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  1. Determination, heh bet just about everyone forgot that one existed...
  2. Campaign booooox.... please please
  3. Back draft is my go to ps7
  4. Back draft.
  5. What list were you flying @Pooleman? edit: I'm just curious.
  6. Rigby? bugby Yellow Bugmarine Bugmam Beatles songs inspired nicknames..?
  7. frantically as it
  8. This pack is 30 bucks to reflect the cost of the third peg you will need so you don't run into everyone and their mother in the furball.
  9. I think this card's jank level depends on asteroid placement, which has become more and more important in direct relation to newer waves and cards. I absolutely love the fact that I may be able to get evades on just about any ship, even if it is somewhat sub par.
  10. a nefarious mafia.
  11. A good trick indeed....
  12. Of course, the rival...
  13. Its not easy being green. Or should I say meme....
  14. This was the quote that was in the very back of my head, you took the words right out of my mouth, nice!
  15. I actually really like the EPT, there are plenty of mid ships that may need the evade result and are just almost there and can't pull it off. Tie SF, Bomber, tie/d defenders (super expensive ik), maybe even the t-65 x wing? Either way, when there are 2 asteroids near and you are jack enough with swarm leader to be in position you can spend evades and have extra ones in the bank. Not to mention large ships are gonna eat this up and get 2 evades much easier.