map... but they can also be placed in strategic areas (desirable firing points, for instance). I wanted to limit the roll to once per activation, to prevent abuse but still allow opponents to push/pull each other into hazardous terrain to deal damage. Fortified terrain can represent hastily constructed foxholes, entrenched bunkers, energy shields, or camouflaged cover. The bonus here feels a little stronger, but again the once per turn limit (hopefully) prevents it from distorting game balance. These are a little easier to take advantage of, but as the conflict moves the other side may be able to take advantage of the fortifications you were hunkered in earlier! One of the heroes I'm kicking around is a Sullustan engineer, and his big shtick is battlefield manipulation (placing lots of trap and fortification tokens). My thought is that his upgrades will further buff these tokens... for instance, he can suffer a strain to prevent a fortification token from being discarded, or force enemies to roll a red dice when entering a space with a trap token. I tried to build these abilities into the allies and enemies, as well (see the mock up card for the Scout Sniper... though I have no idea if he's balanced overall!).
  7. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I'm also a fan of new terrain types (the two I have in mind are "hazardous", which can cause damage, and "fortified", which grants a very slight defensive bonus to figures standing on that space), and more abilities to interact with terrain in general. I also like the idea of more deployable companions, similar to the Ugnaught junk droid (though preferably, not broken). If I worked at FFG, I'd include these concepts in a new campaign box that focused on volcanic environments (Sullust, Mustafar, post-DS-Jedha, Shu-Torun, etc.). Include a Sullustan engineer hero, whose big shtick is fortifying spaces and can place a stationary blaster turret that has a similar overwatch/quick draw function as Jyn.
  8. sionnach19

    The curious case of Boba Fett

    I think Boba is strong, but I’m not sure he is so powerful as to be distorting the game balance. I think some folks are particularly bothered by Boba because of the way his passive ability combines with his ability to generate a big token stack (1.0 PTSD); but I haven’t found that it makes him duly unkillable or incredibly dangerous. I’m happy Boba is strong right now, and I think any changes should be slight and focus primarily on addressing the extra tokens he generates through Han Gunner. It seems FFG is committed to adjusting points and slots as its primary means of balancing. So, ignoring possible FAQ’s or card text changes, what could make a real difference? Boba could lose access to the Title, but that would prevent him from taking his own ship’s Title, so that seems unlikely. Points could go up, but this is a tricky issue... this combination is dependent on a Title, a Gunner, a Crew, and a pilot. Where do you increase the points? Adjusting the upgrade cards impacts their ability to function for other ships/builds. Adjusting Boba makes him weaker with alternative builds, harming his overall viability. It seems the most restrained way to address this would be a small, incremental point increase on the different components of the build to make the overall combination more expensive. Marauder goes up by 2, Han goes up by 4-6, Boba goes up by 2-4, and you’ve added 10 points to Boba’s base cost. I’m still a little skeptical about this — it doesn’t impact Boba/Guri, besides diminishing the bid. But it does limit Boba’s partners in a 3+ ship build, and the Firespray simply isn’t durable enough to justify such a large investment. But anything more drastic risks hurting Boba’s overall viability, or breaking parts of the combination that would impact other lists. Targeting Marauder or Han Gunner with an even bigger points jump might further encourage folks to explore alternative builds for Boba.
  9. I lean towards 4-LOM for a bunch of reasons. Old Teroch's shtick overlaps with Palob's, which can lean to diminishing returns. Teroch also needs to expose himself to enemy fire to trigger his ability, while his chassis leaves him better suited for arc dodging. And, to arc dodge well, you need to get competitive with your initiative bid. If you run 4-LOM, I don't think you worry about a bid much at all -- Boba doesn't hate being the first player, as it means he gets to trigger Han before I5 opponents shoot. 4-LOM's stress provides another type of control which supplements Palob's token removal. I also think you create more flexibility in playing with upgrades (or building in a bit of a margin if elements of the list eventually go up in cost). I'm not convinced Advanced Sensors/Title is essential... you could drop them to make points for Elusiveness on 4-LOM, or give Boba more upgrades (an EPT like Debris Gambit, a Seismic Charge for some more swarm control, etc.).
  10. The lists that I've been the most interested in involve some combination of Old Teroch, Palob, and 4-LOM as squad mates. Lots of disruption and token control, to better enable Boba to do his thing. You don't have much space for upgrades, so have to be pretty picky... Marauder/Han on Boba is certain, Moldy Crow for Palob is key, and 0-0-0 probably wants to hitch a ride somewhere. Guri is another popular partner, but she winds up being so costly that you're relegated to a 2-ship build which isn't my cup of tea.
  11. sionnach19

    Best options to fill out a Vader list?

    I've been eagerly keeping up with the different threads about Vader, especially regarding which upgrades and Force powers to take. But one thing I haven't seen discussed much is how to fill out the rest of the list! What other ships are giving you the most success in a list paired up with the dark lord?
  12. sionnach19

    Juke Buddies (Whisper+Brath)

    Another ship to consider might be a Reaper -- Vizier's coordinate action can give your aces that extra level of maneuverability. I'm a big fan of Advanced Sensors on the TIE Defender as well, though you might want to think about an initiative bid if you want to move last.
  13. sionnach19

    3rd Imperial Int 6 Ace

    Vader as a Defender pilot is the absolute dream, for me. God knows how much he would cost though! Vult Skerris is a TIE ace in the Rebels TV show who has yet to appear in the game, and he serves as Thrawn's primary test pilot for the Defender chassis... he might be another solid contender.
  14. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Making them blend with the desert environment would be a waste, imo. I'm hoping for something more like HotE: tiles which blend into Merc interior and Imperial interior can create really varied maps. The idea I had was one side volcanic (grey/black rock, magma flows) and the other side underground (tunnels, mines, factory-esque stuff). The underground tiles could always be blended with desert or forest tiles for side missions, and the volcanic tiles could represent plenty of worlds. Mustafar and Sullust are the main ones, but as you point out Shu-Torun is volcanic too. Even Jedha-post-DS-test could work! All of those planets have plenty of opportunities for tunnels, factories, mines, and stuff like that. I've kicked around a few homebrew expansion ideas with this tile combination. The basic narrative idea began with the Rebels sabotaging an Imperial shipping depot on Sullust. They begin to discover that various factories and mines in the area are shipping valuable building materials to a remote world in the Outer Rim... the campaign leads them to Mustafar, where their ultimate goal is to disrupt the construction of a Dark Side shrine (or some other weird building project) in the shadow of Vader's castle.
  15. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I think the only "essential" character I'd really need to see before the game was "finished" is Yoda (and I'm in favor of it being Force Vision Yoda, representing a vision/ghost of Yoda showing up to help the heroes rather than prequel-lightsaber-wielding-Yoda hopping around off Dagobah). An Endor themed box would make a lot of sense too -- Ewoks and Scout Troopers would be great additions. We never really got anything from Rogue One, and I could see that movie warranting an expansion in some way... I'd avoid the actual Rogue One team, and use the supporting characters like Krennic and Saw Gerrera. A comic book release would be plenty of fun: Dr. Aphra (Mercs), Sana Starros (Rebels), and Inspector Tolvan or Queen Trios (Imperial) would have a certain symmetry as a skirmish wave. I'd really like to see Mandalorian Commandos as well, with a Boba Fett fix. As for campaign expansions, these are the environments that could make sense: forest/swamps (Endor and Dagobah), volcanic (Sullust and Mustafar), mines/tunnels (Jedha, Shu-Torun).