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  1. I think it would be better to have a few more Corps trooper units of whatever kind you prefer. Using the Commandos as a full unit will help get some bodies on the table. Its hard to fit Operative Luke in a list but it is possible! Maybe Operative Luke with the Rebel Officer as the commander would work. Try it out and see what units you like!
  2. With what I you’ve got I might recommend something like this: ++ Skirmish (Rebel Alliance) [489 Points] ++ + Commander + •Leia Organa [90 Points] + Corps + Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper [38 Points] Rebel Troopers [62 Points]: W/Z-6 Trooper Rebel Troopers [62 Points]: W/ Z-6 Trooper Rebel Veterans [74 Points]: W/CM-O/93 Trooper + Special Forces + Rebel Commandos [88 Points]: W/DH-447 Sniper + Support + AT-RT [75 Points]: W/AT-RT Rotary ++ Total: [489 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  3. Ooh I haven’t tried C-3PO yet! I’ll have to try him out. Thanks!
  4. Heyo All, I’m wondering what people might do with the last 10pts in this list. Grenades? Offensive Push on Rex? Upgrade the Phase 1 Z-6s to DLTs?! Keep the bid? Thanks for any advice. ++ Skirmish (Galactic Republic) [490 Points] ++ + Commander + •Clone Captain Rex [102 Points]: Aggressive Tactics, Recon Intel + Operative + •R2-D2 [35 Points]: + Corps + Phase I Clone Troopers [94 Points]: Phase I Clone Specialist, Z-6 Phase I Trooper Phase I Clone Troopers [77 Points]: Z-6 Phase I Trooper Phase II Clone Troopers [91 Points]: Overwatch, Z-6 Phase II Trooper Phase II Clone Troopers [91 Points]: Overwatch, Z-6 Phase II Trooper ++ Total: [490 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)
  5. Yea I thought I saw something about Rex.... So overwatch doesn’t extend the range or Rex’s weapon. But he can pass the standby token to give the Phase 2s another shot? Who do you measure range from to trigger standby? The Phase 2s?! Or the unit that starts with the Standby token?
  6. Heyo Generals, Im just hoping folks could help me understand some of the clone trooper shenanigans better. With the Phase Two Clones, people seem to like to take the Z-6 with Overwatch to get their standby to range 3. Then you can use token sharing to get multiple shots? Ex: A naked unit of Phase Ones takes an Aim and Standby. The Phase Two unit at range one can then use that standby to shoot before they activate? And then activate and have a full two actions? I think I get it but I’m not sure. You’re essentially sacrificing the naked Phase One units attack for a second Phase Two unit attack off the standby. Yea? Any other Clone Tips and Tricks?!? Thank You
  7. As a fellow fledgling clone general these tips are all very helpful! Thank You.
  8. I’ve never tried recon intel on Fleets! That sounds fun I’ll have to try that. Command cards definitely get tricky with so many heroes. I’d likely take all of Leia's cards and Sabine’s but swap out Sabines Symbol of Rebellion for the generic.
  9. Heyo All, I’m working on a list with Leia, Jyn and Sabine as the core starting group. I’ve got some points left over for upgrades and I thought I’d ask folks advice. It’s mostly just for fun but I’d like it to work! ++ Standard (Rebel Alliance) [788 Points] ++ + Commander + •Jyn Erso [114 Points]: A-180, Offensive Push† •Leia Organa [90 Points] + Operative + •Sabine Wren [156 Points]: Recon Intel, Tenacity, •The Darksaber + Corps + Fleet Troopers [67 Points]: Scatter Gun Trooper Fleet Troopers [67 Points]: Scatter Gun Trooper Rebel Troopers [62 Points]: Z-6 Trooper Rebel Troopers [62 Points]: Z-6 Trooper + Support + AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster, HQ Uplink AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster, HQ Uplink ++ Total: [788 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net) Thoughts?! Thanks.
  10. Chewie is a nice big meat shield and a decent melee threat! Especially with tenacity. And he’s cheaper than Sabine with the Darksaber. I like running Leia and Chewie together. But I do think Sabine is the more competitive choice. That “Explosions” command card turn can be a real game changer. I haven’t tried it but from things I’ve seen online Luke/Sabine is actually really strong in Skirmish. It seems like a lot of points for two minis but they are nasty... I’m hoping to try Officer, Sabine and RTs like smickletz.
  11. This is great info! Thank you! I’ve been playing rebels since launch and taking lots of dodge actions... I’m still getting used to all the new Standby tricks and Fire Support tricks etc. I was debating between Force Reflexes and Force Push knowing how strong Force Push is but I was worried about keeping Obi-Wan safe on the approach. In practice it seems that he gets plenty of Dodge tokens from other places and I might be able to use the extra 5pts somewhere else... I feel like it’s worth trying Obi-Wan again with all these new tips! I am definitely taking Grievous down the next time I see him... 😝👍
  12. I think I saw enough stuff in this movie to flesh out a Resistance faction!
  13. I’ve been working on some Leia and Chewie lists myself! I think they are a fun combo. In 800pt games I often have trouble setting up their combo shot from Chewies command card but on the 3’x3’ table I think it’ll be a little easier.
  14. It was the players first game of legion (lots of other war game experience) and I think they only had a core set to build from. I think he had an almost 30pt bid or something. I held back a little as it was a learning game and I forgot Pierce still works agains Impervious but I was still surprised at how brutal Grievous was. This is close to what he ran minus a few upgrades: Skirmish Droids Core Set (423/800) Separatists General Grievous (175) - DT-57 Annihilator (12) - Hunter (6) = 193 total points B1 Battle Droids (36) - E-5C B1 Trooper (18) - B1 Battle Droid (6) = 60 total points B1 Battle Droids (36) - E-5C B1 Trooper (18) - B1 Battle Droid (6) = 60 total points Droidekas (100) - HQ Uplink (10) = 110 total points
  15. I like the look of the second list! I think the B1s need the E-5C to be effective and two sets of Droidekas sounds nasty. Grievous is pretty nasty on the 3x3 board and 5 activations seems good for 500pts.
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