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  1. can FFG go one release without screwing up something ridiculous?
  2. youre not wrong, but man I hope games of Epic arent that small. The whole point of epic is that its epic. the Raider or Cr90 just dont make sense if they arent monsters, and to be monsters they need to be 200ish points by themselves. I'd much rather see epic be 300 to 800 points, where you might have a Croc and 6 Scyks as a small list. any less than that is just a regular game
  3. Just curious whats excessive about it? The original poster is essentially asking if rigging the bracket is morally acceptable, which clearly it is not. In some states in the U.S. you could call the gaming comission and have the OP arrested if they actually did this
  4. Vontoothskie


    im aware. I was hoping they had clarified, as it looks like huge guys are cheaper now
  5. When you play in a tournament, any attempt to manipulate the outcome other than trying to win your match is cheating. in a more formal setting (like a tourney with big cash prizes or pro sports) you would go to jail if you were caught conceding to manipulate the bracket. its unethical to the point it can be illegal
  6. Vontoothskie


    So are they still saying this is gonna be playable in 200 points? cause that seems kinda broken
  7. Phase-Actuated-Radial-Adjusted-Gyroscopic-Rectifier/Augmented-Precognitive-Helm tech upgrade confirmed.
  8. I dont think anyone asked to buy 9 expansions simply to carry the ships they already owned from 1.0 into 2.0, but okay dude. and before you go saying thats not the case: 2.0 core set, 5 faction conversion sets, epic set, epic conversion, card pack.
  9. for $20 they could afford to put 60 to 100 pilots easy. each card or chit is around a penny to produce, the packaging is around 50 cents, and then you development costs get split through the production run at maybe a dollar each. so 100 pilots x 3 (100 pilots, 100 chits, 100 assoorted upgrades/titles) should cost around 4 or 5 bucks to produce. doing basic retail math and setting retail cost at 5 times production cost it would make sense to set the price at 20 dollars for 80 to 100 pilots
  10. i am so bummed about this. love Bossk and his ride, cant stand that its model is in 1/450 or whatever. i did the math and the interior of the ship is 6 feet wide in 1/270. 2 meters. the thing has a corridor with rooms on either side on each deck, and a hangar bay a Z-95 can fly into, so there is no way in **** its narrower than my Ford Transit
  11. haha if the company has no integrity then sure. FFGs ceo and officers are getting bonuses 100 times the cost of maintaining the app, literally. look it up. The company is raking in Billions and mantaining the app only requires a handful of employees, or possibly a single person. there is no business excuse to fail this badly in the execution of the app, its basically a spread sheet interface. they simply dont care enough to do it correctly
  12. oh great, another hideous random wing variation... TIE:etc The U-wing and Ghost prove you can create unique and stunning modern Star Wars ships within the style and lore framework... but this aint it. this trilogys art direction has failed me for the last time
  13. I agree with much of what you said except this quote. my point is that cards shown in preview are frequently not final,accurate, or even real. you cant know its threat level or much else until one of us has the box in hand. not only are they still in development when preview images get done, but the G.Designer has to straight up render CG graphics of the assumed product which may not be finished yet... so sometimes they just have to make stuff up to fill in blanks. hence we see scum ships with a tie bomber chit on them in previews, or upgrades with different wording/rules text than the released product, etc. with the app now thats all "flexible" too. so in short who the **** knows.
  14. sadly the punisher is wider than the gozantis man hull, so it cant fit. thats why bombers dont fit either. if the tubes went diagnal then maybe? but its just not likely. Phantoms though!
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