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  1. sionnach19

    Juke Buddies (Whisper+Brath)

    Another ship to consider might be a Reaper -- Vizier's coordinate action can give your aces that extra level of maneuverability. I'm a big fan of Advanced Sensors on the TIE Defender as well, though you might want to think about an initiative bid if you want to move last.
  2. sionnach19

    3rd Imperial Int 6 Ace

    Vader as a Defender pilot is the absolute dream, for me. God knows how much he would cost though! Vult Skerris is a TIE ace in the Rebels TV show who has yet to appear in the game, and he serves as Thrawn's primary test pilot for the Defender chassis... he might be another solid contender.
  3. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Making them blend with the desert environment would be a waste, imo. I'm hoping for something more like HotE: tiles which blend into Merc interior and Imperial interior can create really varied maps. The idea I had was one side volcanic (grey/black rock, magma flows) and the other side underground (tunnels, mines, factory-esque stuff). The underground tiles could always be blended with desert or forest tiles for side missions, and the volcanic tiles could represent plenty of worlds. Mustafar and Sullust are the main ones, but as you point out Shu-Torun is volcanic too. Even Jedha-post-DS-test could work! All of those planets have plenty of opportunities for tunnels, factories, mines, and stuff like that. I've kicked around a few homebrew expansion ideas with this tile combination. The basic narrative idea began with the Rebels sabotaging an Imperial shipping depot on Sullust. They begin to discover that various factories and mines in the area are shipping valuable building materials to a remote world in the Outer Rim... the campaign leads them to Mustafar, where their ultimate goal is to disrupt the construction of a Dark Side shrine (or some other weird building project) in the shadow of Vader's castle.
  4. sionnach19

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I think the only "essential" character I'd really need to see before the game was "finished" is Yoda (and I'm in favor of it being Force Vision Yoda, representing a vision/ghost of Yoda showing up to help the heroes rather than prequel-lightsaber-wielding-Yoda hopping around off Dagobah). An Endor themed box would make a lot of sense too -- Ewoks and Scout Troopers would be great additions. We never really got anything from Rogue One, and I could see that movie warranting an expansion in some way... I'd avoid the actual Rogue One team, and use the supporting characters like Krennic and Saw Gerrera. A comic book release would be plenty of fun: Dr. Aphra (Mercs), Sana Starros (Rebels), and Inspector Tolvan or Queen Trios (Imperial) would have a certain symmetry as a skirmish wave. I'd really like to see Mandalorian Commandos as well, with a Boba Fett fix. As for campaign expansions, these are the environments that could make sense: forest/swamps (Endor and Dagobah), volcanic (Sullust and Mustafar), mines/tunnels (Jedha, Shu-Torun).
  5. sionnach19

    HELP with Journey in the Dark

    I'll second that power questing is the way to go, especially in campaign mode. It takes a very specialized quest to defeat the Balrog. All it takes is a good questing deck to try and race through to escape before the Balrog arrives. It took me a few tries, but I was able to manage with a more limited card pool and a thematic deck. Good luck!
  6. Yeah, I think the math has spoken for all deployment cards in the expansion box. The only hope for a Boba upgrade would be with Hondo, at this point.
  7. I'm quite happy to be wrong about the Death Trooper skirmish cards — glad that the Empire can keep up with the activation arms race. They still have to do previews for the ally and villain packs, but my guess is that this will be released sometime in August. X-Wing is releasing in September, but ToL beat it to the boat a few weeks ago.
  8. sionnach19

    Where is Yoda?

    Ghost, spirit of the dark side, vision, whatever you want it to be — I'm just spitballing! We have a similar appearance in Diala's side mission from the Core Set, where you get the benefit of Vader as an antagonist without it actually being Vader. And Luke's confrontation with "Vader" on Dagobah obviously isn't with Vader himself, but some sort of manifestation of Luke's fear in the Dark Side. No reason that we couldn't seen something similar. Given how the expansions are designed for play with only the core set, finding a way to use some of the major Core Set characters is a way to wring more options out of an expansion. That being said, you raise a good point that HotE already gave us a Force artifact plot — no need to retread that ground, then.
  9. sionnach19

    Where is Yoda?

