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  1. BenBot

    officers incoming

    I’m really interested to see how these minis work with different units! I want to try the generic commander holding the back line with Han and Chewie pushing forward... Or see how much an officer attached to some troopers improves things... I like running AT-RTs as mobile cover so maybe some repair action with that droid!?!? Im not sure about the Coms person but I haven’t looked too closely yet...
  2. BenBot

    The millenium Falcon

    I’ve heard it said that “anytime you try to hold a ruler up to Star Wars you’re gonna be upset”! They were very inconsistent about sizes from movie to movie and even within the same film. Different books and different movies show different measurements. It’s difficult to ever find the “true” size of something in Star Wars. That being said I think Albertese is correct on the size the Falcon should be to fit into legion scale. The thing is huge in Legion scale! The best numbers for the Falcon have the saucer about 80’ in Diameter and the whole thing 112’-114’ Long if you include the front mandibles. So for legion the thing would be about 2 foot long and take up a big chunk of the table! There is at least one toy version out there that’s super close and I’ve seen some great 3D prints in the correct scale but it’s big. Like Albertese said whatever works on the table is good to go! It might even be better playwise to have a slightly smaller Falcon. Your Falcon looks great! I’ve been starting to think of Han & Chewie lists myself and the image of them in front of the ship is definitely inspiring!
  3. BenBot

    What to buy next - Rebels

    Have you looked at getting a second core set? With 3 Rebel troopers already it might not be as efficient an investment but if you want a 2nd AT-RT and some more Troopers you can opt for the 2nd core and get more dice and range rulers as well. Not to mention more Stormtroopers and Speeder Bikes if you haven’t got max number of squads for them yet... Otherwise Commandos are fun. And I am a big fan of AT-RT’s so 2 or even 3 of those are fun!
  4. BenBot

    Take the Hill 500 pts Rebels

    I am a fan of the 500pt format and the AT-RT! I’m glad to hear you guys are running a Take the Hill league. I think a big advantage of the sniper is the long range and on a 3’x3’ board that isn’t as big an advantage. That smaller size also makes it easier for an AT-RT w/Flamethrower to get into range and light em up though!
  5. I am starting to think about a Han & Chewie Bromance List But I don’t have Chewie yet and I’ve haven’t ever put Han on the table! It sounds like the pair become a great push team moving together toward the middle objective. Han and Chewie’s command cards are very “control” oriented like the blue decks in MTG. I am trying to figure out what to run with them?! I am kinda feeling two full Commando squads w/Snipers? I like running AT-RT’s w/Rotary’s and they could be part of the push team... Ive normally run a Wonder Twins list I really like and I’m not sure about the tricky command cards in the Bromance list but the idea of Han and Chewie leading a group into battle sounds fun! Something like Duck n Cover for Han, Hunter on Han or Chewie and Tenacity on Chewie? Something like that? Any good Bromance lists out there? Ideas? Suggestions?
  6. Whoa cool list! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone run triple saboteurs. I bet people weren’t prepared for it. I love AT-RT’s so I’m glad to see you fit in three! I’ve been running them with HQ Uplink as well and even though I only use it one turn per game it helps a bunch.
  7. BenBot

    Maximizing a box of rebel commandoes

    I haven’t tried the Demo guy yet but if I were trying to field a Full Squad and a Strike Team at the same time out of one box I’d run the Demo guy as a Strike Team and put the Sniper in the Full Squad. I’ve run a list with one Sniper Strike Team and a list with two Sniper Strike Teams. They are great at sitting back and putting suppression tokens on squads that haven’t activated yet. The mills are just bonus! Ive wanted to run a Full Squad w/Sniper as a super trooper squad since they were released but I haven’t got it on the table yet... In the super competitive world it looks like three Sniper Strike Teams is the choice d’jour.
  8. BenBot

    Flyboys, Luke, Han, Chewie 800p

    The list looks fun! I haven’t actually tried running Han yet but after looking at this I’m starting to imagine a bromance list would be a lot of fun! My only thought would be dropping the extra Fleet Trooper to upgrade a second Trooper unit to to Fleets with a Scatter Gun. But I’ve got wierd issues with symmetry!
  9. BenBot

    Needing inspiration for AT RT painting

    I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve been wanting to mod an AT-RT with lots of extra bags n flags n stuff. Kinda like the scrap strapped to the side of Reys speeder. I’m inspired by crazy chopper motorcycles like the ones in Easy Rider or something... A sissy bar on the back, maybe some big exhaust pipes?! Stuff that a person would need if they were traveling long distance and sorta camping off their bike. Er... AT-RT...
  10. BenBot

    Side Bumpers on larger mats question

    It would be nice to have two neoprene mats that are 6ft x 6inches... Maybe strips of felt 6” wide? But I’ve seen people line up dice, or use folded pieces of paper... You could get a 2nd mat that is 6’x3’ and lay it on top! 😝
  11. BenBot

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    These are cool! I wish they were 5min instead of just 1min each.
  12. BenBot

    Pacific Northwest

    FunAgain Games in Eugene Oregon has a few players that get together semi-regular.
  13. BenBot

    Jyn Erso and Pathfinders Article Up

    This sounds great! 😁👍
  14. BenBot

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Thank You Everyone for all the great replies! Some great advice, lists and observations! I appreciate the support and the discussion. ?? I am mainly surprised how much un-learning I have to do to wrap my head around the new stuff. ? I am also comparing how much I’ve learned in less than 3 months of 2.0 to almost 3 years of 1.0... I’ve got a lot of learning to do and that is a happy problem. ??
  15. I’ve been playing X-Wing for about 3 years and I’ve had a lot of fun with this game! I was super excited for the changes in 2.0! But now that it’s here I’ve been frustrated with how slowly I’m learning all the new cards and mechanics. I’m struggling to find a Rebel list that I like and I feel like I haven’t even been competitive in most of my 2.0 games so far. I’m pretty sure that I just need to get more games in and find a list that works. Flying the Falcon was one of my favorite things in X-Wing and I’m sad at how awful Han is. I’ve given up on the Falcon but still have trouble being competitive with X-Wings and Y-Wings as well... My local group has a lot of imperial players and I know that Rebels aren’t in the best place at the moment relative to the big hitters the Empire has available. This post is just to vent a little. I know I’ll be having fun again soon but I am struggling to enjoy the game at this point. My flying has been bad, my rolls have been terrible, I don’t know what my opponents lists do, and I can’t seem to build a list that works for me! It’s hard to be a noob with a game I’ve been playing for 3 years! I’ll dry my tears and pick my first world problems up off the floor now... Thanks for being cool X-Wing. Now I just need to find out how to be cool 2.0... ??