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  1. If the core set was all alternate art for previously printed cards I think everyone would buy I know I would
  2. None mentioned that red card that cost 4 to remove all dice…. thats some art right there
  3. First you say "didn't you see the post in the other thread" now I am a stalker lol. Your stupidity stands out.
  4. Yeah being handed to you as in ohh SP needs product lets get it in the store tomorrow for him. You want everything instantly then you want a podium to complain about the very thing you want to buy. Maybe where you are at in Kentucky there is an issue with building a community, although if you are part of the community I don't think it is a mystery as to why its not growing. How are you a hypocrite? Your posts, what you say, how you argue, what points you choose to ignore or how you divert from what people say. You have fabricated a lot, like when you blindly threw out a bunch of games to help your argument and I called you on it and you changed your tune. If thats not a hypocrite its just ignorant, others have responded to you exposing this behavior of yours.
  5. Responses to your whining in red. After all your bitching and moaning you still come on here to complain day by day. Just quit and stop being a blight to those who actually like the game. Our you know continue spend your time complaining and calling people sheep then hand your money over to FFG
  6. HAHA Soviet Prince gonna Soviet Prince. LOL
  7. Well said but this falls on def ears, this guy is a hypocrite. The exact thing he complains about he will then do in the next comment. He will then fabricate things and ignore what others say trying to further his own agenda.
  8. Again because you feel entitled and think you deserve everything being handed to you doesn't change the fact the you whine like a child and complain again and again. That behavior is called bitching.
  9. And you keep being a hypocrite, whining and bitching like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Please keep help making the community for this game you "like" better, you know making the game better overall cause you are such a swell guy.
  10. 1. You make no sense 2. If by follow you we use the same destiny forum sure. 3. Again you ***** and moan like a whiny baby.
  11. Did you even read the answers? No clearly you did not because after contracting yourself and being hypocritical you addressed nothing and complained more.
  12. 1. You aren't stating facts. 2. Even if you were stating a fact how many times can you state it before it becomes bitching? 3. Once again you are doom and gloom condemning the spirit release. This is bitching Your bitching highlighted in blue.
  13. High opinion of myself? No, I just see your responses and how you go about addressing this. It is quite clear who is bringing more logic and rationale and who is being emotional of the 2 of us. Yes, thats exactly what I mean we had organized play tournaments with awakenings as prize support till this month! Starter decks sold old out a while but when the spirit kits arrived a big restock of starters hit. Around where I am I have had 0 supply issues, I am not ignorant to the shortage situation and I agree it was not a great way to kick off a game but I understand why it was this way. Stop lashing out and spreading rumors, you listed like 10 games of which you were not knowledgeable thats not the way to get your point across or convince people. My advice is lend them cards, teach people how to play, allow proxies until stock comes back in. The idea that you want to avoid the secondary market but use TCG/CCG as a talking point against this game is ridiculous yet I will still offer you a solution. Have your local game shop buy singles. Have players that have excess of cards or card they don't need sell back to the shop so people can buy singles from the shop and not do it online. I think its both good and bad. Bad because we are in a drought (which is about to shift soon) but god that demand for the game is HIGH AF. I will also tell you what definitely is not good for the game and doesn't help it, your attitude on these forums. I question weather you like the game because you have come off as a whiney cry baby a lot. For all the points you just brought up in this response you don't apply to your own behavior, how is bashing FFG going to make people want to play destiny more? How is the complaints and attacks going to tell new players this is a game they should consider?
  14. This is the worst possible application of this, I explained in depth in another thread. Yes this is how it works and its an official ruling.
  15. I see so many people say how excited they are for training and it is so good, I personally don't get why? For 1 resource less you can play the DH-17 Pistol, for the same cost you have to compare it to every 2 cost upgrade thats red or grey. By compare it I mean compare the character die you aim to put it on VS the die of those upgrades. People say I cant wait to see 5 die teams with training, upgrades give you dice so you can do that before spirit. I understand you can include it as well but it by no means all of a sudden enables non uniques. What am I missing?
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