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  1. as to the OP: Personally I prefer pilot cards over chassis cards because theyre easier to price and balance. If you want more diverse pilot/ship options a more robust upgrade system would be how Id prefer to get there. For example every ship in the game should be able to take mods, but some mods are busted on say Fenn Rau. the solution is to have classes of mods. for example if ships could have classifications like "Factory Standard", "Modular", and "Built from scratch". A "Factory standard" ship could take only a mod from its limited category, a modular ship could take most mods, while a "Built from scratch" ship could take basicaly any mod. you could even have some mods be factory only or modular only, which could help define factions going forward. "built from scratch" only mods could be dangerous gambles or have drawbacks like the Fireball has. "modular" mods could be traditional no risk enhancements like shield upgrade. "Factory" mods could be minimal tweaks that thematically fit, like targeting computer or a once per game boost.
  2. Most of the community is not hyper competetive, its just most of the people on this board. Tournament players kinda bullied a lot of the for-fun players of the boards at the end of 1st edition so theyre now over repressented.
  3. Gotchya. for some reason I thought Vonregs had a higher ps generic
  4. Its a decent idea. whats the highest generic innitiative right now, a 5? most fancier generics are gonna be getting up to 4 or 5 with this... doesnt seem crazy
  5. In first edition I used the cards 2/3 of the time and YASB the other third. My wife exclusively used the cards. Played a lot of a homebrew format where we'd mix up the cards, then draw random ones until the points added up. Tried doing the pdfs in second edition, but it makes the game a chore to play. So now when I do play its YASB. thing is that frequently means i dont play or cant play. I travel for a living, and this game was a thing I bought to play with my coworkers without internet access. The other times I play are family game night(no phones allowed) and my FLGS which is a dungeon with poor reception. So I can use YASB and print lists ahead of time, but a lot of the spontaneous squad building magic of the game is gone. Ive also noticed that Casual players simply wont spend hours clicking around on the internet to make a list, so the App requirement has become a gate to recruiting new players as well. its not quite codexes bad, but its pretty bad
  6. It doesnt have to fly for you. Your proposal makes it even harder to use PDFs for squad building, which means Im against it. anyway have fun flying, stay safe
  7. Privately held dice arent fair if someone wants to cheat, and they never have been. I was shocked to learn that the term "cooking the dice" comes from heating dice to reshape them, which has apparently been going for centuries with wood, leather, and bone dice. warping them so the lowest side is slightly larger or denser will cause whatever number is facing up to become the most common roll. With todays plastic dice its done in the microwave, which i assume most poor sports have access to. really anyone could be cheating but those same anomallies can easily happen on accident as a result of tiny variations in manufacture, so how can you know? And even using shared dice a motivated player could cheat. A player could gain advantage by choosing shared sets that favored offence or defence knowing their strategy was prefered. for example maybe stealth device is really gonna pull it weight if you cooked the green dice. At the end of the day dice arent meant for fair competion, theyre for funsies. You just have to hope no one is enough of a loser to cheat and have fun
  8. Just off the top of my head theres Mankvims, Akjor shuttles, The Twighlight, Clone Z95s, 6 different Trandoshan Freighters, plus Epic scale ships like the Defender class corvette or Royal Starcruiser, all in addition to what you mentioned from the prequels. Half of the feasable ships from the actual films havent made it in yet, let alone clone wars. Certainly more ships than either the OT or Disney crap have left to offer
  9. you seem very upset that I dont like the App. Are you okay?
  10. Its important to remember that a lot of us get into miniatures these days to escape digital media and get away from phones. Players can get a better space fighter sim on a computer and have done so for almost 3 decades. A tabletop game will never ever be able to compete with real time 3d computer power and AI in terms of a space combat experience, Particularly with Squadrons coming out soon. But X-wing has 2 things a computer game doesnt: its physical components and non digital play. if you push the game more towards digital, players like me will wonder why even bother? why not play Total War or Squadrons or whatever?
  11. Vontoothskie

