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  1. I agree, someone who knew the game COULD easily adjust points well in a day... but FFG wont do that we're looking at a company who either purposefully blow balance up with consistent power creep, or completely fail to understand their product. it makes no sense that someone involved in game design would not understand that the Jumpmaster had absurd stats at launch, for example.
  2. why would anyone pay the cost of a full conversion for 3 or 4 ships contents? how is that a good value?
  3. Vontoothskie

    Enough players around for V2?

    2 conversions per a faction for 5 factions is 10, plus core set. if you played swarms in 1.0 its a pretty common problem to need 2 or 3 conversions. for my collection its over 50% conversion cost for 3 of the 5 factions, i would need to buy 7 plus a core even without counting epic or for example simply to convert 7 scyks, a playable 196 point list in 2.0, requres 2 conversions and a core set
  4. Vontoothskie

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    ha, you just nailed the entirety of 2.0 for me
  5. Vontoothskie

    Enough players around for V2?

    from what ive seen the only players who converted were tournament players. casuals mostly stuck with 1.0
  6. Vontoothskie

    Game length

    2.0 removed some (but not all) of the red dice power creep, which increases the number of shots it takes to kill things. this is good but makes games longer. the 60 and 75 minute limits have slways been short though. in my 1.0 play group we banned most of the red dice creep or token abuse combos so people could actually play the game, and we found average games were 1.5 to 2 hours. it seems the arbitrary time limit in tournaments only makes sense if you are in a one sided match or if no one has swarms.
  7. Vontoothskie

    Using medium bases in 1.0...any thoughts?

    the Arc is larger than a U-wing though? i would just house rule the specific problrm cards like autothrusters
  8. if Yuuzhan vong were added to the game their faction wide ability would be to disenfranchise the majority of players. They never fit Star Wars feel, asthetic, lore, or themes in any way. they never would have happened at all if the old EU had a cohesive direction or standards. Many people think the Vong single handedly killed the EU, because Disney simply couldnt write away the nonsense and make them work on screen
  9. Vontoothskie

    Did FFG actually learn from v1?

    please take youre own advice
  10. Vontoothskie

    Is Epic 2.0 the next big announcement?

    a lot of players are out in the cold right now without epic though. tens of thousands of players bought epic shipsand cant use them in 2.0 at all, and many of us are pissed. so releasing new factions before converting existing collections is bull as far as im concerned. plus with many of us waiting to convert until epic is announced, there are players who are simply leaving x-wing with each month they dont announce epic. I'd like to be able play all the ships FFG sold me in their game if I convert, you know? that seems more important than dumb tournaments
  11. Vontoothskie

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    it isnt to scale. unless the A-wing pilots are all Zentraedi, then the many shots we see of the cockpit alone demonstrate that FFG got it wrong. an A-wing cockpit simply is not 15+ feet long. thats the cool thing about scale, you can just measure the model and multiply by scale to get measurements, and seperately, FFG fudged nearly 50% of the ships scale in 1.0, not just the A-wing. For example X-wings, B-wings, fang fighters, Khiraxz, etc. are all in 1/270, while A-wings, Scycks, Firesprays, Tie fighters, etc. are closer to 1/230. then a ship like the Upsilon is more like 1/400
  12. Vontoothskie

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    pics of 20 perfect ones or its not true. not my job to document miniature quality for you dude. just look through the minis at your flgs
  13. Vontoothskie

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    there are 20 plus mining ties ive seen in store that disagree, plus the many unboxing videos which show vlose ups. ive been actively hunting for a non ****** up one for a week the stencils on the wings dont line up, so the black is on the struts a bit and yellow overlaps onto wing panels, etc.
  14. Vontoothskie

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    yeah there is a distinct quality drop. new firesprsys are truly terrible. every one ive seen at my local stores has bleed and bubbles in the windshield black color, and the paints look greasy like the models werent degreased. same for fang fighters and mining ties, and the saws renegades are garbage. also the moving models are frequently imobile or gummed up. Ill also disagree entirely on the goofy y-wing. new proportions look like a duplo vehicle that said the blue ties and tie advanced look great, and the RZA2 a-wing is actually in scale, unlike the 1.0 A-wing
  15. Vontoothskie

    Wanna begin with x wing but only friendly

    welcome indeed! if you want to play 2.0 the app is unfortunatley unavoidable to some degree the pdf is a nightmare to navigate and changes every few months, and the app itself seems worse. I have found that it is so tedious to play without a squad builder now that im not even interested in the game most times, so its important to know that going in. so far as i can tell YASB 2.0 is the best option now, but it still makes using a computer a requirement to play. YASB stands for Yet Another Squad Builder, and both first and second edition X-wing have versions online. its free and easy to use, just pick your faction, then your ships and upgrades. you can also use it to see what ships can equip or build a list using a ship you dont own, which might help you choose what to buy. happy hunting!