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  1. Owenjf

    Wave 5 announcement

    Its disappointing theres nothing for the F/O, not even the 2e version of the upsilon. They now have the least ships of all factions when including 1e relevant content. Looks like F/O and resistance are only getting expansions every even numbered wave right now and might suggest the Upsilon, MG-100 fortress and YT-1300 could be in wave 6 as the last expansions to drop for them prior to wave 8 bringing film IX ships
  2. From a quick look, the two slot missile card can only go on the Tie aggressor, bomber and punisher. Possible fix for imperial ordnance?
  3. When you log on and 2 of the top 3 threads are calling for a nerf to the nerfs threads, I find myself asking if we need a nerf to the nerf the nerfs thread.......
  4. Owenjf

    FFG have failed

    I've just got back from watching Rogue one and as sods law would have it I also just got an email in from the store I pre-ordered with confirming the delay and apologising they wont have them for Christmas either even though they never made any claims on when they would dispatch but clearly felt a duty to inform their customers anyway. That doesn't bother me, I appreciate that they did it, but I think its extremely poor that the store have been left in a position they felt they had to say sorry over FFG's misleading statement that we'd be playing with them before the film was in cinemas. Fair enough some areas got them but all FFG had to do was hold their hands and say sorry they've not manage to produce sufficient volumes in time, some areas will miss out and they'd try their hardest to get full release as soon as feasible. Instead they chose a to try to 'cleverly word' release article to say US only as though that's kept their initial promise and not give any indication on when they will be delivering to the other areas, leaving stores having to let their customers know not to expect them anytime soon. I doubt we will see another article to announce full release of these two ships but will instead get a wave X fully released announcement that will effectively cover them some time in the future. Good thing my cynical self thought this would happen after the late wave X announcement for them and didn't put them on my Christmas list.
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