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  1. Is this really right? The Edge of the Empire Core Book says: "Sometimes abilities will call for both dice upgrades and downgrades. When this occurs, all upgrades are applied first. Then, any downgrades are applied This is important, since upgrading dice could potentially add more dice to the overall pool." So the dice would first be upgraded to 2 Reds, 1 Purple. Then downgraded to 3 Purple. As I understand it.
  2. Sorry to Necro this thread, but this is really a cool idea. How is it going? Is it on ice or abandoned all togheter? Cheers
  3. I haven't read all the replies here but since we play with localized critical damage in our group, I would just lower the wounds to 3-5; or even make your wounds your TB. Then you have a much deadlier system but still doesn't hurt Toughness characters.
  4. If you really want something dark (very dark) and ambient, try using Lustmord. It might be too dark for your standard investigation-mission, but if the Chaos gets thick, turn on some Lustmord.
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