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  1. So you say that FFG and their team of developers working at this expansion for a few months do a worse job than you by looking at the card for 5 minutes? Amazing! You should get hired by FFG so these cards are not published. In all seriousness...how about you see and play the card before calling it broken? It took a while before the hyperloop combo was found, same for poeMaz, and so on.
  2. I would guess that setup for an expansion pack would be much simpler. Simpl shuffle all cards from this pack and add "bla and blu" from previous sets. No need to add extra work in packaging that could increase MRSP
  3. Wow buhallin, it seems I hit a nerve there! 4 replies from you alone When I said that Nate could come and tell me that I was wrong it was obviously an exaggeration. I am willing to bet a core set that he will agree with me. "To select a random basic weakness, take a set of the ten basic weaknesses in this core set, shuffle those weaknesses together, and draw one at random to add to the investigator’s deck" This implies that you have 1/10 chances of getting any weakness. All of them with the same probability. Now it is my time to ask: where does it say "if you build more than one deck they have to be built at the same time" (rsdockery suggested to draw weaknesses at the same time) or "in order to choose weakness it will depend on when or how many decks you have built before"? It seems you did not understand me: imagine I build deck A and get paranoia. If we play by your rules I can afterwards build another deck knowing that I will NOT get paranoia. So yes, I will know which weakness I will NOT get before building. Sure enough, I won't be able to use the second deck in the first runthrough of the first scenario...but I can use it in the second one. If we even want to abuse the rules I could kill my first player and the rules tell you to restart over. I could essentially make characters until I get exactly the weakness that I want
  4. Well guys, we have to agree to disagree. It makes NO SENSE at all that your decks have "memory" and depend on how many decks you create. Hell, you could cheat with that since knowing which weaknesses you won't have helps you in deckbuilding Even if Nate French and Matthew Newman come and tell me I am wrong we will still play with the "reset to default" rule. Of course if you make two decks from a single core set you simply may not be able to refill back to 10, so simply reset as much as possibly. The same may happen if you build 75 decks and only have 15 cores, but that is a byproduct of limited resources. If FFG printed two copies of every weakness there would be a thread about how they are an evil company and they add too many useless cards for those that buy two core sets.
  5. I am sorry but I do not see how it is NOT clear. Let me ask you this way: Everyone understands that we should get a weakness at random, right? all with the same probability. Obvious enough, right? Now, I build a deck and get a weakness (say amnesia). If I now build a second deck and were to draw from the remaining 9 cards I would have 0% chance of getting amnesia)! This is against the "same odds of having any weakness" rule!! Why should the chances of me getting a weakness depend on how many decks I built BEFORE that deck? it makes no sense. It is clear that you should refill the pool when making a second deck. This is even more clear when I can bring my deck and you bring yours. Why would it be different from me bringing two decks and lending you one?
  6. The answer is clear: when you make a deck you pick from the 10 basic weakness. Make a second deck and you should also pick from the 10 basic weakness. Of course, no one can force you buy an extra core/expansion of everything that comes with weakness just so that you can make enough decks at the same time....and I doubt that even FFG expects people to do so.....so simply pick from the weakness that you have left. This problem will be less and less of an issue the more weakness are released
  7. You can use the standalone scenario rules for that sort of thing. Yes, but which one? I do AP3 as standalone as a test...and then I repeat AP3? Do I use an old one? Also, if I do standalone I assume I don't have XP to start with? Nothing is completely wrong in here, just that I hope they have thought of it
  8. I do not have more info than you do, but as others have said, the first AP already has a level 0 card. Even so, there would be something strange with an AP containing cards that cost XP. The only solution I see is that, after finishing AP2, you can hold your experience until you start AP3. Before starting the next mission you can decide where to use it (including the new cards from AP3). Still a bit strange since I will want to test some combos, etc before being ready to face the next adventure
  9. What is strange is the 0 xp cards that will come in the later expansion packs. If you want to add one to your deck you have to either (i) pay what will be scarce experience (and could be used elsewhere), (ii) have a nice talent like adaptable (limited for several classes, and again costing XP), or (iii) restart the whole campaign from scratch. Or will they maybe add some other mechanic to include those cards in the game?
  10. Note that it is obviously possible that they do but the cards in an adventure are much fewer. For example, the first adventure uses 3 sets of adventure cards, and the first two have 7 and 3 cards....so roughly you have 15 treachery cards in an adventure. Proportionately, a nightmare deck should have 4-5 cards
  11. There is no way to enter a knight's room other than with a knight. Neither wraith nor rogue work
  12. Via PM I got a hold of his pics. I hosted them in the following link http://imgur.com/a/SnE4w
  13. I would personally prefer a die....but if we are going to add/remove tokens often then tokens is the cheap way to implement it. In any case, I hope next preview talks about scenarios. And hopefully there is a way to "pause" an adventure (i.e., use the cards for another campaing) so we can have several games in parallel
  14. What makes you guys think that the weakness will be random? You can choose all other cards in the deck...and the text says " your deck must include the cards Roland's .38 Special (Core Set, 6) and Cover Up (Core Set, 7), along with one basic weakness, such as Paranoia (Core Set, 97) or Amnesia (Core Set, 96). These character-specific cards, then, are part of who Roland ..." So my guess is that you can pick any weakness with the basic trait? Maybe some Character (not Roland) says you must have a specific one, or forbids some basic one due to lore, ... but in general any basic could be ok. Specially since you could say "I am going to make a deck", build it put a random weakness. If it is not the one desired say "no, I will start again", then rebuild, etc until you get the desired weakness.
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