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  1. I'm just popping in here to say that I created a pub called "The Drunken Gungan" and I've been laughing about it for way too long. That's literally all I can here to post about. Erik (Rookie GM)
  2. For all the players out there that play solo single-handed: How many times will you usually play through a scenario before you finally beat it? Related: How many times will you play with the same deck before making changes? Thanks! - Erik
  3. Hi everyone! First-time poster here. Just ran my first ever role-playing session a few days ago with the EotE Beginner Game. Had a blast! Ran into an odd situation though, and wanted to see how other GMs might have handled it. During the final encounter, the PCs we're fighting the Nemesis of the mission, a Trandoshan named Captain Trex. They were trying to steal his starship to get off planet. In the midst of the fight, one of the PCs instead of attacking decided to negotiate with Trex to get him to give up the starship. I was definitely surprised, but checked the PC's negotiate against Trex's vigilance and threw in two setback dice, but the PC succeeded so Trex gave up the ship. Not exactly how I expected the climax of the adventure to go. Obviously I want to be flexible with the PC's decisions, but is this how more tenured GM's would have handled it? Erik
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