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  1. No you're right, I should have clarified this Imperial only and focused on primary attack dice and not some special die attack pool from a command card. Thanks for pointing that out, I edited the article to clarify. I was so excited to see Palpatine I couldn't write that article fast enough
  2. https://teamcovenant.com/podcast/emperor-palpatine-initial-thoughts The great Emperor Palpatine was revealed today and here is what we think about him! Let us know what you think and if you'll be playing him.
  3. Agreed. There are so many options and each person has a different budget and interest in painting. I personally recommend the high end brushes, but that's my personal style. Cheap brushes get the job done, but fall apart faster (which I don't like myself). I do agree, brush cleaner is very important to keep those brushes working best over long periods of time. My favorite part of the hobby side is how easy and accessible this is for any player/painter. You do not have to use any specific brand to be successful. Find what you like and run with it.
  4. http://shoutengine.com/TheRebelScum/101-aspects-of-the-hobby-60848 We are The Rebel Scum podcast and our first episode talks about the hobby aspect of Star Wars Legion. We talk about the paints, brushes and glue we use plus tips and tricks for making your minis look battle ready. So sit back and relax as we talk about why we love the hobby and how you can enjoy painting and making your models look great.
  5. http://shoutengine.com/KnightsofRen/the-sons-of-mandalore-101-for-mandalore-60340 Welcome to The Sons Of Mandalore, our second community based podcast from Project Holonet. Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand talk about deckbuilding and how they approach Destiny with a collection of any size and budget. They also discuss the importance of single or duplicate copies of a card in your deck. For more information, check out their website http://thesonsofmandalore.com/
  6. http://shoutengine.com/KnightsofRen/605-dont-worry-i-got-this-60048 Spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers. Fantasy Flight gave us a new article AND Mike the Rebel Spy got some exclusive spoilers in the same day. So we called the spy himself to join us to talk about all these new cards and where they will fit in the upcoming meta.
  7. We don’t have a podcast yet. It’s goikg live in a week or so
  8. We are a new show that’s going live in a week or so. The name is “The Rebel Scum” and it’s dedicated to Legion only. Right now we are writing articles and posting to social media as we get the back end finalized.
  9. That’s cool too! Legion isn’t just about playing the game but the hobby aspect as well. And yes. These models look really sharp.
  10. https://teamcovenant.com/general/star-wars-legion-support-tactics-hquplink In the last two articles we talked about the 1.4 FD and E-Web units that were announced. Both of those articles looked at the units in a very bare bones sense. We looked at the basic stats, number of dice and where those units fit into an army list. What we didn’t talk about was the way they interact with specific upgrades and deployment zones. This time we are going to dive into some more advanced topics and begin to really assess how to use these units for maximum value.
  11. I think each generator has a place on the battlefield. Overall I feel like the suppression one is best. Handing out 2 suppression tokens feels great. And if the opposing CO didn’t account for that and position their commander model properly, they might have some panicked units.
  12. If you add in the upgrades I think the E-web can be insanely nasty. Especially if you are rolling with Veers and HQ Uplink. Ok, give e-web an order. Veers gives them an aim token. You shoot and dodge, or shoot and double aim. There’s a lot of stuff you can do with those extra 10 points that I am really excited to discuss in my next article. Opens up a LOT of options
  13. I’m glad you brought these points up. There are specific deployments when you might be able to roll dice on turn 1. Although in the average game is usually not the case I didn’t want to make the article too long covering deployments and upgrades (that’s another article itself). And yes the naked E-Web VS Speeder Bike isn’t the entire picture. But you are bringing up great discussions and I hope players chime in. This game is very deep and with a great community talking about the intricate details I hope to draw in more players. There’s a lot of things you can do before you play the game, during setup and then inside of a game. Lots of layers really make this one of the most interesting wargames out there.
  14. You’re absolutely correct. However I don’t think you want to pay 55 points to use the white dice from the troopers.
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