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  1. I was wondering, when exactly does one allocate hits? before or after the primary opponent makes his evasion action? I think it's done after the evasion check (Core Rules 226) at the same time when the hit location ist determined - but I'm not entirely sure.
  2. Hey I was searching the net for some hours but couldn't find any answer - so I'm sorry if I have overlooked something; The Core rules state that I can "re-roll any_one characteristic" So what does this exactly mean? Can I reroll 1 characteristic 1 time or any characteristic 1 time? I'm a little puzlled here; all I found while searching for clarification were houserules and people "following" the rules by rolling first, re-rolling the lowest dice and assigning them to the characteristics how they liked - which the rules clearly state as wrong (re-roll must be kept even if worse, characteristics are rolled one at a time). - so I couldn't find one example where a character was rolled while strictly following the rules Maybe this problem just occurs for non-native speakers; in translation "any_one" is quite unspecific in its meaning: "exactly one" or "one or more" are both used So I could do with "any characteristic" or "one characteristic" but "any_one characteristic" is a bit of a problem In my oppinion the option to re-roll every characteristic one time is not as much of a bonus as it might seem, since the second result must be kept - even if worse - realistically it just lowers the chance of a character to have (some) really bad characteristics. (I would never re-roll a 11+ since the odds of getting something better are below 50%) - and therefore making the PC someone who is "cut above the rest of humanity" Oh and please feel free to correct my english - no better way to learn, is there?
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