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  1. What no Snipers?! 😝👍 jk hehe The choice between DLT and Z-6 is interesting... I hope having some of each ends up being the right way to go. I guess an option would be to drop a BARC for a 6th Trooper? Or drop a Trooper for a 3rd BARC?! It might be nice to try and get heavy weapons on all of your Trooper units. I usually make sure I’ve got heavy weapons before I start adding the last extra trooper. But I like it as is! Sounds like we might see them before the end of summer!? Happy Hunting!
  2. Well done! Congrats. 😁👍
  3. Ooh I like the list and might be even better with these suggestions! With the Officer and MedDroid on the Fleets they become the obvious target but with them on the Troopers your opponent has a tougher time deciding who to shoot at. This might be nice too. Get those Fleets up the table a little quicker!
  4. Looks pretty good to me! 😁👍 My only thought would be to drop an extra Trooper somewhere so you can put Force Push on Luke. There are so many useful tricks with Force Push it’s hard to leave it out. You don’t have a second unit of Fleets do you? If you do I’d consider upgrading one of the Troopers to Fleets. Two units of Fleets would be a good up close distraction to go alongside Luke and Sabine, possibly taking some of the heat off them.
  5. I am interested to see how the Mk2 Blasters play on the table. I’m planning on building a list with a base of: Leia, (2)Rebel Vets, (2) Mk2 Blasters and (2) Z-6 Troopers
  6. Looks pretty nasty. I wonder if it’s worth trying to get Han in there? I like it though! I think triple taun tauns is gonna be mean. And I am interested to see what the veterans feel like on the table. I want to try two Rebel Vets, two Mk2 Blasters and Two Z-6 Troopers with Leia as a base and work from there.
  7. I also enjoy running a group of Troopers behind an AT-RT so they get the light cover from the ground vehicle!
  8. In my experience with Rebels I’ve found I need to take Dodge actions more than I initially wanted to. Dodge - Shoot is often the preferred turn for a Rebel Trooper unit. Move - Dodge is common. And don’t forget Nimble! You get that dodge token for the whole turn. Leia can be a huge help in handing out those dodge tokens and freeing up troopers to get an aim action every once in awhile. Try different stuff and find what you have fun with! My advice would be to embrace the chaos of the Z-6 and make sure you’re getting dodge tokens.
  9. As someone who enjoys a tight rule set and modifying minis I have been interested in the reference cylinder idea since the game launched. Each mini base size would have a standard cylinder size. You can go hog wild modifying minis and the gameplay would stay consistent! I can see moments where trying to swap out a mini for a cylinder might be fiddley but so is every move and measurement.
  10. Heyo All, I finally pulled the trigger and got my own nerf gun U-Wing to use as terrain for legion! Should I use Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade for the wash? Earthshade for the white areas and Nuln for the engine bits?! Looking for advice to dirty it up please... Thanks
  11. Good stuff! Its nice to have the extra dice and range rulers etc as well. Theres a lot of fun to be had with just two core sets! The general consensus is to run Stormtroopers with the DLT and Rebel Troopers with the Z-6 so that’s good to get used to early. Pew Pew!
  12. Both factions are great and only really differ in a handful of ways. Welcome to the hobby! The usual recommendation is to get two core sets to start. If you like you can split the core sets with a friend and each take one faction. Building from there, Leia for the Rebels and Veers for the Empire are good choices. Then you can flavor to taste! The meta right now is to run 3 Sniper Strike Teams which is a little costly to purchase but only important when people start going to tourneys. I also usually recommend the “Operation: Take The Hill” special scenario on the FFG website as a great 500pt format for a 3’x3’ table. Have fun!
  13. This! Thank you. Operation: Take the Hill is great.
  14. The heavies would be throwing fewer dice with the Landspeeders sure! I think it would be easier to keep guns on target with two Landspeeders going speed 2 instead of the airspeeders speed 3. And easier to focus fire with both speeders going the same speed. You would lose the alphabet squadron feel but it might be easier to run. And a 4th Trooper unit might help as well.
  15. What about two Landspeeders? Cheaper than a T-47 and might be pretty nasty depending on how you kitted them out. I wish that Landspeeders could provide cover and displace enemy troops more often... 3 AT-RTs and 2 Landspeeders?!
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