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  1. I'm thinking New Han with smugglers compartments and the EMP. Fly. in and Emp them early stalling there early game for you to get around the side.
  2. I had a bit of an idea that I thought was interesting and wonder what the community think of the combo, Kannan Jarrus 38 points -Rey 2 points -Jyn Erso 2 points total at 42 points, Jyn lets you load up on up on focus tokens even when enemies are behind you cause it says in firing arc, not primary firing arc so the ghosts special firing arc would work, Kannan lets you use those tokens to help keep the ghost alive as lowering most ships to 2 dice or even one die means that he can take a lot of hits or keep his allies safe and facing only weak shots. Then if you don't spend all of them or at the beginning of the game you take a focus and rey just holds it for a good time. The 42 points allows you to put it with Kyle Katarn Superdash. Just an idea I had. Or you can make it fat with reinforced deflectors, experimental interface, TLT and field it with say a decent norra build.
  3. So when the Imp's see it side-on, they can't tell it's a Rebel infiltrator!!! - - - - - That QJ is still cute... ...but the Striker looks sad, with its droopy wings (needs a lick of yellow paint to cheer it up!). Not only that but those are solar panels if you cover them in paint it will cause far more power issues than just those cause by the inside panels being painted. Also why is Sabine's Tie presented with the Empire's ships. It belongs to the lothal rebels.
  4. The wording is "Once per round, after a friendly ship at range 1-2 executes a white maneuver, you may remove 1 stress token from that ship" If it didn't work for himself it would say " after ANOTHER friendly ship"
  5. I ran a super dash with ghost build last month in a tournament and did a lot of reading for it, the HLC is basically the normal weapon to put on it but the mangler is a good option. I think a large part of it would come down to which crew is on your super dash, as there are two great options Kyle Katarn and Kannan Jarrus. Both giving you a large change to your play style, Kyle gives you that focus which can come in handy for more than just offense but it limits you, for the most part, to 4 maneuvers. That can makes it easier (but it is still tricky) to pin you down and get into the donut hole making the mangler a good option and it's cheep. With kannan you have your entire dial at your disposal almost every turn making it nearly impossible for someone to figure out where you are going allowing the HLC to really shine with a 4 straight, target lock and focus. There also comes the question of what to do with the extra points if you don't take HLC as norra tends to cap out at 40-42 points which means that you really don't have much to do with those points but put rockets on Dash but why do that most of the time people are going to be out of arc cause of your slipperiness. That's my two cents.
  6. I know I posted a week or two ago a thread about how amazon was saying December for wave 9, it was a 3rd party so it didn't matter. What I am going to say is that I was on amazon earlier today and the arc popped up in my recommended list so I clicked on it quickly, I discovered that it said it would be in stock on the 15th. This was Amazon offering it, amazon prime bonuses applicable. So I believe we will be seeing them in stores this Thursday.
  7. Would have been cool to know this when I got my base t-65 x wing, one of the blasters wasn't there, like literally the peg where it would be glued on to was there just the blaster was missing. I thought it fell off and spent like 30 minutes looking for it. I ended up rolling with it and plan to paint it black and broken like it got blown off.
  8. Daredevil is a red maneuver kannan wouldn't remove stress on it. Wait did it get faqd?
  9. Sabine

    Jyn and Jan

    I don't think the ghost is actually a good place to put that little combo, I mean yeah you get the double firing arc for as much focus as you can BUT without an agility value in there one of those focuses will get wasted. Only way I see it doing great on the ghost is with Kannan Pilot but that's interesting yeah but not the best, I think the combo would go better on the U wing, as the U Wing has the crew slots and an agility value to boot. plus the 0 K turn will come in hand to keep enemies in that arc giving you an evade on hopefully multiple focuses.
  10. Just realized looking at where the new ships fall and SWX58 has still not been revealed to us.
  11. I hoped on facebook this morning and found my self surprised by a post of a bunch of pictures of their up coming rogue one toys including the U-wing and the Tie Striker. Here is the link to their page https://www.facebook.com/LEGO/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED I thought all info on such toys was sort of embargoed until force Friday, maybe I'm completely wrong but still interesting.
  12. Sabine

    Wave 9 On Amazon

    So I happened to hop on amazon and saw an arc pop up in the recommended items, it has an in stock date of december 31.
  13. Can I has HotR Spoiled today??
  14. One issue there is I don't own the CR-90 so no Han crew. Not sure what to fill on those two points with, could leave it as is for an initiative bid I guess but PS 7 and 3 aren't exactly the kind to need uber control of initiative. Maybe put flechette torpedoes on the lothal?
  15. I'm finally putting together a super dash (buying a yt-2400) and was wondering what wing mates people use and how they are loaded up. My particular super dash is runs Kannan in the crew slot for increased maneuverability. Dash Rendar (36) Push the limits (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Kannan Jarrus (3) Outrider (5) Engine Upgrade (4) 58 points total Thank you for clicking on this and reading.
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