    I think Yoda might make sense in a RotJ-based expansion which also brings us to Endor. It would bring Ewoks to the table, bring things back around to the movies, and bring us back to a forest/swamp environment. The story could take place *after* RotJ, based around Force artifacts... retrieving something from Vader's funeral pyre, visiting Yoda's hut, maybe another trip to Yavin IV, stuff like that. The idea I have in my head is that the Rebels begin on Endor, fighting off Imperial remnants, to recover something from Vader's body (like his lightsaber's kyber crystal, or whatever). Their adventures eventually lead them to Dagobah, where with the help of Yoda's ghost they must enter the cave of the Dark Side to fight off Vader's ghost to accomplish some generic goal of bringing balance to the Force. This also lets them introduce Yoda into the game in the way that makes the most sense: as a Force ghost. We've seen in Rebels that he appeared to people as a "ghost" even before his eventual death, so implementing Yoda as a ghost or vision would work in any timeline. No lightsaber, no direct combat, and perhaps protected against conventional weapons; he can fill a dedicated support role like Threepio.
  10. sionnach19

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Part of the issue with Solo is the timeline — while we do now have some characters in IA who died/disappeared before A New Hope, the state of the galaxy at that point was still largely set for Rebels vs. Empire. I think the Solo timeline is simply too early: there isn't enough of an institutional Rebellion at that point for the characters to make sense in Imperial Assault. While Greedo can be stretched to make an appearance in an ambiguously timed campaign mission, or even as a goofy alternate history; I'm not sure Dryden Vos would ever really make sense within the narrative confines of IA. i think blurring Solo releases with Rogue One could make some sense. A blister wave with Director Krennic for the Empire, Saw Gerrera for the Rebels, and perhaps Enfys Nest for the Mercenaries could make sense. I could see a campaign that built on the locations from both films: the beaches of Scarif and Savareen could share tiles, or the spice mines of Kessel could double as the Kyber crystal mines under Jedha. I'm ultimately skeptical though, since as far as we know the only characters from Solo who survive to see the Rebellion are the ones already represented in IA. I did enjoy Enfys Nest as a character, and she's the one I'd be most interested in seeing make an apperance.
  11. sionnach19

    Help with Boba

    In addition to Sorastro's helpful videos, I think it's important to reiterate that you don't need to perfectly capture the mythosaur skull. You're really trying to get the suggestion of it, and on such a small scale the brain will fill in the smaller details. For my Boba, I painted a beige rectangle onto the yellow shoulder pad to match the backdrop. I painted a red cone in the center, fat on top and tapered to the bottom, and then did small red lines for the horns coming out from the sides and pointing back towards the center. I didn't worry about nailing the eyes or the veins at the end of the skull, but just those simple red lines is enough to effectively make an illusion of the mythosaur image. An if you mess it up, you can always paint over and start again!
  12. sionnach19

    Nemesis Deck

    He looks good! Without giving too many spoilers, maybe. Nothing in the rules would prevent you from using Palpatine as an earned hero from the Nemesis class deck. He does have a chance of showing up once or twice throughout the campaign, and in those missions where he is already included in the reserved groups you would not be able to bring him in an open group. You could still bring him in any other missions, and that might help raise the stakes/dramatic payoff when the Rebels encounter him at other points in the campaign.
  13. sionnach19

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I agree, another blister wave of Rebels figures makes a whole bunch of sense to me. FFG has plenty of art for Kallus, Ketsu, and Rex already. I could also see them introducing some Mandalorian characters (Bo-Katan, Fenn Rau, Gar Saxon, generic Mandalorian supercommandos as a new unit). This could be a nice way to introduce a Boba Fett skirmish upgrade as well!
  14. sionnach19

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I mean, I don't have any insider info -- and I always hope that people get the cool models they want! But I think it's extremely unlikely that Zuckuss and 4-LOM show up, so I wouldn't hold your breath (or buy the other bounty hunters!) in the meantime.
  15. sionnach19

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I think the ship has sailed for Zuckuss and 4-LOM, unfortunately for those who are hoping to complete the ESB bounty hunter lineup. They don't have any appearances beyond that one scene since Disney took over the expanded universe, as opposed to the others who have made appearances in various comics, games, and television shows. I'm also skeptical that another pair of bounty hunters would bring much to the table, especially since there isn't any lore or background to help flesh out their characters or give direction for what kind of abilities they might have. What might Zuckuss and 4-LOM bring to the table that would really set them apart from the other 5 bounty hunters we have from the OT, both in terms of gameplay or thematic appeal? At this point, it seems more likely that FFG would continue drawing from the comics (Dr. Aphra, Black Krrsantan) or TV shows (Mandalorians from Rebels) or new films (anyone from the Solo movie) rather than revisiting the final bounty hunters in ESB. I always keep my eye out for FFG using new art assets for its various Star Wars games, as new art can often be an indicator of what might be coming down the pipeline.