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  1. Hi all As Euros tickets are on sale now I would like to invite You all to my beautyfull country and to one of our most beautyfull cities! I am not participating in events organization (not yet, I hope) but as a person heavy involved in TO of Armada in Poland I will be more than happy to see there as many of You as possible, especially from abroad. I will show up there (but still don't know if participate) for sure. I am counting on meeting familiar faces from Birminghams tournamet and new friends as well.
  2. they could reveal prizes for Worlds 😕
  3. Sorry but I don't have any lists, and no, new list with ISD and Quassar Nothing official- only speculations about this as a possible hint: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/keyforge/vault-tour/ https://ibb.co/MfX6Lwc
  4. Hi To anyone who cares. The Cracovian Regionals were played last weekend; It was first Regio this season (and first since 2017 😕 ) in Poland. 17 admirals was present including European and Polish Champion- Lighttrock, European V-ce champion- Przemo and two Polish Nationals semi-finalists- Kubekk and Nairod; It was 3 round tournament and our top players present meet it third round- including the rematch between Przemo and Lighttrock for the Europeans final. Both played Rebellion at the Euros and both played Empire now ( ❤️ ). Przemo did not manage to get his revange and Lighttrock won 10:1 (!), Przemo however still manage to get 4th place. Lighttrock victory at the tournament was almost perfect (29 VP!) and His performence is at it's peak so beware there at Worlds! Results: Admiral / Score /MoV 1. Piotr Ś. 29 / 1051 2. Jakub Ch. 22 / 449 3. Daniel U. 21 / 292 4. Przemo P. 19 / 462 5. Wojtek K. 19 / 191 6. Przemek Cz. 19 /153 7. Dawid P. 18 / 403 8. Piotr P. 18 / 339 9. Łukasz H. 18 / 307 10. Nairod 18 / 142 11. Grzegorz L. 16 /268 12. Marcin K. 15 / 156 13. Mateusz W. 13 / 140 14. Bartłomiej K. 12 / 134 15. Mateusz B. 11 / 140 16. Konrad O. 10 / 0; SoS 6,0 17. Szymon M. 10 / 0; SoS 5,(6)
  5. TBO- since Armada waves are very rare the balance has improved a lot, so I belive that will not change. However rarity of any info is dissapointing...
  6. FLEETS of Polish Nationals! http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/public.php?id=1382
  7. @Lightrock So now we are waiting for You to win the Worlds
  8. Uffffffff Very tried but also very happy after all feedback form the players and Polish community. Objectives stats:
  9. Rebel: 5x Gold sq 4x Jan O. 4x Ten N. 3x Corran H. 3x Dutch 3x Wedge A. 2x Nym 2x Sasha Grey 2x Norra W. 1x Luke S. 1x Dagger sq 1x Ketsu O. 1x Tycho C. 1x Hera S. 1x Rogue sq 6x X-Wing 6x Y-wing 6x VCX 100 2x A-Wing 2x YT 1300 2xYT 2400 1xE-wing 1x Z95
  10. Squadrons. Imperial: 11x Mauler 7x Maarek 5x Dengar 5x Soontir 4x Black sq 4x Jendon 4x Tempest sq 3x Howlrunner 3x Ciena 2x Rhymer 2x IG88 2x Valen 2x Zetrik 1x Jonus 1x Vader 1x Sabre sq 21 x TIE Bomber 6x TIE Fighter 5x TIE Advanced 5x Jump Master 5k 4x TIE Phantom 3x TIE Interceptor 3x Lambda
  11. 4th roud is under Way. Piotr, European champion, is on the lead. Polish Champion, Dawid at table 2. Italian friends at table 3 and 4. Last round for today, couple of Ales for the good night sleep and the 5th round tommorrow morning. After that only top4 cut and side event remains.
  12. And 2 or 3 Fleets without any ISD!
  13. After the lunch. We are back in round III. Our Italian gust get unlucky and need to fight each other.
  14. 23x ISD 31x Gozanti 7x Gladiator 6x VSD 6x Quasar 6x Raider 1x Arqittens
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