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  1. That just looks like a counter to keep track so you don’t have a billion tokens on the card.
  2. I remember getting chewed out for claiming that the new dial made the ship unplayable when 2.0 came out. One of my favorite pilots to fly back in 1.0 was PTL Dengar. Now I can barely put him on the table without feeling like I’m handicapping myself. Such a shame.
  3. Is it just me or are titles that add slots simply... not? I put Marauder on Boba but there's no Gunner option...
  4. Some of the point costs in 2.0 seem real screwy. The biggest offender being the Jumpmaster, where the generic scout is more expensive than Han Solo in Lando’s Falcon, despite Han being better in pretty much every way. 2.0 is a massive step forward but it is going to need a LOT of tweaking. And in the case of the Jumpmaster, probably a new dial. The current one is just too bad to functionally support the ship being anything other than a support vessel, and we already have the YV-666 or HWK for that.
  5. Yeah the Jumpmaster suffered a similar fate. Ran rampant in 1st Edition? Better nerf it into utter uselessness in 2.0.
  6. Oh right duh she increases the difficulty to white. Ignore me me I haven't had my coffee.
  7. You do know that Ryad has green K-turns, therefore allowing her to perform the exact maneuver you described, yes? You miss out on the outmaneuver dice in exchange for the ability to K-turn essentially sideways.
  8. > PS 6 Omega Leader ... Oh no. First Order is coming and they are NOT playing around. Also Poe coming in hot with 1.0 PTL
  9. The Scum title essentially makes it the Rebel Falcon by giving it +2 shields and a conditional third red dice. Its a little wonky and has some extra upsides (launching the Escape Vessel) but that’s why I didn’t include the Rebel Title because the Scum ship with those upgrades is pretty similar to a Rebel ship with no upgrades But even with Rebel Han having a better ability and an extra dice against unstressed ships, I don’t think that even comes close to being worth close to a whole tie fighter in points. And Han Gunner CERTAINLY shouldn’t be 4, given that he lets ships always have a focus token for attacking, or defending against low-PS ships.
  10. Wait what the tarnation. Scum Han with title and an Autopilot Drone docked is TWENTY points cheaper than Rebel Han. And his Gunner card is only 4 points?!? What is going on with these prices? There’s no way these are correct.
  11. Comparing the Scum Falcon to the Jumpmaster is leaving me with a LOT of questions.
  12. "Evading" means you have an evade token. Just like "focused" means you have a focus token.
  13. .... uhhhh what price for Afterburners? Losing a charge? And there’s no difference if the ship has boost or not. I think you played that card very wrong.
  14. Woops missed the ACTUAL cloak token in the rebel spread. Well I'm stumped.
  15. Red and orange tokens are bad. Blue and Green are good. That isn't a Cloak token in the Rebel spread, it's a Tractor beam. That Red Force token isn't a Force token, it's... something else. Also Asajj is a force-sensitive Scum pilot.
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