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  1. Vontoothskie

    Nib cost me the game

    this game is not THAT precise
  2. Vontoothskie

    Nib cost me the game

    nope. sportsmanship covers many things. its being polite, accepting defeat without complaining, winning graciously, etc.... but its also an attitude towards playing. giving your opponent the benefit of the doubt when something is unclear or dubious is also good sportsmanship. I cant watch streams of this game because people play loose and sloppy all game with placement but get sassy about something like a nib when its in their favor. like just relax. WAAC play is ALWAYS unsportsmanlike by its very nature, and the game simply isnt as precise as people pretend. this is not chess where its exact grids, theres a looot of literal wiggle room. ships get bumped, angles change slightly, models overlap even when bases dont. so maybe saying "holy **** thats sooo close its ridiculous, ill give it to ya" is better sportsmanship than counting the faintest graze of a nib. i mean Lando and Ten numb smashed the Falcons relay off while flyin fancy and still got to barrel roll, so just roll with it?
  3. Vontoothskie

    Nib cost me the game

    wow that looks like poor sportsmanship to call that an overlap to me. some people just gotta win though
  4. Vontoothskie

    Less is More

    Second edition is waaay harder to keep track of than First edition. way more symbols, tokens, etc. the whole thing is already bloated and we have barely got 4 ships for 4 of the 7 factions. in a wave or 2 you'll need a semester long course to keep it all straight
  5. Vontoothskie

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    1.0 was better than 2.0. which sucks cause I wanted a 2.0 badly, but this aint it. P.s. this seems to be majority opinion in real world, but the minority on the boards. Everybody near me switched back to warhammer anyway with killteam
  6. Vontoothskie

    What's coming next?

    I mean for 400 points, sure! I'd fly a one ship epic list! FYI the friggin thing has capital ship Turbolasers build in to the wings, guns that are literally 80ish feet long. its not gonna have a 3 attack. each of those 2 guns is bigger than a fighter on its own, plus its got a turret and ord'nance
  7. Vontoothskie

    Favorite Alternate E-Wing Sculpts

    i mean you're using 1970s special effects limitations to infer intent. That ship is a plastic toy being swung on a tracked cable past a 2d painted backdrop while a cameraman moves in an arc, and only afterword did another dude paint those blasts into each frame. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the Death Star is not flat despite this same clip, right? or should we infer that no one in Star Wars has blood because we never see wounds bleed? Obviously not. its a kid friendly franchise so they let adults imagine the gore so the kids are spared people begging to live while Chewie rips meat off their bodies. also the lightsabers cast shadows because the props the actors are holding cast shadows, and it was incredibly hard if not impossible to edit those out practically. by the same token shining tiny lights on the models at variable angles consistent with a rapidly moving light source simply isn't a doable practical effect. Even in todays CGI-effect-centric films its difficult to do realistic lighting effects for green screen events. The blasters clearly generate light. in later films and media the show muzzle flashes, they show impact flares, etc. the blades stop casting shadows in the animated stuff. its not hard to figure out why this stuff is the way it is in the films or what they were trying to convey
  8. Vontoothskie

    Favorite Alternate E-Wing Sculpts

    ha, that was a great game. never had that mod, but in flight sim games, particularly star wars ones, the ships with the most bits in your field of vision are usually my least favorite to fly, minus the Tie-Defender. the importance of pilot vision is actually a thing that Aeronautical engineers learned from the rapid advancement of technology during and after WW2, where you can see the planes morph in shape as they realized the guys who could see flew better. Bomber cockpits pull forward, fighters lean in and up, etc. Just look at the P-38, which is probably the first plane to take a shape of nosecone and cockpit we're used to in modern fighters, even if its triple hull never caught on
  9. Vontoothskie

    What's coming next?

    Aka'Jor shuttle might fill the nitch nicely though
  10. Vontoothskie

    What's coming next?

    I'd be cool with FFG just redesigning the Gauntlet or or Imperial-Raidering a new mandalorean ship for the game, but it makes my skin crawl to see huge ships shrunk down. also wookipedia is wrong on ship dimensions half of the time. LucasArts rarely released stats for their ships so people guessed and the second one person put it in writing it appears in all the searches and gets repeated until its "cannon". essentially fellow nerds on geocities and angelfire sites made up half the lore on ship dimensions in the 90s. For example we know the floor plan of the hounds tooth and that it has rooms to either side of a hallway and a hangerbay a Z-95 flies into, so there is no possible way its only 9 feet wide in the hull. an 8 foot wide RV is tight enough squeze without stairways, hull plating, multiple walls and whatnot narrowing the space. and even when there is an accurate piece of size information it can be misinterpreted, for example thinking a measurement includes wings or fins if it doesnt or vice versa, which is likely what happened with the hounds tooth. The way its described in lore The YV-666 sounds like a very large ship and it makes way more sense that the ship is the width of a house than the width of a large pickup truck. this means the only way to really gauge size without blueprints is to look at consistent measurements in universe, such as airlocks, or cockpit sizes, or known features of a ship. for example we know right off the bat that the X-wing, the A-wing and the Upsilon models are at wildly different scales by looking at the cockpit. at 1/270 the upsilons cockpit (which holds a half dozen men standing) is 3 feet tall by 10 feet deep and wide. The X-wings cockpit (1 person seated) is around 5 feet tall, 5 wide, and 6 long. and the A-wing somehow has a 15 foot long cockpit thats 5 feet wide and long. clearly the Zentraedi aren't flying A-wings so something is off. anyways the night-brother is an awesome ship, just not really buying it in x-wing. Not sure we need a more maneuverable Ghost with extra firepower and hull being flown by Maul, you know?
  11. Vontoothskie

    What's coming next?

    ugh please not star wars starship battles again. the ship is cool but shrinking it by nearly 80 percent would look so dumb
  12. Vontoothskie

    Favorite Alternate E-Wing Sculpts

    all good points, but putting a gun on the windshield is still dumb, as the barrel itself blocks vision and can cause depth perception issues. also the bolts themselves would cause problems. your eye needs to lock onto motion in dogfights, and giant red lines blocking your upper field of vision is not helpful. just think of a badly designed H.U.D. in a video game. if it screws up your field of vision it can ruin the whole experience
  13. Vontoothskie

    Advanced Sensors - I don't get it...

    Barrel roll and boost are great with it, but also dice mod actions while red moving. if you can reposition before you move then: 1) you can avoid bumping or overlapping an obstacle by repositioning before placing your selected maneuver 2) you can better dodge arcs, as you have double the placement options 3) you can better get people in arc or bullseye 4) you can take circumstancial actions which need a certain range before moving out of the required range. for example if you want target lock using an E-wing, you can take the lock before you move to close (because of the ships experimental scanners) 5) more options means you are less predictable, and X-wing is a guessing game. if your opponent cant predict your moves its an enormous advantage and then theres that plus of getting an action you might not otherwise get if you red maneuver
  14. Vontoothskie

    Favorite Alternate E-Wing Sculpts

    Ive flown a custom alt E-wing for 4 years, to the point I forgot it wasnt the actual model until you mentioned it. mine is a kitbashed X-wing and E-wing which is cool, but a friend has one of the E variants from shapeways by Mels Miniatures, which looks great while being the cannon style. also saw a guy using the swordfish 2 from Cowboy Bebop as an Ewing which was cool
  15. Vontoothskie

    Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...

    weird political take, but okay. Id love Ocasio-Cortez in X-wing! her pilot ability would be awesome, "FFG must balance the game. Whoever designed 1.0 jumps must lose their job"