    Rebel ships

    Except ships in a board game arent people. No one is a monster for thinking Deadeye Torp Scouts were BS. The game almost died because FFG instituted a pay to win sales strategy with a few specific ships and kept it going for years. Keeping those ships weaker is a great way to show they learned from their mistakes, and I have zero sympathy for the toxic pricks who bought 3 jumpmasters just to make sure their scene was as NPE as possible.
  12. Vontoothskie

    Importing TIE/D

    Defenders are my most played and favorite Imperial ship and they definitely do not need a double attack again. My only issues with them in 2.0 are that you should be able to fly 3 OR they should have a Sloop manuever, seeing as theyre a super manueverable superiority fighter. Triple Defenders was my jam in 1.0 even before the title buffs, but if I cant have that at least give me the same manueverability cheaper ships have
  13. Vontoothskie

    Rebel ships

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Never Forget
  14. No one said I would be forced to play hyperspace if I didnt want to FFS. Is that happening to you? are you safe? This is a message board. Everything any of us say is an opinion and player commentary, which at most gives FFG an idea where the playerbase stands. We all know this. very weird that your response to my opinion on the direction of the game is to try to "inform" me that I wont be forced to play the game against my will.
  15. Im sorry you missed nap time. rest is important
  16. why split it more? the reason everyone hates hyperspace is because you cant play with what you own from 1.0 even after paying to convert it. why extend that bad practice to extended?
  17. virtually all swarms require 2 or more upgrade kits because not enough generics were included. Meanwhile ships rarely flown in multiples have duplicate pilot chits. the upgrades you would likely use multiples of you only get one of. no running an ordinance or cannon list without multiple kits, god help you if you want duplicate illicits. This is the most frustrating. My Z-95 list uses 3 kits work of upgrades... meaning it costs more to convert the Z-95 than it does to buy new ones. also some pilots cant be put in a list together because they are on opposite sides of the same chit. all very simple problems that should not have made it past quality control.
  18. Some ships dont have upgrades at all while some have loads, so it would basically tax you for options. Fangs and Strikers would fly their perfect loadouts while Decis and YVs would be paying 25 points for upgrades they didnt need. I just imagine Fenn and 2 Fangs with Torps and Fearless taking morbidly-obese-Han behind the shed. it would be crazy fun though if you only allowed ships with 3+ upgrade slots, or maybe only allowed generics if they had 3 slots.
  19. Give me one reason an upgrade should give a bomb more range than some turrets and missiles. Im genuinely curious why you think thats healthy for the game. also ordinance has never worked in x-wing well, and theres a clear reason for it: red dice are used for both "to hit" and "damage". The games combat was designed for primary weapon attacks, and heavy weapons just dont fit it. either its not worth the lock and S.p., or its O.P. with nothing in between. Plus in real life the guided Air to Air missile ended dogfighting entirely. Then when when missiles got good in X-wing they ended 1.0. we dont need that crap again
  20. Bombs should do more reliable damage but require you to work to line it up. Trajedy simulator is so good that bombs have to be weak in response, which to me makes it bad game design. the card should be a unique mod or pilot ability for one ship(likely Tie bombers) that could then be balanced around how brutal it is
  21. precisely. Personally my engagement skyrockets when the game mechanic makes sense. First edition Oiccuns "Ramming" was just placing a model next to another, but in your head youre imagining this huge Decimator just crumpling the hull of a smaller ship as it bowls right over it while this insane bastard screams "RAMMING SPEED!!!" from the command chair... thats what these games need to be fun. the lasers are just dice if you dont "pew pew" a bit.
  22. I think you missed the joke. I agree TLT was busted. but so is infinite positioning arc dodgers or half the other things people love to fly. TLT made everyone have the same NPE sadness equally regardless of what they flew... you could say it brought balance to the force. at present that sadness is simply reserved for anyone foolish enough to not fly the meta. that said TLT as a unique upgrade that cost 20 points would be fine.
  23. The Decimator experience is dying a bumper car hero... we should all be so lucky
  24. I mean, yes. correct. I have brought dishonor to my name by projecting the tyrany of true space upon the table realm. But Mechanically it makes more sense too. Tractoring wouldnt be so annoying if it was a special thing some of the big boys got to do to smaller ships.
  25. TLT just gave arc dodgers and fat ships the Y-wing experience. Y'all just fear equity
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