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  1. Bingo. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Now... can someone walk me through step by step how to order them? Banner, Landscape, 1 copy. Width? Height? No accessories How/what do I upload? It says pdf/ai...
  2. I did download those... :-) Haha, they are jpgs... not pdf's! But if they accept jpgs - then that works for me!! How often do coupons show up? Or should I just take the 10% new member one and run with that?
  3. Ok. Someone could just throw up any of their saved pdf files... hint hint. :-)
  4. Another question... pixelart says that they only take pdf's. These are jpgs... How do I go about getting it reformatted?
  5. Will do!! Now... waiting for another coupon code!! hehe Thanks!
  6. WOW. This is incredible!! Is it possible to get all the current maps printed off? How do I go about getting that done?
  7. Uh oh... I am totally confused now... When does this "healing" take place? Whenever I do the trance? "It says commit force die. For every full encounter Force die remains committed, heal 1 wound per rank of healing trance." So I commit force die. And I go into a trance and can't do anything else? Or is this after X amount of encounters? Thanks!!
  8. Newb... trying to learn the game. What is the value of Healing Trance? I am out of battle for 24 hours... and I get 1 wound back? I must be missing something... but I am not sure what... Thanks for the help!!
  9. Hmmm.... well about the GW license... Talisman is also a GW property, and FF has been pumping out expansions for that... So there is HOPE that they still have the GW license for some things...
  10. Hmmm... I agree that the news is not looking good... and I think that FF is moving away from the GW games. Oh well... FS was excellent... but it can stand on its own without expansions. WQACG can not... As to FF entering the miniature market... go for it. They already wield significant weight... but I wonder if they can truly battle GW's base.
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